Felstead Database - Towers in Somerset

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
4Abbots Leigh, Holy Trinity290
6102Aller, S Andrew60
113Angersleigh, S Michael50
116Ansford, S Andrew110
156Ash in Martock, Holy Trinity310
154Ash Priors, Holy Trinity380
160Ashbrittle, S John the Baptist350
169Ashcott, All Saints450
175Ashill, Blessed Virgin Mary90
191Ashwick, S James440
230Axbridge, S John the Baptist130
242Babcary, Holy Cross120
245Backwell, S Andrew980
268Baltonsborough, S Dunstan130
280Banwell, S Andrew930
316Barrington, Blessed Virgin Mary50
318Barrow Gurney, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Edward King & Martyr7661
330Barton St David, S David180
348Batcombe, S Mary the Blessed Virgin100
7049Bath, S Andrew110
7016Bath, S James100
349Bath, S Michael1160
350Bath, SS Peter & Paul451
351Bathampton, S Nicholas360
353Batheaston, S John the Baptist390
354Bathford, S Swithun350
355Bathwick, Bath, Blessed Virgin Mary1660
360Bawdrip, S Michael & All Angels10
375Beckington, S George490
7005Bedminster, Bristol, S Luke30
393Beer Crocombe, S James40
436Berrow, Blessed Virgin Mary220
5778Bicknoller, S George10
482Binegar, Holy Trinity170
504Bishop's Hull, SS Peter & Paul250
506Bishop's Lydeard, Blessed Virgin Mary480
541Blagdon, S Andrew380
550Bleadon, SS Peter & Paul90
640Bradford on Tone, S Giles70
701Brent Knoll, S Michael130
716Bridgwater, S Mary680
739Brislington, Bristol, S Luke100
748Bristol, S Thomas the Martyr220
7009Bristol, Temple Church41
763Broadway, SS Aldhelm & Eadburga150
781Brompton Regis, Blessed Virgin Mary60
792Broomfield, All Saints110
809Brushford, S Nicholas90
810Bruton, Blessed Virgin Mary290
823Buckland Dinham, S Michael & All Angels601
827Buckland St Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary80
862Burnham on Sea, S Andrew270
865Burrington, Holy Trinity100
894Butcombe, S Michael370
895Butleigh, S Leonard770
928Camerton, S Peter220
935Cannington, Blessed Virgin Mary100
951Carhampton, S John the Baptist300
969Castle Cary, All Saints400
998Chaffcombe, S Michael & All Angels40
1009Chard, Blessed Virgin Mary360
1017Charlton Horethorne, SS Peter & Paul170
1019Charlton Mackrell, Blessed Virgin Mary160
1039Cheddar, S Andrew170
1042Cheddon Fitzpaine, Blessed Virgin Mary40
1045Chedzoy, Blessed Virgin Mary80
1080Chew Magna, S Andrew430
1081Chew Stoke, S Andrew80
1082Chewton Mendip, S Mary Magdalene2310
1093Chilcompton, Campanile90
1092Chilcompton, S John the Baptist3470
1101Chilton Cantelo, S James40
1103Chilton Trinity, Holy Trinity30
1114Chipstable, All Saints230
1119Chiselborough, SS Peter & Paul60
1159Churchill, S John the Baptist510
1161Churchstanton, SS Peter & Paul210
1170Clapton in Gordano, S Michael380
1172Clatworthy, S Mary Magdalene10
1176Claverton, Blessed Virgin Mary120
1194Clevedon, S Andrew700
1195Clevedon, S John the Evangelist20
1212Closworth, All Saints30
1217Clutton, S Augustine180
1274Combe Florey, SS Peter & Paul270
1276Combe St Nicholas, S Nicholas60
1282Compton Bishop, S Andrew520
1284Compton Dando, Blessed Virgin Mary350
