Felstead Database - Towers in Herefordshire

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
1Abbey Dore, S Mary120
75Allensmore, S Andrew320
79Almeley, S Mary580
209Aston Ingham, S John the Baptist380
237Aymestrey, SS John the Baptist & Alkmund80
246Bacton, S Faith40
503Bishop's Frome, S Mary the Virgin130
575Bodenham, S Michael & All Angels960
595Bosbury, Holy Trinity320
691Bredenbury, S Andrew360
696Bredwardine, S Andrew660
719Bridstow, S Bridget1600
785Bromyard, S Peter1710
854Burghill, S Mary the Virgin3031
937Canon Pyon, S Lawrence380
1199Clifford, S Mary the Virgin1630
1210Clodock, S Clydog680
1232Coddington, All Saints310
1270Colwall, S James the Great1110
1353Cradley, S James310
1505Dilwyn, S Mary the Virgin810
1613Eardisland, S Mary the Virgin2601
1614Eardisley, S Mary Magdalene650
1686Eastnor, S John the Baptist320
1699Eaton Bishop, S Michael & All Angels210
1816Ewyas Harold, S Michael & All Angels610
1833Eye, SS Peter & Paul730
1940Fownhope, S Mary290
1945Foy, S Mary290
1996Garway, S Michael60
2049Goodrich, S Giles220
2256Hampton Bishop, S Andrew170
2418Hereford, All Saints580
2419Hereford, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Ethelbert1171
2420Hereford, S Nicholas490
2518Holme Lacy, S Cuthbert680
5801Holme Lacy, Workshop40
2522Holmer, S Bartholomew270
2721Kentchurch, S Mary571
2752Kimbolton, S James the Great530
2757King's Caple, S John the Baptist60
2764King's Pyon, S Mary the Virgin70
2779Kingsland, S Michael & All Angels640
2793Kingstone, S Michael & All Angels1190
2797Kington, S Mary320
2925Ledbury, S Michael & All Angels670
2947Leintwardine, S Mary Magdalene350
2954Leominster, SS Peter & Paul1120
2998Linton, S Mary the Virgin110
3018Little Dewchurch, S David190
3078Llangarron, S Deinst440
3176Lugwardine, S Peter470
3209Lyonshall, S Michael & All Angels460
3224Madley, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary190
3262Marden, S Mary the Virgin300
3317Mathon, S John the Baptist1030
3368Michaelchurch Escley, S Michael50
3431Monkland, All Saints10
3448Mordiford, Holy Rood10
3457Moreton on Lugg, S Andrew50
3478Much Cowarne, S Mary60
3479Much Dewchurch, S David350
3481Much Marcle, S Bartholomew190
3662Norton Canon, S Nicholas300
3747Orcop, S John the Baptist70
3854Pembridge, S Mary the Virgin140
3859Pencombe, S John220
3888Peterchurch, S Peter581
3920Pipe and Lyde, S Peter240
3985Preston on Wye, S Lawrence220
4141Ross on Wye, S Mary the Virgin1011
4282Sellack, S Tyssilio50
4631St Weonards, S Weonards200
4690Staunton on Arrow, S Peter511
4691Staunton on Wye, S Mary the Virgin861
4744Stoke Edith, S Mary the Virgin360
4749Stoke Lacy, SS Peter & Paul280
4753Stoke Prior, S Luke140
4826Stretton Grandison, S Lawrence320
4861Sutton St Nicholas, S Nicholas120
4928Tarrington, SS Philip & James350
5126Tyberton, S Mary190
5172Upton Bishop, S John the Baptist230
5308Wellington, S Margaret of Antioch500
5327Weobley, SS Peter & Paul210
5401Weston Beggard, S John the Baptist90
5412Weston under Penyard, S Lawrence360
5442Whitbourne, S John the Baptist200
5464Whitney-on-Wye, SS Peter & Paul740
5500Wigmore, S James the Apostle310
5593Withington, S Peter330
5651Woolhope, S George180
5727Yarkhill, S John the Baptist900

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