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280 valid peals for Bow, S Mary-at-Bow, Middlesex, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
14BA-ED3OKFri, 4 Jun 1858Stedman Triples
CY; E 13.vi.58
24BA-EC8OKMon, 31 Jan 1859Kent Treble Bob Major
RCY; BL 6.ii.59
34BA-EBDOKMon, 14 Mar 1859Grandsire Triples
44BA-EB2OKTue, 20 Mar 1860Grandsire Triples
BL 25.iii.60
54BA-EA7OKSat, 17 Nov 1866Grandsire Triples
CY; BL 24.xi.66
64BA-E9COKWed, 5 May 1869Grandsire Triples
CY; BL 8.v.69
74BA-E91OKWed, 15 Mar 1871Grandsire Triples
CY; BL 18.iii.71
84BA-E86OKMon, 9 Dec 1878Grandsire Triples
CB ix.19
94BA-E7BOKTue, 28 Feb 1882Stedman Triples
BN April 1882.116; CB xii 255
104BA-E70OKWed, 28 Nov 1883Grandsire Triples
BN ii.414
114BA-E65OKTue, 21 Oct 1884Grandsire Triples
BN iii.354
124BA-E5AOKTue, 10 Feb 1885Grandsire Triples
BN iii.550
134BA-E4FOKTue, 3 Mar 1885Stedman Triples
BN iii.586
144BA-E44OKMon, 20 Apr 1885Stedman Triples
BN iv.28
154BA-E39OKTue, 21 Jul 1885Grandsire Triples
BN iv.132
164BA-E2EOKTue, 18 May 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
BN v.60
174BA-E23OKMon, 21 Mar 1887Stedman Triples
BN vi.7
184BA-E18OKMon, 2 Apr 1888Grandsire Triples
BN vii.30
194BA-E0DOKThu, 27 Sep 1888Stedman Triples
BN vii.355
204BA-E02OKThu, 22 Nov 1888Kent Treble Bob Major
BN vii.450
214BA-DF7OKThu, 22 Aug 1889Kent Treble Bob Major
BN viii.258
224BA-DECOKThu, 27 Feb 1890Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN viii.578
234BA-DE1OKThu, 27 Mar 1890Grandsire Triples
BN ix.18
244BA-DD6OKThu, 6 Nov 1890Stedman Triples
BN ix.406
254BA-DCBOKThu, 14 Jul 1892Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN xi.203
264BA-DC0OKThu, 15 Dec 1892Grandsire Triples
BN xi.467
274BA-DB5OKThu, 8 Mar 1894Plain Bob Major
BN xii.534
284BA-DAAOKMon, 29 Oct 1894Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xiii.283
294BA-D9FOKThu, 14 Feb 1895Plain Bob Major
BN xiii.483
304BA-D94OKFri, 8 Mar 1895Union Triples
BN xiii.519
314BA-D89OKThu, 28 Mar 1895Grandsire Triples
BN xiii.555
324BA-D7EOKThu, 7 Nov 1895Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xiv.295
334BA-D73OKThu, 23 Jan 1896Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xiv.426
344BA-D68OKMon, 6 Apr 1896Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xiv.546
354BA-D5DOKFri, 5 Mar 1897Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xv.623
364BA-D52OKThu, 10 Jun 1897Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xvi.91
374BA-D47OKTue, 19 Oct 1897Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xvi.311
384BA-D3COKMon, 22 Nov 1897Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xvi.375
394BA-D31OKTue, 14 Dec 1897Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xvi.411
404BA-D26OKMon, 28 Feb 1898Superlative Surprise Major
BN xvi.547
414BA-D1BOKMon, 28 Mar 1898Superlative Surprise Major
BN xvi.595
424BA-D10OKThu, 8 Dec 1898Stedman Triples
BN xvii.331
434BA-D05OKSat, 3 May 1902Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxi.55
444BA-CFAOKSat, 2 May 1903Stedman Triples
BN xxii.79
454BA-CEFOKSat, 12 Nov 1904Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxiii.439
464BA-CE4OKSat, 30 Sep 1905Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xxiv.367
474BA-CD9OKSat, 28 Apr 1906Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxv.55
484BA-CCEOKSat, 15 Dec 1906Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxv.451
494BA-CC3OKSat, 20 Apr 1907Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xxvi.67
504BA-CB8OKSat, 23 Nov 1907Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxvi.439
514BA-CADOKSat, 26 Sep 1908Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxvii.367
524BA-CA2OKSat, 18 Mar 1911Plain Bob Major
BN xxx.43; RW 0001.0006
534BA-C97OKThu, 5 Feb 1914Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xxxii.595; RW 0152.0103
