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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
15401459-8907OK11 Aug 2015Birmingham, S Paul, Warwickshire
RW 5444.0866
15402459-9142OK16 Aug 2015Gressenhall, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Norfolk
RW 5444.0865
15403460-0083OK22 Aug 2015Wedmore, S Mary, Somerset
RW 5445.0891
15404460-0220OK22 Aug 2015Dordrecht, 't Klockhuys, South Holland
RW 5446.0915
15405461-4508OK30 Aug 2015Saxlingham Nethergate, S Mary the Virgin, Norfolk
RW 5446.0914
15406461-0765OK5 Sep 2015Shenstone, S John the Baptist, Staffordshire
RW 5447.0939
15407461-2072OK13 Sep 2015Oxford, Merton College, Oxfordshire
RW 5450.1010
15408460-1326OK26 Sep 2015Bromborough, S Barnabas, Cheshire
RW 5451.1033
15409460-1774OK8 Oct 2015Wirksworth, S Mary, Derbyshire
RW 5475.0324
15410460-5463OK28 Oct 2015Cattistock, SS Peter & Paul, Dorset
RW 5455.1131
15411460-5648OK30 Oct 2015Okehampton, All Saints, Devon
RW 5456.1153
15412460-4529OK10 Nov 2015Rotherhithe, SS Mary & Paul, Surrey
RW 5457.1177
15413460-3987OK21 Nov 2015Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5458.1203
15414460-8333OK27 Nov 2015Shalford, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
RW 5459.1226
15415461-1205OK6 Dec 2015West Meon, S John the Evangelist, Hampshire
RW 5460.1257
15416460-0484OK9 Dec 2015Ardleigh, S Mary the Virgin, Essex
RW 5462.0011
15417461-6781OK28 Dec 2015Maidstone, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 5465.0083
15418461-7160OK29 Dec 2015Madron, S Maddern, Cornwall
RW 5465.0085
15419461-7171OK29 Dec 2015Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5465.0085
15420461-7448OK31 Dec 2015Bromley, SS Peter & Paul, Kent
RW 5466.0106
15421460-7595OK10 Jan 2016Terling, All Saints, Essex
RW 5467.0129
15422461-8927OK17 Jan 2016Rugby, S Andrew (North East Tower), Warwickshire
RW 5468.0156
15423461-9357OK23 Jan 2016Helmingham, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 5468.0154
15424461-4678OK6 Feb 2016Dartford, Holy Trinity, Kent
RW 5470.0203
15425462-0866OK6 Feb 2016Reading, S Giles, Berkshire
RW 5470.0203
15426462-1540OK13 Feb 2016London, Hart Street, S Olave, Middlesex
RW 5479.0420
15427462-2952OK27 Feb 2016Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5473.0277
15428462-2971OK27 Feb 2016Warwick, S Nicholas, Warwickshire
RW 5473.0275
15429462-3154OK28 Feb 2016Worcester, S Stephen, Barbourne, Worcestershire
RW 5474.0298
15430462-3351OK29 Feb 2016Tadcaster, S Mary, Yorkshire
RW 5474.0298
15431462-3405OK29 Feb 2016Edgbaston, S Bartholomew, Warwickshire
RW 5474.0297
15432462-4027OK5 Mar 2016Mangotsfield, S James, Gloucestershire
RW 5474.0297
15433462-4252OK8 Mar 2016Birmingham, S Paul, Warwickshire
RW 5479.0418
15434462-4979OK14 Mar 2016Sheffield, SS Peter & Paul, Yorkshire
RW 5476.0343
15435462-5493OK19 Mar 2016Maidstone, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 5477.0371
15436462-5527OK19 Mar 2016Hardington Mandeville, Blessed Virgin Mary, Somerset
RW 5477.0370
15437462-6924OK2 Apr 2016Monks Kirby, S Edith, Warwickshire
RW 5478.0395
15438462-9666OK16 Apr 2016Truro, S Mary, Cornwall
RW 5479.0419
15439462-9932OK23 Apr 2016Hughenden, S Michael, Buckinghamshire
RW 5485.0597
15440463-0981OK30 Apr 2016Westbury, All Saints, Wiltshire
RW 5485.0596
15441463-1904OK8 May 2016Ambleside, S Mary, Westmorland
RW 5483.0546
15442463-2828OK14 May 2016Cleator Moor, S John, Cumberland
RW 5485.0600
15443463-2831OK15 May 2016Fairwarp, Christ Church, Sussex
RW 5483.0546
15444463-3451OK21 May 2016Washingborough, S John, Lincolnshire
RW 5484.0570
15445463-3774OK25 May 2016London, Lower Thames Street, S Magnus the Martyr, Middlesex
RW 5492.0778
15446463-4361OK31 May 2016Alexandria, Virginia
RW 5486.0625
15447463-4738OK4 Jun 2016East Raynham, S Mary the Virgin, Norfolk
RW 5486.0626
15448463-4852OK4 Jun 2016Worcester, S Martin, Worcestershire
RW 5487.0650
15449463-4958OK5 Jun 2016Lower Beeding, Holy Trinity, Sussex
RW 5486.0627
15450463-4963OK5 Jun 2016Chevening, S Botolph, Kent
RW 5487.0649
15451463-6212OK14 Jun 2016Birmingham, S Paul, Warwickshire
RW 5579.0306
