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2601 to 2700 out of 5286 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
2601419-0987OK4 Aug 1987Stourbridge, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2602453-3243OK6 Aug 1987Mission, S Joseph, British Columbia
RW 3989.0896
2603373-7092OK15 Aug 1987Newbury, S Nicolas, Berkshire
2604274-2707OK22 Aug 1987Bury St Edmunds, S James, Suffolk
2605262-1318OK23 Aug 1987Bolton, S Peter, Lancashire
2606307-9332OK28 Aug 1987Evercreech, S Peter, Somerset
RW 3990.0916
2607308-5853OK28 Aug 1987Ewerby, S Andrew, Lincolnshire
2608383-6925OK29 Aug 1987Oxford, New College, Oxfordshire
RW 3986.0832
2609422-4255OK31 Aug 1987Swindon, Christ Church, Wiltshire
RW 87/873
2610379-4405OK12 Sep 1987Nottingham, S Mary the Virgin, Nottinghamshire
2611343-7075OK19 Sep 1987Kettering, SS Peter & Paul, Northamptonshire
RW 3989.0897
2612317-1175OK3 Oct 1987Grantham, S Wulfram, Lincolnshire
2613237-8480OK10 Oct 1987Abingdon, S Helen, Berkshire
RW 3994.0999
2614247-3249OK17 Oct 1987Banwell, S Andrew, Somerset
2615298-8602OK17 Oct 1987Dudley, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2616437-9403OK24 Oct 1987West Ham, All Saints, Essex
RW 3994.0999
2617362-6903OK31 Oct 1987Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3995.1019
2618395-3498OK31 Oct 1987Rickmansworth, S Mary the Virgin, Hertfordshire
2619448-8586OK31 Oct 1987Worksop, S Anne, Nottinghamshire
2620450-2062OK31 Oct 1987Wrexham, S Giles, Denbighshire
RW 3995.1020
2621406-4175OK6 Nov 1987Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
RW 3997.1063
2622342-2166OK16 Nov 1987Isleworth, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 3998.1097
2623363-6450OK21 Nov 1987Maidstone, All Saints, Kent
RW 4007.0159
2624384-3446OK21 Nov 1987Oxton, Birkenhead, S Saviour, Cheshire
RW 3999/4000.1139
2625388-6381OK21 Nov 1987Poplar, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 4004.0066
2626331-4072OK28 Nov 1987Hereford, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Ethelbert, Herefordshire
2627422-4286OK28 Nov 1987Swindon, Christ Church, Wiltshire
RW 88/11
2628326-7727OK20 Dec 1987Hartlepool, S Oswald, Durham
2629362-6916OK28 Dec 1987Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 4004.0067
2630354-8253OK30 Dec 1987Llandaff, SS Peter & Paul, Glamorgan
RW 4005.0109
2631301-2472OK2 Jan 1988East Grinstead, S Swithun, Sussex
RW 4008.0183
2632340-3006OK4 Jan 1988Inveraray, All Saints, Argyllshire
RW 4006.0132
2633307-9355OK9 Jan 1988Evercreech, S Peter, Somerset
RW 4007.0154
2634382-3714OK9 Jan 1988Ossett, Holy & Undivided Trinity, Yorkshire
RW 4007.0159
2635247-0937OK16 Jan 1988Banbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
RW 4008.0180
2636354-8266OK23 Jan 1988Llandaff, SS Peter & Paul, Glamorgan
RW 4011.0262
2637451-0611OK23 Jan 1988Wymondham, SS Mary & Thomas of Canterbury, Norfolk
2638298-8631OK30 Jan 1988Dudley, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2639363-6488OK3 Feb 1988Maidstone, All Saints, Kent
RW 4011.0261
2640295-6636OK12 Feb 1988Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
2641279-4816OK13 Feb 1988Charminster, S Mary the Virgin, Dorset
RW 4010.0227
2642408-1693OK13 Feb 1988Slough, S Mary, Buckinghamshire
2643349-4673OK20 Feb 1988Leeds, S Nicholas, Kent
RW 4014.0326
2644402-4570OK20 Feb 1988Selby, SS Mary & Germain, Yorkshire
2645448-6355OK20 Feb 1988Worcester, All Saints, Worcestershire
RW 88/285
2646314-0659OK5 Mar 1988Fulham, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 4014.0327
2647317-1188OK5 Mar 1988Grantham, S Wulfram, Lincolnshire
2648308-8522OK12 Mar 1988Exeter, S Peter, Devon
RW 4018.0417
2649341-0507OK12 Mar 1988Ipswich, S Mary le Tower, Suffolk