1286Compton Martin, S Michael271
1291Congresbury, S Andrew1040
1308Corfe, S Nicholas170
1319Corston, All Saints530
1320Corton Denham, S Andrew50
1326Cossington, Blessed Virgin Mary70
1329Cothelstone, S Thomas of Canterbury20
1372Creech St Michael, S Michael150
1376Crewkerne, S Bartholomew791
1392Croscombe, Blessed Virgin Mary110
1399Crowcombe, Holy Ghost130
1410Cucklington, S Lawrence90
1421Curry Mallet, All Saints170
1422Curry Rivel, S Andrew950
1424Cutcombe, S John the Evangelist40
1506Dinder, S Michael & All Angels170
1516Ditcheat, S Mary Magdalene1942
1535Donyatt, Blessed Virgin Mary30
7733Doulting Beacon, Knapps Farm Campanile460
1541Doulting, S Aldhelm90
1545Dowlish Wake, S Andrew240
1559Drayton, S Catherine810
1576Dulverton, All Saints320
1583Dundry, S Michael60
1588Dunkerton, All Saints730
1594Dunster, S George740
1599Durleigh, S Hugh250
1603Durston, S John the Baptist20
1628East Brent, Blessed Virgin Mary70
1633East Chinnock, Blessed Virgin Mary20
1635East Coker, S Michael & All Angels980
1647East Harptree, S Lawrence130
6139East Huntspill, Little Orchard Tower3440
1664East Pennard, All Saints290
1666East Quantoxhead, Blessed Virgin Mary10
1691Easton in Gordano, S George360
1768Elworthy, S Martin of Tours30
1781Enmore, S Michael60
1803Evercreech, S Peter1790
1823Exford, S Mary Magdalene180
1830Exton, S Peter100
1850Farleigh Hungerford, S Leonard30
1851Farmborough, All Saints340
1885Fiddington, S Martin100
1904Fitzhead, S James290
1905Fivehead, S Martin60
1959Freshford, S Peter100
1970Frome, S John the Baptist1070
2023Glastonbury, S Benedict270
2024Glastonbury, S John the Baptist321
2036Goathurst, S Edward King & Martyr80
2184Greinton, S Michael & All Angels40
2237Halse, S James210
2279Hardington Mandeville, Blessed Virgin Mary1660
2325Haselbury Plucknett, S Michael & All Angels330
2333Hatch Beauchamp, S John the Baptist30
2354Hawkridge, S Giles90
2375Heathfield, S John the Baptist100
2399Hemington, Blessed Virgin Mary200
2414Henstridge, S Nicholas90
2453High Ham, S Andrew80
2454High Littleton, Holy Trinity220
2462Highbridge, S John the Evangelist370
2472Hillfarance, Holy Cross160
2489Hinton Blewett, S Margaret150
2491Hinton St George, S George90
2512Holford, S Mary the Virgin60
2564Horsington, S John the Baptist80
2592Huish Champflower, S Peter210
2593Huish Episcopi, Blessed Virgin Mary490
2607Huntspill, S Peter80
2639Ilchester, S Mary Major30
2648Ilminster, Blessed Virgin Mary280
2650Ilton, S Peter120
2679Isle Abbots, Blessed Virgin Mary50
2706Kelston, S Nicholas180
2732Kewstoke, S Paul220
2734Keynsham, S John the Baptist210
2746Kilmersdon, SS Peter & Paul140
2774Kingsbury Episcopi, S Martin260
2776Kingsdon, All Saints110
2787Kingston Seymour, All Saints50
2788Kingston St Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary20
2794Kingstone, S John & All Saints140
2800Kingweston, All Saints80
2839Knowle, Bristol, Holy Nativity570
2869Langford Budville, S Peter120
2877Langport, All Saints230
7626Lansdown, Bath, S Stephen170
2892Larkhall, Bath, S Saviour260
2942Leigh on Mendip, S Giles270