15452463-7187OK26 Jun 2016Sutton Courtenay, All Saints, Berkshire
RW 5490.0731
15453463-7541OK1 Jul 2016Gosforth, All Saints, Northumberland
RW 5490.0732
15454463-7704OK2 Jul 2016Madron, S Maddern, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15455463-7837OK3 Jul 2016St Dennis, S Denys, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15456463-7845OK3 Jul 2016St Austell, Holy Trinity, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15457463-7916OK4 Jul 2016Kenwyn, Truro, S Keyne, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15458463-7934OK4 Jul 2016St Gluvias, S Gluvias, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15459463-7969OK4 Jul 2016St Kea, All Hallows, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15460463-8003OK5 Jul 2016Liskeard, S Martin, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15461463-8069OK5 Jul 2016Callington, S Mary, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15462463-8075OK6 Jul 2016St Anthony in Meneage, S Anthony, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15463463-8205OK7 Jul 2016Pillaton, S Odulph, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15464463-8180OK8 Jul 2016Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15465463-8353OK9 Jul 2016Probus, SS Probus & Grace, Cornwall
RW 5492.0780
15466463-8793OK12 Jul 2016Birmingham, S Paul, Warwickshire
RW 5493.0802
15467464-0408OK26 Jul 2016Holbeach, All Saints, Lincolnshire
RW 5500.0971
15468464-1826OK9 Aug 2016Birmingham, S Paul, Warwickshire
RW 5496.0874
15469464-1996OK11 Aug 2016Yarkhill, S John the Baptist, Herefordshire
RW 5496.0873
15470464-3402OK25 Aug 2016Dundee, S Paul, Forfarshire
RW 5498.0922
15471464-4149OK2 Sep 2016Stratton St Margaret, S Margaret, Wiltshire
RW 5499.0946
15472464-4335OK4 Sep 2016Edinburgh, SS Andrew & George, Midlothian
RW 5500.0970
15473464-4491OK5 Sep 2016Cradley, S James, Herefordshire
RW 5500.0969
15474464-6379OK17 Sep 2016Wellesbourne, S Peter, Warwickshire
RW 5502.1017
15475464-6262OK18 Sep 2016Oxford, Merton College, Oxfordshire
RW 5510.1216
15476464-5728OK23 Sep 2016Broadclyst, S John the Baptist, Devon
RW 5502.1019
15477464-6615OK25 Sep 2016Oxford, S Giles, Oxfordshire
RW 5502.1020
15478464-7341OK1 Oct 2016Erdington, SS Thomas & Edmund of Canterbury, Warwickshire
RW 5504.1080
15479464-7393OK1 Oct 2016Heavitree, Exeter, S Michael & All Angels, Devon
RW 5503.1054
15480464-7828OK6 Oct 2016Ault Hucknall, S John the Baptist, Derbyshire
RW 5510.1218
15481464-7853OK6 Oct 2016Sutton in Ashfield, S Mary Magdalene, Nottinghamshire
RW 5510.1218
15482464-9845OK23 Oct 2016Worcester, S Martin, Worcestershire
RW 5507.1146
15483465-0410OK29 Oct 2016Halifax, S John the Baptist, Yorkshire
RW 5509.1194
15484465-2194OK12 Nov 2016London, Gresham Street, S Lawrence Jewry, Middlesex
RW 5509.1193
15485465-2404OK12 Nov 2016Witton, Northwich, S Helen, Cheshire
RW 5516.0037
15486465-3469OK20 Nov 2016Walkden, S Paul, Lancashire
RW 5510.1215
15487465-4209OK26 Nov 2016Witley, All Saints, Surrey
RW 5511.1243
15488465-4719OK3 Dec 2016Chelsea, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 5513.1304
15489465-4671OK4 Dec 2016Spitalfields, Christ Church, Middlesex
RW 5513.1304
15490465-5529OK10 Dec 2016London, S James Garlickhythe, Middlesex
RW 5525.0252
15491465-5736OK11 Dec 2016Sapcote, All Saints, Leicestershire
RW 5515.0010
15492465-7437OK28 Dec 2016Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5516.0035
15493465-7484OK28 Dec 2016Maidstone, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 5516.0033
15494465-7728OK29 Dec 2016Hernhill, S Michael, Kent
RW 5520.0140
15495465-8033OK31 Dec 2016Guiseley, S Oswald King & Martyr, Yorkshire
RW 5523.0202
15496465-8360OK2 Jan 2017Wincanton, SS Peter & Paul, Somerset
RW 5517.0059
15497465-8467OK2 Jan 2017Ilford, S Mary, Essex
RW 5523.0201
15498466-1179OK28 Jan 2017Haddenham, S Mary the Virgin, Buckinghamshire
RW 5520.0130
15499466-2328OK7 Feb 2017Adelaide, S Peter, South Australia
RW 5530.0370
15500466-3209OK17 Feb 2017Fairwarp, Christ Church, Sussex
RW 5524.0227

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