2650435-5688OK12 Mar 1988Watford, S Mary, Hertfordshire
2651298-8644OK19 Mar 1988Dudley, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2652400-8218OK19 Mar 1988Sapcote, All Saints, Leicestershire
2653340-3011OK4 Apr 1988Inveraray, All Saints, Argyllshire
RW 4018.0417
2654452-5809OK4 Apr 1988Dublin, Christ Church, Dublin
RW 4020.0462
2655349-4685OK5 Apr 1988Leeds, S Nicholas, Kent
RW 4019.0439
2656420-6935OK9 Apr 1988Sudbury, S Peter, Suffolk
2657422-4308OK9 Apr 1988Swindon, Christ Church, Wiltshire
RW 88/481
2658453-0950OK25 Apr 1988Sydney, S Andrew, New South Wales
RW 4023.0527
2659333-9541OK30 Apr 1988Hillingdon, S John the Baptist, Middlesex
RW 4023.0530
2660414-0077OK30 Apr 1988St Neots, S Mary, Huntingdonshire
RW 4024.0550
2661416-4602OK30 Apr 1988Stepney, S Dunstan, Middlesex
RW 4022.0506
2662451-4647OK2 May 1988Yeovil, S John the Baptist, Somerset
2663351-7629OK6 May 1988Leominster, SS Peter & Paul, Herefordshire
2664453-2186OK7 May 1988Christchurch, Christ Church, South Island
RW 4023.0528
2665343-3560OK12 May 1988Kensington, S Mary Abbots, Middlesex
RW 4023.0530
2666280-5293OK26 May 1988Chepstow, S Mary, Monmouthshire
RW 4026.0600
2667340-3033OK28 May 1988Inveraray, All Saints, Argyllshire
RW 4028.0656
2668444-0756OK30 May 1988Wimborne Minster, S Cuthberga, Dorset
RW 4026.0602
2669270-8127OK1 Jun 1988Broughton in Furness, S Mary Magdalene, Lancashire
2670397-5422OK12 Jun 1988Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
2671419-1062OK29 Jun 1988Stourbridge, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2672294-0237OK9 Jul 1988Daventry, Holy Cross, Northamptonshire
RW 4032.0753
2673424-8749OK15 Jul 1988Thatcham, S Mary, Berkshire
2674374-3511OK16 Jul 1988Newcastle upon Tyne, S Nicholas, Northumberland
RW 4034.0801
2675383-6192OK23 Jul 1988Oxford, Magdalen College, Oxfordshire
RW 4034.0803
2676453-0975OK30 Jul 1988Sydney, S Andrew, New South Wales
RW 4038.0890
2677294-0245OK13 Aug 1988Daventry, Holy Cross, Northamptonshire
2678250-1334OK14 Aug 1988Bathwick, Bath, Blessed Virgin Mary, Somerset
2679406-4487OK23 Aug 1988Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
RW 4039.0910
2680352-7633OK25 Aug 1988Lichfield, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Chad, Staffordshire
2681441-2488OK28 Aug 1988Whitehaven, S James, Cumberland
RW 4043.0999
2682243-1245OK29 Aug 1988Ashford, S Mary the Virgin, Kent
RW 4040.0932
2683308-5877OK29 Aug 1988Ewerby, S Andrew, Lincolnshire
2684376-9025OK29 Aug 1988North Stoneham, S Nicolas, Hampshire
2685363-6577OK3 Sep 1988Maidstone, All Saints, Kent
RW 4039.0911
2686442-9446OK6 Sep 1988Willenhall, S Giles, Staffordshire
2687349-8156OK10 Sep 1988Leek, S Edward the Confessor, Staffordshire
2688364-5304OK10 Sep 1988Manchester, Virgin Mary, SS George & Denys, Lancashire
2689389-3370OK10 Sep 1988Portsmouth, S Thomas of Canterbury, Hampshire
2690382-3772OK2 Oct 1988Ossett, Holy & Undivided Trinity, Yorkshire
RW 4045.1047
2691373-5481OK8 Oct 1988Newark upon Trent, S Mary Magdalene, Nottinghamshire
2692434-1135OK8 Oct 1988Wareham, Lady S Mary, Dorset
RW 4046.1064
2693244-0832OK9 Oct 1988Ashton under Lyne, S Michael & All Angels, Lancashire
2694321-2246OK15 Oct 1988Grundisburgh, S Mary the Virgin, Suffolk
2695395-7410OK15 Oct 1988Ripon, SS Peter & Wilfrid, Yorkshire
RW 4048.1118
2696400-8252OK15 Oct 1988Sapcote, All Saints, Leicestershire
2697418-6918OK29 Oct 1988Stonham Aspal, SS Mary & Lambert, Suffolk
2698299-2786OK26 Nov 1988Duffield, S Alkmund, Derbyshire
2699436-7105OK26 Nov 1988Wells, S Andrew, Somerset
2700268-1004OK27 Nov 1988Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire

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