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285 valid peals for Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1371-5A8OK19 Jan 1732Grandsire Triples
SJEP 24.ii.32; RWJ 26.ii.32; CB iv.127; CR 169 (19/2/31); EJO; RW 0272.0252
2371-59DOK1 Mar 1732Grandsire Triples
CB iv.127; CR 169 (1/3/31); RW 0272.0252
3371-592OK26 Mar 1733Grandsire Triples
GJ 3.iv.33; CB iv.127; CR 169; RW 0272.0252
4371-587OK1 Mar 1735Grandsire Caters
(8,064) GJ 4.iii.34/5; LEP 11.iii.35; CB iv.127; CR 170 (1/3/34); RW 0272.0252
5371-57COK1 Mar 1736Grandsire Caters
(10,080) GJ 9.iii.35/6; CB iv.127; CR 170 (1/3/35); BN ii.160 (1/3/35); RW 0272.0252
6371-571OK18 Apr 1737Grandsire Caters
(12,006) GJ 26.iv.37; SJEP 5.v.37; RWJ 7.v.37: CB iv.127; CR 170; BN ii.160; RW 0272.0252
7371-566OK25 Sep 1809Grandsire Triples
CC 28.ix.09; GJ 2.x.09; BN xxix.409 (24th)
83C2-A5DOK3 Feb 1811Grandsire Triples
MorC 15.ii.11; CC 7.iii.11; KC 19.ii.11
9371-55BOK10 Feb 1811Grandsire Caters
MorC 15.ii.11; CC 7.iii.11; KC 19.ii.11; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
10371-550OK11 Oct 1812Grandsire Caters
CC 15.x.12
11371-545OK19 Jun 1814Grandsire Triples
GJ 27.vi.14; CC 30.vi.14; PY; CR 170; RW 0272.0252
12371-53AOK27 Nov 1814Grandsire Caters
CC 1.xii.14; CR 170
13371-52FOK6 Sep 1815Grandsire Royal
CC 14.ix.15; CR 170 (Aug 6); PY; RW 0272.0252 (Aug 6)
14371-524OK15 Oct 1815Grandsire Caters
GJ 16.x.15; CC 26.x.15; CR 170; PY
15371-519OK22 Oct 1815Plain Bob Royal
GJ 30.x.15; ABG 30.x.15; WC 1.xi.15; CR 529
16371-50EOK23 May 1816Plain Bob Major
CR 170; PY
17371-503OK31 Aug 1816Plain Bob Royal
GJ 30.ix.16; CC 3.x.16; CR 170; PY
18371-4F8OK23 Sep 1816Grandsire Caters
(10,278) GJ 30.ix.16; CC 3.x.16; MP 4.xi.16; MorC 4.xi.16; CR 170; PY; BN ii.160; BN xxx.49; RW 0272.0252
19371-4EDOK27 Nov 1816Plain Bob Royal
(6,440) GJ 2.xii.16; CC 12.xii.16; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
20371-4E2OK14 Jan 1817Plain Bob Major
(6,000) CC 13.ii.17; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
21371-4D7OK21 Jan 1817Plain Bob Major
(6,336) CC 13.ii.17; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
22371-4CCOK1 Feb 1817Plain Bob Major
(8,064) CC 13.ii.17; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
23371-4C1OK5 Feb 1817Plain Bob Royal
CC 13.ii.17; CR 170; PY
24371-4B6OK5 May 1817Grandsire Caters
(12,312) CR 170; PY; CB iv.127; BN ii.160; BN xxx.49 (17th); RW 0272.0252
25371-4ABOK4 Jun 1817Grandsire Caters
GJ 9.vi.17; CC 12.vi.17; CR 170; PY
26371-4A0OK6 Dec 1817Grandsire Royal
