Felstead Database - List peals of Cornwall Surprise Major

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201 to 300 out of 641 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
201141-0041OK26 Nov 1993Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, S Michael & All Angels, Durham
RW 4312.1238
202141-8859OK22 Jan 1994Harpenden, S Nicholas, Hertfordshire
RW 4322.0178
203142-5780OK19 Mar 1994Eccleston, S Mary the Virgin, Cheshire
RW 4329
204143-4654OK16 Apr 1994Chichester, Holy Trinity, Sussex
RW 4338
205143-2134OK2 May 1994Warmley, S Barnabas, Gloucestershire
RW 4336.0559
206143-3157OK14 May 1994Burnley, S Peter, Lancashire
RW 4337.0586
207143-8817OK23 Jun 1994Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4343
208144-1746OK16 Jul 1994Heptonstall, SS Thomas a Becket & Thomas the Apostle, Yorkshire
RW 4346.0807
209145-2584OK31 Aug 1994Witney, S Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire
RW 4360.1141
210144-9483OK11 Sep 1994Carisbrooke, S Mary the Virgin, Hampshire
RW 4356
211145-3566OK15 Oct 1994Alton, S Lawrence, Hampshire
RW 4360.1146
212145-9987OK15 Dec 1994Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4368
213147-5732OK18 Mar 1995Caldicot, SS Mary & Bartholomew, Monmouthshire
RW 4383
214148-8921OK15 Jun 1995Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4397
215149-3153OK12 Aug 1995Throwley, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 4403
216150-3958OK29 Aug 1995Bicester, S Edburg, Oxfordshire
RW 4413
217149-7331OK19 Sep 1995Oxford, S Mary Magdalen, Oxfordshire
RW 4407
218150-1105OK7 Oct 1995Basingstoke, S Michael, Hampshire
RW 4411
219150-6911OK14 Oct 1995Lowestoft, S Margaret, Suffolk
RW 4417
220150-9117OK2 Dec 1995Coddenham, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 4420
221151-7530OK27 Jan 1996Seaford, S Leonard, Sussex
RW 4427.0227
222151-9555OK17 Feb 1996Paisley, S James, Renfrewshire
RW 4430.0298
223153-0828OK9 May 1996Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4443
224154-6163OK28 Aug 1996Woodstock, S Mary Magdalene, Oxfordshire
RW 4460
225155-5208OK11 Oct 1996Weston super Mare, S John the Baptist, Somerset
RW 4471
226155-4894OK21 Nov 1996Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4471
227156-2897OK29 Dec 1996Lewisham, S Mary, Kent
RW 4476
228156-2358OK4 Jan 1997Long Sutton, S Mary, Lincolnshire
RW 4476
229156-2603OK14 Jan 1997Oxford, S Mary Magdalen, Oxfordshire
RW 4476
230157-1438OK15 Mar 1997East Grinstead, S Swithun, Sussex
RW 4486
231157-7489OK27 Apr 1997Oaks in Charnwood, S James the Greater, Leicestershire
RW 4493
232158-1010OK29 May 1997Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4497
233159-3261OK31 May 1997Hackney, S John, Middlesex
RW 4510
234158-0174OK7 Jun 1997Trumpington, SS Mary & Michael, Cambridgeshire
RW 4496
235158-6532OK2 Jul 1997Barrow Gurney, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Edward King & Martyr, Somerset
RW 4504
236159-3870OK25 Aug 1997Bidford on Avon, S Laurence, Warwickshire
RW 4511
237160-1343OK7 Oct 1997Kingsbury, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
RW 4520
238159-7387OK13 Oct 1997Heptonstall, SS Thomas a Becket & Thomas the Apostle, Yorkshire
RW 4516
239159-9432OK27 Oct 1997Pontypridd, S Catherine, Glamorgan
RW 4518
240160-2465OK15 Nov 1997Darlington, S Cuthbert, Durham
RW 4521.1278
241160-2735OK15 Nov 1997Stoke Climsland, All Saints, Cornwall
RW 4521.1279
242160-5256OK6 Dec 1997King's Norton, S John the Baptist, Leicestershire
RW 4525
243160-8003OK30 Dec 1997Bryanston, S Martin, Dorset
RW 4527
244160-6995OK31 Dec 1997Todmorden, S Mary, Lancashire
RW 4526
245161-4029OK14 Feb 1998Easton Neston, S Mary, Northamptonshire
RW 4532
246162-5308OK16 May 1998Deptford, S John, Kent
RW 4546
247162-5865OK25 May 1998Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 4546
