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387 valid peals for Edgbaston, S Bartholomew, Warwickshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
144B-01AOKTue, 18 Dec 1900Minor (7 methods)
244B-00FOKMon, 27 Jan 1902Minor (7 methods)
344B-004OKMon, 7 Apr 1902Minor (3 methods)
444A-FF9OKMon, 20 Oct 1902Minor (4 methods)
544A-FEEOKSat, 27 Feb 1932Stedman Triples
644A-FE3OKThu, 11 May 1933London Surprise Major
744A-FD8OKSat, 12 Aug 1933Double Norwich Court Bob Major
844A-FCDOKThu, 7 Dec 1933Plain Bob Major
944A-FC2OKSat, 26 Jan 1935Stedman Triples
1044A-FB7OKSat, 9 Mar 1935Plain Bob Major
1144A-FACOKSat, 22 Jun 1935Bristol Surprise Major
1244A-FA1OKThu, 25 Jul 1935London Surprise Major
1344A-F96OKTue, 17 Sep 1935London Surprise Major
1444A-F8BOKSat, 21 Dec 1935Cambridge Surprise Major
1544A-F80OKSat, 6 Jun 1936Plain Bob Major
1644A-F75OKSat, 24 Oct 1936Cambridge Surprise Major
1744A-F6AOKSat, 30 Jan 1937Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1844A-F5FOKSat, 19 Jun 1937Cambridge Surprise Major
1944A-F54OKSat, 30 Oct 1937Stedman Triples
2044A-F49OKSat, 14 May 1938Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
2144A-F3EOKSat, 28 May 1938Plain Bob Major
2244A-F33OKThu, 29 Sep 1938Plain Bob Major
2344A-F28OKSat, 31 Dec 1938Plain Bob Major
2444A-F1DOKSat, 27 May 1939Plain Bob Major
2544A-F12OKSat, 8 Jul 1939Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2644A-F07OKSat, 2 Sep 1944Grandsire Triples
2744A-EFCOKSat, 24 Feb 1945Grandsire Triples
2844A-EF1OKSat, 1 Dec 1945Grandsire Triples
2944A-EE6OKSat, 4 May 1946Superlative Surprise Major
3044A-EDBOKSat, 17 Aug 1946Yorkshire Surprise Major
3144A-ED0OKSat, 28 Dec 1946Cambridge Surprise Major
3244A-EC5OKWed, 9 Apr 1947Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3344A-EBAOKSat, 14 Jun 1947Superlative Surprise Major
3444A-EAFOKFri, 5 Sep 1947Plain Bob Major
3544A-EA4OKSat, 18 Oct 1947Hinton Surprise Major
3644A-E99OKSat, 3 Jan 1948Rutland Surprise Major
3744A-E8EOKSat, 27 Nov 1948Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3844A-E83OKSat, 1 Oct 1949London Surprise Major
3944A-E78OKMon, 9 Jan 1950Grandsire Triples
4044A-E6DOKMon, 13 Feb 1950Stedman Triples
4144A-E62OKSat, 2 Dec 1950Yorkshire Surprise Major
4244A-E57OKSat, 31 Mar 1951Stedman Triples
4344A-E4COKSat, 1 Sep 1951Yorkshire Surprise Major
4444A-E41OKSat, 27 Dec 1952Double Norwich Court Bob Major
4544A-E36OKMon, 13 Jul 1953Yorkshire Surprise Major
4644A-E2BOKMon, 24 Aug 1953Plain Bob Major
4744A-E20OKTue, 29 Sep 1953Cambridge Surprise Major
4844A-E15OKMon, 12 Jul 1954Lincolnshire Surprise Major
4944A-E0AOKSat, 11 Sep 1954Double Norwich Court Bob Major
5044A-DFFOKSat, 30 Apr 1955Plain Bob Minor
