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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1378-8661OK25 Oct 1731Norwich, S Peter Mancroft, Norfolk
PB; NG 30.x.31; CB iii.355; EJO.
2378-7341OK6 Dec 1731Norwich, S Michael at Coslany, Norfolk
PB; 25.xii.31; CR 183.
3335-1216OK22 May 1799Holborn, S Giles in the Fields, Middlesex
CB ii.127; RCY
4343-2432OK4 Dec 1803Kensington, S Mary Abbots, Middlesex
CY; MP 7.xii.03; RW 3305.0708
5404-7388OK5 Jun 1819Shifnal, S Andrew, Shropshire
SL; WC 9.vi.19; SC 11.vi.19; CR 334 (15th); EJO; Poyner - RW 3704.0338
6395-2167OK2 Feb 1824Richmond, S Mary Magdalene, Surrey
CR 120; CB ii.499; WD 22.ii.24 (John Eisel)
7458-4308OK16 Mar 1824Whitechapel, S Mary Matfelon, Middlesex
CY; MA 18.iii.24; CB ii.187
8458-2850OK18 Dec 1828Southwark, Holy Trinity, Surrey
JCY; TT 22.xii.28; MorC 26.xii.28; LC 3.i.29: CB x.783
9395-2180OK30 Dec 1828Richmond, S Mary Magdalene, Surrey
BerC 10.i.29; Cutting in John Hopkin's scrapbook, probably from BL. RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
10255-7874OK13 Dec 1830Birmingham, S Martin, Warwickshire
OUH 18.xii.30; BN v; EJO
11357-6511OK16 Jan 1831Longney, S Lawrence, Gloucestershire
GJ 22.i.31; BWJ 27.i.31; TS 28.i.31; LSC 29.i.31; BerC 5.ii.31; CB v.211; EJO
12341-5557OK13 Mar 1831Isleworth, All Saints, Middlesex
CB ii.451
13253-8970OK4 Sep 1832Bethnal Green, S Matthew, Middlesex
14455-2483OK11 Jan 1833Camberwell, S George, Surrey
JCY; CB ii.439 (1832) - 1833 date correct - Sussex Society peal book - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
15457-6475OK27 Feb 1833Manchester, S John, Lancashire
CB v.331; BN xxv.443
16285-0178OK14 Mar 1833Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
RCY; BNP 27.iii.33
17433-6216OK30 Oct 1833Walworth, S Peter, Surrey
JCY; BL 3.xi.33; MJ 5.xi.33; CB ii.391
18285-0186OK7 May 1834Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
RCY; MA 10.v.34; BN i.154
19457-6488OK5 Nov 1834Manchester, S John, Lancashire
MTG 8.xi.34; WMC 8.xi.34; CB v.331; BN xxv.443
20285-0193OK11 Feb 1835Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
21458-6814OK13 Jan 1836London, Fleet Street, S Dunstan in the West, Middlesex
22342-6057OK17 Apr 1836Keighley, S Andrew, Yorkshire
LT 30.iv.36 (24th?); CB iv.319; E.18.ii.44 (letter)
23357-6540OK2 Jan 1837Longney, S Lawrence, Gloucestershire
HJ 4.i.37; RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
24283-4533OK26 Jan 1837Christleton, S James, Cheshire
ChC 3.ii.37; BL 19.ii.37
25283-4540OK3 Feb 1837Christleton, S James, Cheshire
BL 19.ii.37
26283-4554OK13 Apr 1837Christleton, S James, Cheshire
27458-7169OK19 Apr 1838Chester, S John, Cheshire
PB; RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
28378-6592OK26 Mar 1839Norwich, S Giles, Norfolk
PB; NM 6.iv.39; NC 6.iv.39; PSN; BN xvi.247; RW 28.iii.1924. Date changed from 25/03/1839 - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
29283-4565OK23 Dec 1840Christleton, S James, Cheshire
ChC 1.i.41; BL 17.i.41
30244-9093OK8 Aug 1842Aston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
