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717 valid peals for Ipswich, S Mary le Tower, Suffolk, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
13E8-AEEOKMon, 12 Dec 1735Grandsire Triples
IG 13.xii.35; IJ 13.xii.35; DG 16.xii.35; NG 20.xii.35; CR 201
2502-8CCOKMon, 13 May 1811Plain Bob Major
SfC 18.v.11 (John Eisel)
33E8-AE3OKThu, 23 May 1811Plain Bob Major
CB iii.583; CR 201
43E8-AD8OKMon, 12 May 1817Oxford Treble Bob Major
IJ 17.v.17; CB iii.583; CR 201
53E8-ACDOKTue, 28 Dec 1824Grandsire Triples
BNP 5.i.25; CB iii.583; CR 201
63E8-AC2OKTue, 25 Dec 1827Plain Bob Royal
IJ 29.xii.27; CB iii.583; CR 201
73E8-AB7OKFri, 29 Jan 1830Grandsire Triples
TS 3.ii.30; TT 4.ii.30; CCJ 5.ii.30; IJ 6.ii.30; SfC 6.ii.30; BL 7.ii.30; CB iii.583; CR 201
83E8-AACOKWed, 22 Dec 1830Grandsire Caters
SfC 24.xii.30; CB iii.583; CR 201
93E8-AA1OKMon, 2 Apr 1832Kent Treble Bob Royal
BNP 11.iv.32; SfC 14.iv.32; CB iii.583; CR 201
103E8-A96OKSat, 16 Feb 1850Kent Treble Bob Royal
BL 24.ii.50; CB iii.583; CR 201
113E8-A8BOKTue, 22 Oct 1878Grandsire Caters
CB viii.567; 1st in present tower
123E8-A80OKThu, 26 Dec 1878Grandsire Caters
CB ix.55
133E8-A75OKSat, 31 Jan 1880Grandsire Caters
CB x.159
143E8-A6AOKTue, 6 Jul 1880Kent Treble Bob Royal
CB x.531
153E8-A5FOKTue, 15 Feb 1881Kent Treble Bob Royal
163E8-A54OKTue, 1 Mar 1881Kent Treble Bob Maximus
173E8-A49OKTue, 17 Jan 1882Plain Bob Major
183E8-A3EOKTue, 14 Nov 1882Oxford Treble Bob Major
193E8-A33OKTue, 28 Nov 1882Kent Treble Bob Royal
203E8-A28OKTue, 19 Dec 1882Oxford Treble Bob Royal
213E8-A1DOKTue, 8 May 1883Grandsire Cinques
223E8-A12OKTue, 26 Jun 1883Grandsire Cinques
233E8-A07OKMon, 26 Nov 1883Kent Treble Bob Maximus
243E8-9FCOKSat, 8 Dec 1883Kent Treble Bob Major
253E8-9F1OKMon, 14 Apr 1884Kent Treble Bob Maximus
263E8-9E6OKSat, 24 May 1884Stedman Caters
273E8-9DBOKSat, 31 May 1884Kent Treble Bob Maximus
283E8-9D0OKTue, 25 Nov 1884Oxford Treble Bob Maximus
293E8-9C5OKTue, 17 Feb 1885Double Norwich Court Bob Major
303E8-9BAOKSat, 25 Apr 1885Double Norwich Court Bob Major
313E8-9AFOKThu, 6 Aug 1885Kent Treble Bob Royal
323E8-9A4OKTue, 8 Sep 1885Stedman Cinques
333E8-999OKSat, 3 Oct 1885Kent Treble Bob Maximus
343E8-98EOKMon, 9 Nov 1885Kent Treble Bob Maximus
353E8-983OKSat, 5 Dec 1885Stedman Cinques
363E8-978OKTue, 8 Jun 1886Stedman Cinques
373E8-96DOKTue, 15 Jun 1886Kent Treble Bob Maximus
383E8-962OKTue, 14 Sep 1886Stedman Caters
393E8-957OKWed, 13 Oct 1886Double Norwich Court Bob Major
403E8-94COKTue, 9 Nov 1886Kent Treble Bob Royal
413E8-941OKTue, 23 Nov 1886Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
423E8-936OKFri, 31 Dec 1886Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
433E8-92BOKTue, 19 Apr 1887Kent Treble Bob Maximus
443E8-920OKTue, 10 May 1887Stedman Caters