5144A-DF4OKSat, 9 Jul 1955Grandsire Triples
5244A-DE9OKSat, 24 Nov 1956Gainsborough Surprise Major
5344A-DDEOKWed, 12 Nov 1958Lincolnshire Surprise Major
5444A-DD3OKWed, 24 Feb 1960London Surprise Major
5544A-DC8OKMon, 24 Apr 1961London Surprise Major
5644A-DBDOKSat, 23 May 1964Rutland Surprise Major
5744A-DB2OKSat, 23 Jan 1965Stedman Triples
5844A-DA7OKWed, 26 May 1965London Surprise Major
5944A-D9COKWed, 8 Sep 1965London Surprise Major
6044A-D91OKWed, 8 Dec 1965Stedman Triples
6144A-D86OKWed, 30 Mar 1966Illey Surprise Major
6244A-D7BOKWed, 24 Aug 1966Cambridge Surprise Major
6344A-D70OKWed, 30 Aug 1967Stedman Triples
6444A-D65OKWed, 6 Sep 1967Stedman Triples
6544A-D5AOKSat, 25 Nov 1967Glasgow Surprise Major
6644A-D4FOKFri, 8 Dec 1967Grandsire Triples
6744A-D44OKWed, 3 Jan 1968Lincolnshire Surprise Major
6844A-D2EOKWed, 27 Mar 1968Little Bob Major
RW 2975.0329
6944A-D39OKWed, 3 Apr 1968Plain Bob Major
RW 2975.0329
7044A-D23OKWed, 17 Apr 1968Yorkshire Surprise Major
7144A-D18OKWed, 24 Apr 1968Stedman Triples
7244A-D0DOKWed, 10 Jul 1968Stedman Triples
7344A-D02OKWed, 24 Jul 1968Yorkshire Surprise Major
7444A-CF7OKWed, 31 Jul 1968Superlative Surprise Major
7544A-CECOKWed, 7 Aug 1968Cambridge Surprise Major
7644A-CE1OKWed, 14 Aug 1968Cambridge Surprise Major
7744A-CD6OKWed, 25 Sep 1968Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3002.0854 - pubished as 2/10/68 but amended by KWHF
7844A-CCBOKWed, 8 Jan 1969Yorkshire Surprise Major
7944A-CC0OKSat, 1 Mar 1969Lincolnshire Surprise Major
8044A-CB5OKWed, 9 Apr 1969Rutland Surprise Major
8144A-CAAOKWed, 16 Apr 1969Stedman Triples
8244A-C9FOKWed, 9 Jul 1969Plain Bob Major
8344A-C94OKWed, 23 Jul 1969Kent Treble Bob Major
8444A-C89OKWed, 30 Jul 1969Watford Surprise Major
8544A-C7EOKWed, 6 Aug 1969Dorchester Surprise Major
8644A-C73OKWed, 20 Aug 1969Spliced Surprise Major (6 methods)
8744A-C68OKWed, 27 Aug 1969Ashtead Surprise Major
8844A-C5DOKWed, 3 Sep 1969Grandsire Triples
8944A-C52OKWed, 10 Sep 1969Spliced Surprise Major (2 methods)
9044A-C47OKWed, 24 Sep 1969Uxbridge Surprise Major
9144A-C3COKWed, 10 Dec 1969Plain Bob Major
9244A-C31OKWed, 22 Apr 1970London Surprise Major
9344A-C26OKWed, 8 Jul 1970Yorkshire Surprise Major
9444A-C1BOKWed, 15 Jul 1970London Surprise Major
9544A-C10OKWed, 5 Aug 1970Spliced Surprise Major (5 methods)
9644A-C05OKWed, 12 Aug 1970Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
9744A-BFAOKWed, 2 Sep 1970Yorkshire Surprise Major
9844A-BEFOKWed, 9 Sep 1970Plain Bob Major
9944A-BE4OKWed, 23 Sep 1970Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
10044A-BD9OKSat, 21 Nov 1970Cambridge Surprise Major

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