31283-4579OK13 Oct 1842Christleton, S James, Cheshire
LiM 28.x.42; BL 30.x.42
32397-1010OK6 Dec 1842Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
SRI 10.xii.42; SI 10.xii.42; E 11.xii.42
33244-9108OK9 Feb 1843Aston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
ABG 13.ii.43; E 19.ii.43; BN viii.598; EJO
34404-7482OK24 Jun 1843Shifnal, S Andrew, Shropshire
E.2.vii.43; WC 28.vi.43; PB. Date changed from 21/06/1843 - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
35397-1055OK27 Jan 1844Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
EJO; SRI 3.ii.44; E 4.ii.44; N Chaddock
36456-0708OK29 Oct 1844Deritend, Birmingham, S John, Warwickshire
BL 3.xi.44; CB iv.295; RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
37404-7539OK10 Dec 1844Shifnal, S Andrew, Shropshire
CR 286; E 15.xii.44; SC 20.xii.44; EJO
38385-6877OK25 Feb 1845Pendleton, S Thomas, Lancashire
E 2.iii.45 & 9.iii.45; BL 9.iii.45; EJO
39458-2902OK13 Mar 1845Southwark, Holy Trinity, Surrey
CY; EJO; BL; E.16.iii.45
40404-7552OK24 Jun 1845Shifnal, S Andrew, Shropshire
CR 286 gives date as 24/01/1845 - typographical error. PB. RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
41349-5268OK8 Jan 1846Leeds, S Peter, Yorkshire
E 18.i.46; EJO; CR 303
42455-2578OK5 Apr 1846Camberwell, S George, Surrey
E 12.iv.46; BL 12.iv.46; EJO
43403-6934OK13 Apr 1846Sheffield, SS Peter & Paul, Yorkshire
SRI 18.iv.46; BL 19.iv.46; EJO
44255-7896OK18 May 1846Birmingham, S Martin, Warwickshire
BN viii.598; EJO; BL 24.v.46 (May 8th)
45404-7583OK28 Jun 1846Shifnal, S Andrew, Shropshire
EJO; KWHF has ? against month
46384-6897OK19 Nov 1846Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
PY; RW 0272.0252
47244-9143OK31 Jan 1847Aston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
BN viii.598; EJO
48456-0719OK5 Apr 1847Deritend, Birmingham, S John, Warwickshire
BL 11.iv.47; BN.viii.598; RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
49437-2859OK7 Jun 1847West Bromwich, All Saints, Staffordshire
EJO; BN viii.598
50383-6550OK20 Jul 1847Oxford, New College, Oxfordshire
OC 24.vii.47; BL 1.viii.47; PB: CR 224 (27th); CB iv.79 (27th). Date changed from 27/07/1847 - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
51253-9031OK4 Sep 1847Bethnal Green, S Matthew, Middlesex
EJO; E 19.ix.47
52253-9044OK30 Oct 1847Bethnal Green, S Matthew, Middlesex
53347-5967OK10 Dec 1847Lambeth, S John the Evangelist, Surrey
54458-2915OK28 Jan 1848Southwark, Holy Trinity, Surrey
CY; EJO; E.6.ii.48
55433-0145OK16 Feb 1848Waltham Abbey, Holy Cross & S Lawrence, Essex
E 20.ii.48; EJO; RCY
56244-9216OK27 Aug 1848Aston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
57448-0064OK18 Sep 1848Woolwich, S Mary Magdalene, Kent
CR 141; CB v.331; EJO
58458-2928OK20 Oct 1848Southwark, Holy Trinity, Surrey
CY; CB x.783
59364-3077OK31 Jan 1849Manchester, Virgin Mary, SS George & Denys, Lancashire
60455-4587OK18 Mar 1849Deptford, S Nicholas, Kent
61455-0360OK14 Dec 1849Southwark, Christ Church, Surrey
62347-5995OK12 Jan 1850Lambeth, S John the Evangelist, Surrey
BL 20.i.50
63253-9090OK19 Jan 1850Bethnal Green, S Matthew, Middlesex