CC 25.xii.17; GJ 29.xii.17; CR 170; PY
27371-495OK1 Jan 1818Grandsire Royal
(6,000) CC 8.i.18; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
28371-48AOK4 May 1818Grandsire Major
(8,000) CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
29371-47FOK25 Sep 1818Oxford Treble Bob Royal
GJ 5.x.18; LI 26.x.18; CR 173; RCY
30371-474OK23 Jan 1819Grandsire Triples
GJ 25.i.19; CC 28.i.19; CR 170; PY
31371-469OK11 Oct 1819Grandsire Cinques
CR 170 (says Caters in error); PY; GJ 18.x.19; CC 21.x.19; RW 0272.0252
32371-45EOK2 Jul 1820Plain Bob Triples
GJ 17.vii.20; HJ 19.vii.20; LiM 4.viii.20; CR 170; PY
33371-453OK4 Oct 1820Plain Bob Royal
GJ 16.x.20; CR 170; PY
34371-448OK6 Nov 1820Plain Bob Major
CC 30.xi.20; CR 170; PY
35371-43DOK7 Aug 1821Grandsire Cinques
GJ 13.viii.21; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
36371-432OK15 Nov 1821Grandsire Caters
GJ 19.xi.21; BC 22.xi.21
37371-427OK1 Jan 1823Kent Treble Bob Major
GJ 13.i.23; CR 170; PY; RW 0272.0252
38371-41COK4 Apr 1826Grandsire Caters
GJ 10.iv.26; PY; BN viii.82 (24th)
39371-411OK1 Apr 1827Kent Treble Bob Royal
GJ 7.iv.27; ChJ 9.iv.27; BerC 14.iv.27; PY; RW 0272.0252
40371-406OK5 Jun 1827Grandsire Caters
ChJ 11.vi.27; PY; BN viii.82
41371-3FBOK29 Apr 1828Grandsire Caters
GJ 17.v.28; ChJ 19.v.28
42371-3F0OK8 Dec 1828Grandsire Triples
43371-3E5OK27 Sep 1830Grandsire Caters
GJ 2.x.30; ChJ 4.x.30; CC 7.x.30; BC 7.x.30; MP 8.x.30; DCC 14.x.30
44371-3CFOK19 Feb 1831Grandsire Triples
CC 10.iii.31; PL 11.iii.31; PY
45371-3C4OK4 Apr 1831Grandsire Triples
WH 16.iv.31; MonM 16.iv.31; ChJ 18.iv.31; PY; RW 0272.0252
46371-3B9OK5 Nov 1832Treble Bob Maximus
GJ 10.xi.32; BC 15.xi.32; BM 17.xi.32; PY; RW 0272.0252
47371-3AEOK9 Dec 1833Kent Treble Bob Maximus
(10,224) GJ 14.xii.33; GCh 14.xii.33; HJ 18.xii.33; BWJ 19.xii.33; CC 19.xii.33; BM 21.xii.33; WH 21.xii.33; PY; EJO; CB iv.127; BN ii.160; RW 0272.0252 (1832); BWJ 2.i.34 (John Eisel)
48371-3A3OK13 Jan 1834Grandsire Caters
BL 19.i.34: BM 18.i.34; GJ 25.i.34; CC 30.i.34
49371-398OK5 Nov 1837Stedman Caters
PY; RW 0272.0252
50371-38DOK5 Nov 1841Stedman Caters
PY; GJ 13.xi.41; RW 0272.0252
51371-382OK27 Nov 1841Stedman Caters
52371-377OK25 Jan 1842Stedman Caters
(8,105) PY; GJ 29.i.42; CC 27.i.42; GCh 29.i.42; BrT 29.i.42; WEPG 5.ii.42; CR171; CB iv.127; RW 0272.0252
53371-36COK19 Nov 1846Stedman Triples
PY; RW 0272.0252
54371-361OK10 Oct 1849Grandsire Triples
PY; BN viii.82
55371-356OK20 May 1850Grandsire Cinques
PY; RW 0272.0252; BL 2.vi.50