248162-7001OK26 May 1998Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 4548.0627
249162-8799OK4 Jun 1998Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4551
250163-2640OK25 Jul 1998Petworth, S Mary, Sussex
RW 4556
251163-4126OK25 Jul 1998Litton Cheney, S Mary, Dorset
RW 4558
252163-5639OK18 Aug 1998St Gluvias, S Gluvias, Cornwall
RW 4560
253163-8669OK3 Sep 1998Ashby Folville, S Mary, Leicestershire
RW 4563.0994
254164-4325OK29 Oct 1998Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4571
255164-5415OK7 Nov 1998Walkden, S Paul, Lancashire
RW 4572
256165-0762OK21 Nov 1998Breadsall, All Saints, Derbyshire
RW 4579
257165-1374OK30 Dec 1998Easthampstead, SS Michael & Mary Magdalene, Berkshire
RW 4579
258165-5679OK12 Jan 1999East Farleigh, unknown, Kent
RW 4584
259165-4520OK16 Jan 1999Twickenham, S Mary the Virgin, Middlesex
RW 4582
260166-1807OK23 Mar 1999Maidstone, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 4591
261166-4984OK24 Apr 1999Warwick, S Nicholas, Warwickshire
RW 4595
262167-2543OK3 Jun 1999Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4604
263167-5766OK26 Jul 1999Easton Neston, S Mary, Northamptonshire
RW 4607
264168-8644OK24 Nov 1999Accrington, S James, Lancashire
RW 4624
265169-4784OK16 Dec 1999Heanor, S Lawrence, Derbyshire
RW 4631
266170-6718OK27 Feb 2000Skipton in Craven, Holy Trinity, Yorkshire
RW 4644
267170-9598OK4 Mar 2000Dodderhill, Droitwich, S Augustine, Worcestershire
RW 4647
268171-5404OK10 Jun 2000Leckhampton, S Peter, Gloucestershire
RW 4654
269171-8786OK10 Jul 2000East Molesey, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
RW 4657
270171-9740OK17 Jul 2000Oxford, S Thomas the Martyr, Oxfordshire
RW 4658
271172-8880OK12 Aug 2000Chilham, S Mary, Kent
RW 4670
272173-1583OK19 Oct 2000West Hallam, S Wilfrid of York, Derbyshire
RW 4673
273174-5188OK19 Oct 2000Parramatta, Sydney, All Saints, New South Wales
RW 4687
274173-9088OK28 Oct 2000Barnwood, S Lawrence, Gloucestershire
RW 4681
275174-0999OK31 Dec 2000Maidstone, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 4683
276174-5921OK4 Jan 2001Greasley, S Mary, Nottinghamshire
RW 4687
277174-4644OK24 Jan 2001Accrington, S James, Lancashire
RW 4686
278175-3926OK25 Feb 2001Chislehurst, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kent
RW 4697
279175-3489OK19 Mar 2001Garston, Liverpool, S Michael, Lancashire
RW 4696
280175-5616OK16 Apr 2001York, S Lawrence, Yorkshire
RW 4698
281175-6049OK16 Apr 2001Oxford, Lincoln College, Oxfordshire
RW 4699
282175-5039OK21 Apr 2001Chiddingstone, S Mary, Kent
RW 4698
283177-1281OK17 Aug 2001Clyst Honiton, S Michael & All Angels, Devon
RW 4717
284177-2452OK29 Aug 2001Rothwell, Holy Trinity, Yorkshire
RW 4718
285177-5291OK26 Sep 2001Sproxton, S Bartholomew, Leicestershire
RW 4721
286177-7102OK4 Oct 2001Clifton, Holy Trinity, Nottinghamshire
RW 4723.1095
287177-7067OK15 Oct 2001York, S Martin le Grand, Yorkshire
RW 4723.1095
288177-7810OK21 Oct 2001Bungay, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 4724
289178-9604OK12 Nov 2001Sullivan's Island, Stella Maris, South Carolina
RW 4737
290178-2285OK17 Nov 2001Ditcheat, S Mary Magdalene, Somerset
RW 4729
291178-5462OK20 Dec 2001West Hallam, S Wilfrid of York, Derbyshire
RW 4734
292179-6327OK28 Dec 2001Berwick upon Tweed, Town Hall, Northumberland
RW 4743
293179-1511OK2 Feb 2002Cranleigh, S Nicolas, Surrey
RW 4739
294179-3510OK16 Feb 2002Limehouse, S Anne, Middlesex
RW 4741
295179-6222OK2 Mar 2002Alton, S Lawrence, Hampshire
RW 4743
296180-0167OK13 Apr 2002Burnley, S Peter, Lancashire
RW 4749
297180-0260OK13 Apr 2002Oxford, Lincoln College, Oxfordshire
RW 4749
298180-0573OK16 Apr 2002St Columb Minor, S Columba, Cornwall
RW 4750
299180-5995OK11 May 2002St Dennis, S Denys, Cornwall
RW 4754
300181-0522OK11 May 2002Billingborough, S Andrew, Lincolnshire
RW 4758

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