SJS; BL 27.i.50
64412-0666OK22 Jan 1850Spitalfields, Christ Church, Middlesex
RCY; BL 27.i.50
65412-0677OK28 Jan 1850Spitalfields, Christ Church, Middlesex
CY; BL 3.ii.50
66370-9774OK24 Feb 1850Mortlake, S Mary, Surrey
CY; BL 3.iii.50
67394-9027OK1 Apr 1850Reigate, S Mary Magdalene, Surrey
CY; BL 14.iv.50
68347-6001OK6 Apr 1850Lambeth, S John the Evangelist, Surrey
CY; BL 14.iv.50
69306-0643OK26 Jan 1851Enfield, S Andrew, Middlesex
70384-6938OK12 May 1851Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
BL 18.v.51
71439-7011OK27 Oct 1851Westminster, S Stephen, Middlesex
CY; MA 29.x.51
72285-0236OK26 Dec 1851Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
73347-6017OK28 Jan 1852Lambeth, S John the Evangelist, Surrey
CY; BL 1.ii.52
74280-2685OK11 Feb 1852Cheltenham, S Mary, Gloucestershire
CC 12.ii.52 (John Eisel); BL 15.ii.52
75256-3503OK24 Mar 1852Birmingham, S Philip, Warwickshire
BL 28.iii.52; St Philip's Soc Peal Book
76378-7605OK3 Mar 1853Norwich, S Michael at Coslany, Norfolk
PB; NM 12.iii.53; NC 19.iii.53; BL 13.iii.53; PSN; BN Nov 1881.73
77285-0261OK14 Apr 1853Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
RCY; BL 17.iv.53
78356-8951OK14 Apr 1853London, Holborn Circus, S Andrew, Middlesex
BL 17.iv.53
79384-6972OK18 Apr 1853Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
PY; RW 0272.0252
80409-0139OK29 Apr 1853South Hackney, S John of Jerusalem, Middlesex
CY; BL 8.v.53
81285-0273OK9 May 1853Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
RCY; BL 15.v.53
82352-1799OK29 Oct 1853Lewisham, S Mary, Kent
CY; BWJ 5.xi.53; BL 6.xi.53; E 6.xi.53
83267-9045OK15 Jan 1855Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire
BL 21.i.55; PB
84454-9231OK4 Jun 1855London, Great Tower Street, All Hallows, Middlesex
CY; BL 10.vi.55
85457-6037OK31 Dec 1855Liverpool, S Luke, Lancashire
BL 6.i.56
86384-7002OK16 May 1856Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
PY; RW 0272.0252 (Apr 16); BL 1.vi.56
87455-2619OK15 Jun 1856Camberwell, S George, Surrey
CY; BL 22.vi.56
88455-2624OK4 Oct 1856Camberwell, S George, Surrey
BL 12.x.56; E 12.x.56
89455-4603OK26 Oct 1856Deptford, S Nicholas, Kent
CY; BL 2.xi.56; E 2.xi.56 (25th)
90355-9061OK12 Jan 1857London, Bishopsgate, S Botolph, Middlesex
MorC 14.i.57 & 15.i.57; BL 18.i.57; E 18.i.57; CB ii.199
91420-9716OK6 Oct 1857Liverpool, S Luke, Lancashire
LiM 9.x.57 (John Eisel)
92335-1359OK12 Dec 1857Holborn, S Giles in the Fields, Middlesex
E 20.xii.57; RCY
93455-5630OK8 Jan 1858Lambeth, S Mary, Surrey
CY; BL 24.i.58
94285-0317OK21 Jan 1858Clerkenwell, S James, Middlesex
RCY; CB i.727; BL 24.i.58
95455-0383OK24 Jan 1858Southwark, Christ Church, Surrey
BL 31.i.58; RCY
96339-2116OK29 Mar 1858Hyde, S George, Cheshire
BL 4.iv.58 OC 3.iv.58; BN Sept 1881.58
97262-9223OK4 Jun 1858Bow, S Mary-at-Bow, Middlesex
CY; E 13.vi.58
98401-8527OK18 Jul 1858Seaford, S Leonard, Sussex
CY; BL 25.vii.58
99433-6313OK11 Sep 1858Walworth, S Peter, Surrey
100384-7066OK27 Dec 1858Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
BL 9.i.59; PY

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