544BA-C8COKThu, 26 Feb 1920Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0470.0135
554BA-C81OKThu, 14 Oct 1920Bristol Surprise Major
RW 0501.0516
564BA-C76OKThu, 23 Feb 1922London Surprise Major
RW 0572.0131
574BA-C6BOKThu, 8 Feb 1923Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0622.0099
584BA-C60OKMon, 21 Nov 1927London Surprise Major
RW 0871.0755
594BA-C55OKThu, 18 Dec 1930Stedman Triples
RW 1032.0003
604BA-C4AOKSat, 25 Mar 1933Stedman Triples
RW 1150.0211
614BA-C3FOKSat, 15 Jul 1933Stedman Triples
RW 1166.0467
624BA-C34OKSat, 14 Apr 1934Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1213.0386
634BA-C29OKFri, 18 Jan 1935Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 1245.0066
644BA-C1EOKWed, 19 Nov 1958Superlative Surprise Major
RW 2488.0787 1st on the new bells, recast 1952
654BA-C13OKFri, 24 Oct 1980Spliced Surprise Major (10 methods)
RW 3630.1008
664BA-C08OKThu, 6 Nov 1980Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3634/3635.1101
674BA-BFDOKWed, 26 Nov 1980Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 3637.0029
684BA-BF2OKWed, 3 Dec 1980Stedman Triples
RW 3637.0029
694BA-BE7OKSat, 13 Dec 1980Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3638.0053
704BA-BDCOKWed, 17 Dec 1980Rutland Surprise Major
RW 3638.0053
714BA-BD1OKWed, 7 Jan 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3641.0124
724BA-BC6OKSat, 10 Jan 1981Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 3641.0123
734BA-BBBOKWed, 28 Jan 1981Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 3643.0164
744BA-BB0OKSat, 7 Feb 1981Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3648.0280
754BA-BA5OKWed, 25 Feb 1981Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 3648.0281
764BA-B9AOKSat, 7 Mar 1981Spliced Surprise Major (7 methods)
RW 3650.0324
774BA-B8FOKWed, 18 Mar 1981Spliced Surprise Major (13 methods)
RW 3651.0345
784BA-B84OKSat, 2 May 1981Stedman Triples
RW 3657.0473
794BA-B79OKWed, 6 May 1981Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3659.0513
804BA-B6EOKWed, 27 May 1981Stedman Triples
RW 3661.0555
814BA-B63OKFri, 29 May 1981Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 3661.0556
824BA-B58OKSat, 13 Jun 1981Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
RW 3663.0605
834BA-B4DOKWed, 17 Jun 1981Rutland Surprise Major
RW 3663.0605
844BA-B42OKSun, 21 Jun 1981Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 3664.0629
854BA-B37OKFri, 17 Jul 1981Bristol Surprise Major
RW 3671.0784
864BA-B2COKSat, 18 Jul 1981Spliced Surprise Major (6 methods)
RW 3671.0785
874BA-B21OKWed, 22 Jul 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3671.0785
884BA-B16OKFri, 24 Jul 1981Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 3671.0784
894BA-B0BOKFri, 31 Jul 1981Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 3671.0785
904BA-B00OKWed, 12 Aug 1981Spliced Surprise Major (19 methods)
RW 3671.0785
914BA-AF5OKWed, 26 Aug 1981Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 3675.0870
924BA-AEAOKWed, 9 Sep 1981Stedman Triples
RW 3678.0929
934BA-ADFOKWed, 23 Sep 1981Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
RW 3678.0929
944BA-AD4OKWed, 14 Oct 1981London Surprise Major
RW 3680.0973
954BA-AC9OKFri, 30 Oct 1981Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 3683.1040
964BA-ABEOKWed, 25 Nov 1981Spliced Surprise Major (25 methods)
RW 3686/3687.1116
974BA-AB3OKFri, 27 Nov 1981Minor (7 methods)
RW 3686/3687.1116
984BA-AA8OKWed, 2 Dec 1981Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 3688.0009
994BA-A9DOKWed, 16 Dec 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3690.0050
1004BA-A92OKSat, 19 Dec 1981Spliced Surprise Minor (21 methods)
RW 3690.0050

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