2984Limington, Blessed Virgin Mary90
3047Litton, S Mary the Virgin140
3100Locking, S Augustine271
3121Long Ashton, All Saints1110
3135Long Sutton, Holy Trinity170
3168Loxton, S Andrew410
3170Luccombe, Blessed Virgin Mary110
3184Luxborough, Blessed Virgin Mary10
3188Lydeard St Lawrence, S Lawrence220
3200Lympsham, S Christopher80
7051Lyncombe, Bath, S Mark the Evangelist60
3206Lyng, S Bartholomew60
3255Maperton, SS Peter & Paul110
3272Mark, Holy Cross340
3283Marksbury, S Peter210
6014Marston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower Campanile7800
3297Marston Bigot, S Leonard2570
3298Marston Magna, Blessed Virgin Mary150
3310Martock, All Saints640
3327Meare, Blessed Virgin Mary & All Saints50
3340Mells, S Andrew1010
3355Merriott, All Saints530
3383Middlezoy, Holy Cross100
3386Midsomer Norton, S John the Baptist2330
3387Milborne Port, S John the Evangelist380
3400Milton Clevedon, S James30
3407Milverton, S Michael1040
3409Minehead, SS Michael & Andrew1490
3437Monksilver, All Saints100
3441Montacute, S Catherine of Alexandria120
3444Moorlinch, Blessed Virgin Mary80
3484Muchelney, SS Peter & Paul40
3486Mudford, Blessed Virgin Mary40
3497Nailsea, Holy Trinity400
3515Nempnett Thrubwell, Blessed Virgin Mary300
3520Nether Stowey, S Mary the Virgin120
3581Newton St Loe, Holy Trinity160
3594North Barrow, S Nicholas30
3597North Cadbury, S Michael the Archangel230
3600North Cheriton, S John the Baptist60
3604North Curry, SS Peter & Paul210
3623North Perrott, S Martin210
3624North Petherton, S Mary the Virgin60
7839North Weston, Somerset, Wyatt's Yard30
7622North Wootton, Great Orchard Campanile640
3664Norton Fitzwarren, All Saints470
3665Norton St Philip, SS Philip & James140
3670Norton sub Hamdon, Blessed Virgin Mary290
3689Nunney, All Saints140
3693Nynehead, All Saints50
3696Oake, S Bartholomew20
3709Odcombe, SS Peter & Paul80
3725Old Cleeve, S Andrew290
3764Othery, S Michael20
3780Over Stowey, SS Peter & Paul70
3839Paulton, Holy Trinity180
3841Pawlett, S John the Baptist20
3856Pen Selwood, S Michael110
3911Pilton, S John the Baptist310
6743Pitcombe, S Leonard60
3923Pitminster, SS Mary & Andrew280
3924Pitney, S John the Baptist40
3948Porlock, S Dubricius90
3950Portbury, Blessed Virgin Mary120
3953Portishead, S Peter730
3983Preston Plucknett, S James110
5987Priddy, S Lawrence50
3991Priston, S Luke390
3995Publow, All Saints250
3996Puckington, S Andrew130
4006Puriton, S Michael & All Angels80
4012Pylle, S Thomas of Canterbury310
4019Queen Camel, S Barnabas220
4020Queen Charlton, S Margaret80
4033Radstock, S Nicholas500
4067Redcliffe, Bristol, S Mary the Virgin3121
4124Rockwell Green, Wellington, All Saints250
4126Rode, S Lawrence70
6031Rowbarton, Taunton, S Andrew150
4155Rowberrow, S Michael210
4171Ruishton, S George40
4213Sampford Arundel, Holy Cross190
4214Sampford Brett, S George110
4269Seavington St Mary, S Mary490
4287Selworthy, All Saints370
4308Shapwick, S Mary the Virgin190
4341Shepton Beauchamp, S Michael3220
4342Shepton Mallet, SS Peter & Paul410
6140Shepton Mallet, Summer House Campanile20
4365Shipham, S Leonard360
