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78 valid peals for Wilton, Taunton, S George, Somerset, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1443-9396OKSat, 17 Nov 1900Minor (7 methods)
2443-9400OKThu, 16 Feb 1911Grandsire Doubles
3443-9413OKSat, 16 Dec 1911Plain Bob Minor
4443-9421OKSat, 18 Jan 1913Plain Bob Minor
5443-9437OKWed, 6 Aug 1919Plain Bob Minor
6443-9445OKSat, 20 Jan 1923Cambridge Surprise Minor
7443-9459OKSat, 10 Jan 1925Plain Bob Minor
8443-9468OKSat, 5 Dec 1925Minor (7 methods)
9443-9476OKThu, 31 Dec 1925Minor (7 methods)
10443-9484OKSat, 10 Sep 1927Minor (7 methods)
11443-9492OKSat, 27 Feb 1932Kent Treble Bob Major
12443-9506OKThu, 5 May 1932Double Norwich Court Bob Major
13443-9511OKMon, 1 Aug 1932Plain Bob Major
14443-9522OKWed, 6 Sep 1933Stedman Triples
15443-9533OKSat, 10 Feb 1934New Cambridge Surprise Major
16443-9540OKMon, 2 Apr 1934Double Norwich Court Bob Major
17443-9554OKMon, 6 May 1935Superlative Surprise Major
18443-9565OKSat, 24 Aug 1935Kent Treble Bob Major
19443-9579OKSat, 16 Nov 1935Stedman Triples
20443-9587OKThu, 10 Nov 1938Superlative Surprise Major
21443-9598OKSat, 31 Dec 1938Bristol Surprise Major
22443-9603OKWed, 12 Mar 1947Kent Treble Bob Major
23443-9616OKSat, 18 Sep 1948Cambridge Surprise Major
24443-9627OKSat, 12 Jan 1952Double Norwich Court Bob Major
25443-9634OKSat, 11 Feb 1956Plain Bob Major
26443-9642OKSat, 19 Mar 1966Cotswold Surprise Major
Method auto corrected from Cotswold Major.
27443-9650OKSat, 3 Jun 1967Doubles (4 methods)
28443-9669OKSat, 20 Sep 1969Little Bob Major
29443-9675OKTue, 31 Mar 1970Frome Surprise Major
Method auto corrected from Frome Major.
30443-9688OKSat, 25 Apr 1970Plain Bob Major
31443-9691OKSat, 24 Jan 1976Plain Bob Triples
32443-9702OKSat, 4 Dec 1976Uxbridge Surprise Major
33443-9715OKFri, 4 Feb 1977Grandsire Triples
34443-9728OKSun, 5 Jun 1977Plain Bob Triples
35443-9731OKSat, 5 Nov 1977Plain Bob Major
36443-9744OKMon, 17 Jul 1978Plain Bob Major
37443-9753OKWed, 30 Aug 1978Superlative Surprise Major
38443-9766OKWed, 30 Jul 1980Cambridge Surprise Major
39443-9777OKWed, 29 Jul 1981Plain Bob Major
40443-9789OKSat, 24 Apr 1982Grandsire Caters
41443-9790OKWed, 13 Apr 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
42443-9808OKThu, 21 Jul 1983Yorkshire Surprise Royal
43443-9819OKMon, 29 Aug 1983Grandsire Caters
44443-9824OKSat, 31 Mar 1984Stedman Caters
45443-9835OKFri, 13 Jul 1984Yorkshire Surprise Royal
46443-9843OKWed, 29 Aug 1984Spliced Surprise Royal (8 methods)
Number of methods hard to read. On edge of photocopy
47443-9856OKWed, 26 Sep 1984Grandsire Caters
48443-9862OKSat, 6 Jul 1985Yorkshire Surprise Royal
49443-9870OKSat, 19 Oct 1985London No.3 Surprise Royal
50443-9881OKSat, 19 Jul 1986London No.3 Surprise Royal
51443-9897OKSat, 20 Sep 1986Grandsire Caters
52443-9909OKMon, 28 Dec 1987London No.3 Surprise Royal
53443-9914OKSat, 9 Sep 1989Bristol Surprise Royal
54443-9923OKFri, 29 Sep 1989Stedman Caters
55125-8897OKMon, 23 Jul 1990Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4142.0886
56126-7254OKSat, 20 Oct 1990Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4151.1102
57135-0944OKMon, 20 Jul 1992Rutland Surprise Royal
RW 4247.0915
58138-7310OKMon, 31 May 1993Old Trafford Delight Royal
RW 4287.0626
59146-3085OKThu, 29 Dec 1994Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4371.0115
60157-3481OKTue, 1 Apr 1997Spliced Surprise Royal (4 methods)
RW 4489
61158-9966OKMon, 21 Jul 1997Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4507
62181-4507OKSat, 13 Jul 2002Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4762
63186-0316OKSat, 12 Jul 2003Stedman Caters
RW 4814.0733
64189-6109OKSun, 2 May 2004Spliced Surprise Royal (6 methods)
RW 4856.0493
65190-6719OKSat, 22 May 2004Doubles (3 methods)
RW 4869.0806
66193-9794OKSun, 8 May 2005Stedman Caters
RW 4909.0502
67197-7198OKSun, 12 Mar 2006Henleaze Surprise Royal
RW 4953.0306
68203-9399OKMon, 23 Jul 2007Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 5028.0907
69207-6736OKSun, 29 Jun 2008Grandsire Caters
RW 5073.0771
70211-8562OKSun, 21 Jun 2009Grandsire Caters
RW 5124.0707
71223-6540OKSat, 18 Feb 2012Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 5267.0347
72229-2159OKFri, 5 Jul 2013Oakham Surprise Royal
RW 5335.0749
73232-5626OKWed, 23 Apr 2014Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 5377.0516
74234-0355OKFri, 19 Sep 2014Superlative No.2 Surprise Royal
RW 5397.1017
75459-8354OKSat, 8 Aug 2015Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 5446.0913
76465-0008OKFri, 21 Oct 2016Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 5507.1147
77476-4261OKFri, 6 Sep 2019Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 5659.0971
78993-9899OKSat, 20 Apr 2024London No.3 Surprise Royal
Not yet published in The Ringing World

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