56371-340OK12 May 1851Stedman Triples
BL 18.v.51
57371-335OK26 Dec 1851Stedman Caters
PY; RW 0272.0252; EJO
58371-31FOK4 Mar 1852Stedman Caters
BL 14.iii.52; PY; RW 0272.0252
59371-314OK18 Apr 1853Stedman Triples
PY; RW 0272.0252
60371-2FEOK16 May 1853Stedman Caters
ChJ 21.v.53; BL 22.v.53
61371-2F3OK16 May 1856Stedman Triples
PY; RW 0272.0252 (Apr 16); BL 1.vi.56
62371-2E8OK26 Dec 1857Stedman Caters
PY; RW 0272.0252
63371-2DDOK? Jan 1858Stedman Caters
CJ 9.i.58 - exact date not known
64371-2D2OK25 Jan 1858Stedman Cinques
PY; RW 0272.0252; BL 7.ii.58
65371-2C7OK16 Feb 1858Stedman Cinques
(8,448) BL 28.iii.58; PY; CB iv.127; CR 632; RW 0272.0252
66371-2B1OK27 Dec 1858Stedman Triples
BL 9.i.59; PY
67371-290OK3 Jan 1859Stedman Caters
BL 9.i.59 (2nd); PY; RW 0272.0252
68371-27AOK28 May 1860Stedman Caters
PY; RW 0272.0252
69371-26FOK25 Jan 1862Stedman Triples
PY; StJ 1.ii.62 (John Eisel); RW 0272.0252 (25/2)
70371-259OK28 Aug 1887Grandsire Triples
BN vi.283
71371-24EOK17 Mar 1888Grandsire Triples
BN vii.7
72371-243OK13 Oct 1888Plain Bob Major
BN vii.379
73371-238OK24 Aug 1889Grandsire Triples
BN viii.260
74371-22DOK26 Dec 1889Grandsire Triples
BN viii.473
75371-222OK27 Sep 1890Grandsire Caters
BN ix.335
76371-217OK15 Nov 1890Grandsire Doubles
BN ix.419
77371-20COK29 Feb 1892Grandsire Triples
BN x.596
78371-201OK6 Jun 1892Stedman Caters
BN xi.132
79371-1F6OK12 Nov 1892Grandsire Caters
BN xi.408
80371-1EBOK31 Jul 1893Grandsire Caters
BN xii.152
81371-1E0OK10 Feb 1894Grandsire Triples
BN xii.488
82371-1D5OK15 May 1897Plain Bob Royal
BN xvi.43
83371-1CAOK19 Jun 1897Grandsire Caters
BN xvi.103
84371-1BFOK28 Dec 1897Grandsire Cinques
BN xvi.447
85371-1B4OK10 May 1902Grandsire Caters
BN xxi.69
86371-1A9OK19 May 1902Grandsire Cinques
BN xxi.80
87371-19EOK19 Sep 1903Stedman Cinques
BN xxii.322
88371-193OK14 May 1904Grandsire Caters
BN xxiii.129
89371-188OK23 May 1904Grandsire Caters
BN xxiii.141
90371-17DOK6 Oct 1904Stedman Cinques
BN xxiii.380
91371-172OK19 Nov 1904Stedman Caters
BN xxiii.465
92371-167OK25 Feb 1905Grandsire Cinques
BN xxiv.8
93371-15COK18 Mar 1905Grandsire Triples
BN xxiv.34
94371-151OK5 Aug 1905Plain Bob Royal
BN xxiv.272
95371-146OK7 Oct 1905Grandsire Caters
BN xxiv.381
96371-13BOK16 Apr 1906Stedman Cinques
BN xxv.44
97371-130OK23 Jun 1906Grandsire Cinques
BN xxv.163
98371-125OK9 Feb 1907Grandsire Caters
BN xxv.548
99371-11AOK1 Apr 1907Stedman Triples
BN xxvi.43
100371-10FOK22 Feb 1908Grandsire Caters
BN xxvii.8

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