4429Skilgate, S John the Baptist20
4455Somerton, S Michael & All Angels240
4465South Cadbury, S Thomas a Becket60
4488South Petherton, SS Peter & Paul2260
4512Southville, Bristol, S Paul300
4525Spaxton, S Margaret70
4567St Decuman's, S Decuman110
4668Stanton Drew, S Mary the Virgin40
4679Staple Fitzpaine, S Peter70
4683Staplegrove, S John260
4697Stawley, S Michael120
4724Stockland Bristol, S Mary Magdalene40
4732Stogumber, S Mary the Virgin90
4733Stogursey, S Andrew120
4757Stoke St Gregory, S Gregory50
4758Stoke St Mary, S Mary40
7765Stoke sub Hamdon, Ringmore 2120
4765Stoke sub Hamdon, S Mary the Virgin240
4759Stoke Trister, S Andrew110
4772Ston Easton, S Mary860
4800Stowey, SS Nicholas & Mary80
4820Street, Holy Trinity230
4875Swainswick, S Mary the Virgin190
4934Taunton, Holy Trinity90
4935Taunton, S James1130
4936Taunton, S Mary Magdalene581
3959Taunton, Unit 7, Potters Yard60
4944Templecombe, S Mary the Virgin150
4979Thorn Falcon, Holy Cross20
5013Thurlbear, S Thomas01
5017Thurloxton, S Giles100
5030Tickenham, SS Quiricus & Julietta50
5042Timberscombe, S Petrock340
7814Timsbiry, The Pig Sty220
5043Timsbury, S Mary the Virgin260
5047Tintinhull, S Margaret40
6800Tolland, S John the Baptist90
5095Trull, All Saints200
5116Twerton on Avon, Bath, S Michael1700
5134Ubley, S Bartholomew180
5151Uphill, S Nicholas (Old Church)230
5201Walcot, Bath, Christ Church90
5230Walton, Clevedon, S Mary10
5229Walton, Holy Trinity30
5237Wambrook, S Mary the Virgin20
5245Wanstrow, S Mary the Virgin280
5289Weare, S Gregory130
7748Wedmore, Bakery Tower920
5292Wedmore, S Mary810
5309Wellington, S John the Baptist360
5311Wellow, S Julian220
5312Wells, S Andrew1470
5313Wells, S Cuthbert530
5320Wembdon, S George100
5330West Bagborough, S Pancras60
5334West Buckland, Blessed Virgin Mary140
5335West Camel, All Saints90
5338West Coker, S Martin of Tours350
5339West Cranmore, S Bartholomew120
5352West Hatch, S Andrew40
5359West Lydford, S Peter90
5362West Monkton, S Augustine300
5364West Pennard, S Nicholas150
5366West Quantoxhead, S Etheldreda90
5383Westbury sub Mendip, S Lawrence150
5409Weston in Gordano, SS Peter & Paul80
5411Weston super Mare, S John the Baptist2160
5413Weston, Bath, All Saints350
5407Westonzoyland, S Mary the Virgin60
5426Whatley, S George410
5457Whitestaunton, S Andrew60
5481Wick St Lawrence, S Lawrence70
5491Widcombe, Bath, S Matthew100
5528Wilton, Taunton, S George770
5532Wincanton, SS Peter & Paul731
5542Winford, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Peter1540
5553Winscombe, S James the Great350
5554Winsford, S Mary Magdalene80
5555Winsham, S Stephen190
5594Withycombe, S Nicholas10
5597Withypool, S Andrew40
5604Wiveliscombe, S Andrew760
5646Wookey, S Matthew540
5649Woolavington, S Mary the Virgin470
5662Wootton Courtenay, All Saints200
5678Worle, Weston Super Mare, S Martin310
5696Wraxall, All Saints960
5702Wrington, All Saints922
5735Yatton, S Mary the Virgin1401
5742Yeovil, S John the Baptist1130
5743Yeovilton, S Bartholomew80

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