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194 valid peals for Ditcheat, S Mary Magdalene, Somerset, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
145F-F2COKThu, 18 Sep 1913Doubles (2 methods)
245F-F21OKSat, 14 May 1921Grandsire Triples
345F-F16OKSat, 12 Aug 1922Stedman Triples
445F-F0BOKThu, 12 Aug 1926Stedman Triples
545F-F00OKSat, 9 Jun 1928Stedman Triples
645F-EF5OKWed, 14 Aug 1929Grandsire Triples
745F-EEAOKSat, 17 May 1930Cambridge Surprise Major
845F-EDFOKTue, 24 May 1932Grandsire Triples
945F-ED4OKMon, 16 Apr 1934Grandsire Triples
1045F-EC9OKSat, 4 Aug 1934Cambridge Surprise Major
1145F-EBEOKSat, 18 May 1935Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1245F-EB3OKSat, 21 Sep 1935Cambridge Surprise Major
1345F-EA8OKFri, 7 Aug 1936Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1445F-E9DOKMon, 7 Sep 1936Grandsire Triples
1545F-E92OKWed, 18 May 1938Cambridge Surprise Major
1645F-E87OKSat, 18 Aug 1945Grandsire Triples
1745F-E7COKSat, 8 Mar 1947Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1845F-E71OKSat, 7 Jun 1947Plain Bob Major
1945F-E66OKSat, 29 Nov 1947Superlative Surprise Major
2045F-E5BOKSat, 13 Dec 1947Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2145F-E50OKTue, 30 Mar 1948Grandsire Triples
2245F-E45OKThu, 2 Sep 1948London Surprise Major
2345F-E3AOKFri, 11 Feb 1949Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2445F-E2FOKTue, 19 Apr 1949Grandsire Triples
2545F-E24OKMon, 1 Aug 1949Bristol Surprise Major
2645F-E19OKSat, 2 Dec 1950Stedman Triples
2745F-E0EOKFri, 3 Aug 1951Yorkshire Surprise Major
2845F-E03OKSat, 10 Nov 1951Stedman Triples
2945F-DF8OKSat, 6 Sep 1952Superlative Surprise Major
3045F-DEDOKMon, 29 Aug 1955Yorkshire Surprise Major
3145F-DE2OKSat, 1 Feb 1958Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3245F-DD7OKTue, 30 May 1961Pudsey Surprise Major
3345F-DCCOKSat, 26 Oct 1963London Surprise Major
3445F-DC1OKThu, 21 May 1964London Surprise Major
3545F-DB6OKSat, 14 Nov 1964Yorkshire Surprise Major
3645F-DABOKSat, 22 Oct 1966Plain Bob Major
3745F-DA0OKSat, 20 Jan 1968Yorkshire Surprise Major
3845F-D95OKSat, 27 Jul 1968Ealing Surprise Major
3945F-D7FOKSat, 19 Oct 1968Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4045F-D74OKSat, 31 May 1969Yorkshire Surprise Major
4145F-D69OKSat, 23 Aug 1969Bristol Surprise Major
4245F-D53OKSat, 22 Nov 1969Nempnett Thrubwell Surprise Major
4345F-D48OKSat, 21 Feb 1970Yorkshire Surprise Major
4445F-D3DOKSat, 11 Apr 1970Cornwall Surprise Major
4545F-D32OKSat, 26 Dec 1970London Surprise Major
4645F-D27OKSat, 8 May 1971Rutland Surprise Major
4745F-D1COKSat, 30 Oct 1971Lincolnshire Surprise Major
4845F-D11OKSat, 15 Apr 1972Yorkshire Surprise Major
4945F-D06OKSat, 28 Oct 1972Plain Bob Major
5045F-CFBOKSat, 27 Jan 1973Stedman Triples
5145F-CF0OKSat, 10 Mar 1973Rutland Surprise Major
5245F-CE5OKFri, 24 Aug 1973Bristol Surprise Major
5345F-CDAOKSat, 23 Mar 1974Yorkshire Surprise Major
5445F-CCFOKSat, 18 May 1974Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 3306.0732
5545F-CC4OKWed, 21 Aug 1974Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 3315.0924
5645F-CB9OKSat, 23 Nov 1974Bristol Surprise Major
5745F-CAEOKWed, 8 Jan 1975Cambridge Surprise Major
5845F-CA3OKSat, 8 Mar 1975Bristol Surprise Major
5945F-C98OKMon, 28 Jul 1975Yorkshire Surprise Major
6045F-C8DOKSat, 20 Mar 1976Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
6145F-C82OKFri, 31 Dec 1976London Surprise Major
6245F-C77OKWed, 2 Mar 1977Peterstone Wentloog Surprise Major
6345F-C6COKSat, 7 May 1977Yorkshire Surprise Major
6445F-C61OKSat, 27 Aug 1977Bristol Surprise Major
6545F-C56OKSat, 15 Oct 1977Bristol Surprise Major
6645F-C4BOKSat, 26 May 1979Amsterdam Surprise Major
6745F-C40OKSat, 30 Aug 1980Eryri Surprise Major
6845F-C35OKSat, 27 Dec 1980Stedman Triples
6945F-C2AOKSat, 21 Mar 1981London Surprise Major
7045F-C1FOKSat, 25 Apr 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
7145F-C14OKSat, 26 Sep 1981Rutland Surprise Major
7245F-C09OKSat, 20 Mar 1982Single Oxford Bob Major
7345F-BFEOKSat, 24 Apr 1982Grandsire Triples
7445F-BF3OKSat, 24 Jul 1982Double Norwich Court Bob Major
7545F-BE8OKSat, 11 Dec 1982Lincolnshire Surprise Major
7645F-BDDOKSat, 22 Jan 1983London Surprise Major
7745F-BD2OKSat, 11 Jun 1983Bristol Surprise Major
7845F-BC7OKTue, 2 Aug 1983Double Norwich Court Bob Major
7945F-BBCOKSat, 28 Jan 1984Plain Bob Major
8045F-BB1OKSat, 28 Apr 1984Bristol Surprise Major
8145F-BA6OKSat, 18 Aug 1984Rutland Surprise Major
8245F-B9BOKSat, 30 Mar 1985Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3867.0505
8345F-B90OKSat, 20 Jul 1985Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
8445F-B85OKSat, 19 Oct 1985Grandsire Triples
8545F-B7AOKSat, 28 Dec 1985Stedman Triples
8645F-B6FOKSat, 5 Apr 1986Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
8745F-B64OKMon, 25 Aug 1986Yorkshire Surprise Major
8845F-B59OKSat, 19 Sep 1987Stedman Triples
8945F-B4EOKSat, 6 Feb 1988Rutland Surprise Major
9045F-B43OKSat, 13 Aug 1988Grandsire Triples
9145F-B38OKSat, 1 Oct 1988Grandsire Triples
9245F-B2DOKSat, 11 Feb 1989Ditcheat Surprise Major
9345F-B22OKSat, 27 May 1989London Surprise Major
9445F-B17OKSat, 25 Nov 1989Bristol Surprise Major
9500C-DFCOKSat, 16 Jun 1990Grandsire Triples
RW 4132.0650
9600D-1D0OKSat, 25 Aug 1990Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 4144.0937
9700D-745OKSat, 1 Dec 1990Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4160.0058
9800D-EB3OKSat, 13 Apr 1991London Surprise Major
RW 4176.0443
9900E-598OKSat, 17 Aug 1991Stedman Triples
RW 4200.1013
10000E-A78OKSat, 9 Nov 1991Ditcheat Manor Surprise Major
RW 4206.1158

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