453E8-915OKTue, 25 Oct 1887Kent Treble Bob Maximus
463E8-90AOKSat, 31 Dec 1887Kent Treble Bob Royal
473E8-8FFOKSat, 28 Jan 1888Stedman Triples
483E8-8F4OKTue, 9 Oct 1888Kent Treble Bob Maximus
493E8-8E9OKSat, 20 Oct 1888Kent Treble Bob Maximus
503E8-8DEOKMon, 31 Dec 1888Grandsire Triples
513E8-8D3OKSat, 28 Jun 1890Stedman Caters
523E8-8C8OKTue, 13 Jan 1891Kent Treble Bob Maximus
533E8-8BDOKSat, 24 Jan 1891Grandsire Caters
543E8-8B2OKSat, 12 Dec 1891Kent Treble Bob Maximus
553E8-8A7OKSat, 27 Feb 1892Stedman Triples
563E8-89COKMon, 18 Apr 1892Kent Treble Bob Maximus
573E8-891OKSat, 19 Nov 1892Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
583E8-886OKSat, 17 Dec 1892Stedman Cinques
593E8-87BOKSat, 31 Dec 1892Grandsire Cinques
603E8-870OKMon, 6 Feb 1893Kent Treble Bob Maximus
613E8-865OKThu, 26 Oct 1893Stedman Cinques
623E8-85AOKTue, 31 Oct 1893Grandsire Cinques
633E8-84FOKThu, 9 Nov 1893Stedman Caters
643E8-844OKSat, 9 Jun 1894Stedman Cinques
653E8-839OKSat, 23 Jun 1894Kent Treble Bob Maximus
663E8-82EOKMon, 3 Sep 1894Kent Treble Bob Maximus
673E8-823OKSat, 25 May 1895Plain Bob Royal
683E8-818OKSat, 28 Sep 1895Kent Treble Bob Maximus
693E8-80DOKSat, 28 Nov 1896Double Norwich Court Bob Maximus
703E8-802OKSat, 12 Dec 1896Double Norwich Court Bob Maximus
713E8-7F7OKSat, 27 Nov 1897Stedman Caters
723E8-7ECOKFri, 31 Dec 1897Kent Treble Bob Maximus
733E8-7E1OKSat, 8 Jan 1898Superlative Surprise Major
743E8-7D6OKSat, 3 Sep 1898Kent Treble Bob Royal
753E8-7CBOKWed, 9 Nov 1898Oxford Treble Bob Major
763E8-7C0OKSat, 26 Nov 1898Grandsire Triples
773E8-7B5OKSat, 9 Dec 1899Kent Treble Bob Maximus
783E8-7AAOKSat, 6 Jan 1900Double Norwich Court Bob Major
793E8-79FOKSat, 4 Aug 1900Stedman Caters
803E8-794OKSat, 6 Oct 1900Grandsire Cinques
813E8-789OKSat, 3 Nov 1900Kent Treble Bob Maximus
823E8-77EOKMon, 31 Dec 1900Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
833E8-773OKSat, 15 Jun 1901Kent Treble Bob Royal
843E8-768OKFri, 28 Jun 1901Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
853E8-75DOKWed, 18 Sep 1901Stedman Caters
863E8-752OKSat, 8 Feb 1902Kent Treble Bob Maximus
873E8-747OKMon, 31 Mar 1902Superlative Surprise Major
883E8-73COKSat, 3 May 1902Plain Bob Royal
893E8-731OKSat, 10 May 1902Grandsire Triples
903E8-726OKSat, 24 May 1902Kent Treble Bob Maximus
913E8-71BOKThu, 5 Jun 1902Stedman Caters
923E8-710OKSat, 2 Aug 1902Stedman Cinques
933E8-705OKTue, 28 Oct 1902Grandsire Caters
943E8-6FAOKSat, 24 Jan 1903Cambridge Surprise Major
953E8-6EFOKSat, 14 Feb 1903Stedman Cinques
963E8-6E4OKSat, 21 Feb 1903Cambridge Surprise Major
973E8-6D9OKSat, 23 May 1903Double Norwich Court Bob Royal
983E8-6CEOKSat, 30 May 1903Stedman Cinques
993E8-6C3OKSat, 12 Sep 1903Kent Treble Bob Royal
1003E8-6B8OKTue, 22 Sep 1903Stedman Caters

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