Felstead Database - List peals of Bristol Surprise Royal

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201 to 300 out of 2286 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
201355-5620OK21 Jul 1981Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
202449-5162OK16 Aug 1981Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
203448-5324OK26 Aug 1981Worcester, All Saints, Worcestershire
RW 81/849
204295-5982OK29 Aug 1981Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
205397-4001OK30 Aug 1981Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
206382-3312OK19 Sep 1981Ossett, Holy & Undivided Trinity, Yorkshire
RW 3678.0929
207406-1496OK6 Oct 1981Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
RW 3679.0952
208285-9169OK10 Oct 1981Coalbrookdale, Telford, Holy Trinity, Shropshire
209282-5664OK24 Oct 1981Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, All Saints, Warwickshire
RW 3682.1016
210433-4422OK24 Oct 1981Walthamstow, S Mary, Essex
211355-5737OK25 Oct 1981Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
212371-5507OK31 Oct 1981Moulton, SS Peter & Paul, Northamptonshire
213410-3026OK31 Oct 1981Southampton, S Michael the Archangel, Hampshire
214355-5832OK18 Dec 1981Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
215321-1623OK2 Jan 1982Grundisburgh, S Mary the Virgin, Suffolk
216355-5855OK5 Jan 1982Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
217307-9209OK23 Jan 1982Evercreech, S Peter, Somerset
RW 3694.0133
218268-0541OK24 Jan 1982Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire
219408-1508OK30 Jan 1982Slough, S Mary, Buckinghamshire
220281-4933OK7 Feb 1982Chesterfield, S Mary & All Saints, Derbyshire
221402-4371OK6 Mar 1982Selby, SS Mary & Germain, Yorkshire
222371-5529OK13 Mar 1982Moulton, SS Peter & Paul, Northamptonshire
223448-5427OK17 Mar 1982Worcester, All Saints, Worcestershire
RW 82/299
224449-5227OK26 Mar 1982Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
225305-1427OK27 Mar 1982Egham, S John the Baptist, Surrey
RW 3703.0320
226355-6024OK13 Apr 1982Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
227369-0259OK17 Apr 1982Midsomer Norton, S John the Baptist, Somerset
228406-1636OK20 Apr 1982Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
RW 3706.0380
229351-1715OK24 Apr 1982Leighton Buzzard, All Saints, Bedfordshire
RW 3707.0403
230358-2568OK24 Apr 1982Loughborough, All Saints, Leicestershire
231397-4096OK3 May 1982Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
232268-0586OK7 May 1982Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire
233373-6915OK4 Jul 1982Newbury, S Nicolas, Berkshire
234244-0526OK23 Jul 1982Ashton under Lyne, S Michael & All Angels, Lancashire
235355-6145OK14 Aug 1982Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
236426-6145OK14 Aug 1982Ticknall, S George, Derbyshire
237454-1172OK14 Aug 1982Leicester, S John the Divine, Leicestershire
RW 3724.0758
238268-0619OK12 Sep 1982Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire
239377-3660OK18 Sep 1982Northampton, S Giles, Northamptonshire
240397-4208OK26 Sep 1982Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
241408-1524OK2 Oct 1982Slough, S Mary, Buckinghamshire
242295-6144OK31 Oct 1982Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
243259-3869OK13 Nov 1982Blackburn, S Mary the Virgin, Lancashire
244279-4326OK13 Nov 1982Charminster, S Mary the Virgin, Dorset
RW 3738.1056
245274-2536OK27 Nov 1982Bury St Edmunds, S James, Suffolk
246434-0912OK27 Nov 1982Wareham, Lady S Mary, Dorset
RW 3742.0032
247299-2435OK15 Dec 1982Duffield, S Alkmund, Derbyshire
248407-2276OK1 Jan 1983Sileby, S Mary, Leicestershire
249355-6277OK5 Jan 1983Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
250320-3267OK8 Jan 1983Greenwich, S Alfege, Kent
RW 3745.0098
251379-8152OK10 Jan 1983Nottingham, S Peter with S James, Nottinghamshire
252416-4473OK5 Feb 1983Stepney, S Dunstan, Middlesex
RW 3749.0184
253321-1806OK2 Apr 1983Grundisburgh, S Mary the Virgin, Suffolk
RW 3777.0775
254397-4365OK1 May 1983Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
255434-2550OK7 May 1983Warfield, S Michael, Berkshire
256379-8208OK10 May 1983Nottingham, S Peter with S James, Nottinghamshire
RW 3762.0452
257422-3994OK28 May 1983Swindon, Christ Church, Wiltshire
RW 83/515
258441-2163OK12 Jun 1983Whitehall, Bristol, S Ambrose, Gloucestershire
259402-4414OK18 Jun 1983Selby, SS Mary & Germain, Yorkshire
260379-8256OK12 Jul 1983Nottingham, S Peter with S James, Nottinghamshire
261274-0500OK6 Aug 1983Burton upon Trent, S Paul, Staffordshire
RW 3775.0729
262422-4013OK27 Aug 1983Swindon, Christ Church, Wiltshire
RW 83/837
263437-8890OK3 Sep 1983West Ham, All Saints, Essex
264403-5134OK10 Sep 1983Ranmoor, Sheffield, S John the Evangelist, Yorkshire
265267-6172OK24 Sep 1983Brighton, S Peter, Sussex
RW 3784.0927
266301-2199OK24 Sep 1983East Grinstead, S Swithun, Sussex
RW 3781.0860
267352-7429OK8 Oct 1983Lichfield, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Chad, Staffordshire
268379-8270OK11 Oct 1983Nottingham, S Peter with S James, Nottinghamshire
269299-2504OK12 Oct 1983Duffield, S Alkmund, Derbyshire
270305-1450OK20 Oct 1983Egham, S John the Baptist, Surrey
RW 3786.0971
271254-1774OK29 Oct 1983Beverley, S Mary, Yorkshire
272320-3355OK5 Nov 1983Greenwich, S Alfege, Kent
RW 3788.1015
273437-8913OK24 Dec 1983West Ham, All Saints, Essex
274299-2536OK25 Jan 1984Duffield, S Alkmund, Derbyshire
275241-7390OK4 Feb 1984Appleton, S Laurence, Berkshire
RW 3801.0194
276355-6679OK4 Feb 1984Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
277412-8706OK4 Feb 1984St Albans, S Peter, Hertfordshire
278251-5079OK11 Feb 1984Beddington, S Mary, Surrey
RW 3802.0217
279293-9725OK11 Feb 1984Daventry, Holy Cross, Northamptonshire
280389-3130OK11 Feb 1984Portsmouth, S Thomas of Canterbury, Hampshire
281295-6265OK17 Feb 1984Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
282418-8467OK11 Mar 1984Stoulton, Campanile, Worcestershire
RW 3808.0347
283268-0736OK18 Mar 1984Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire
284268-0748OK6 Apr 1984Bristol, Christ Church with S Ewen, Gloucestershire
285250-7060OK23 Apr 1984Beaminster, S Mary of the Annunciation, Dorset
RW 3813.0450
286267-1986OK5 May 1984Brighton, S Nicholas of Myra, Sussex
RW 3817.0535
287254-1782OK26 May 1984Beverley, S Mary, Yorkshire
288424-7141OK1 Jun 1984Thatcham, S Mary, Berkshire
289317-1048OK16 Jun 1984Grantham, S Wulfram, Lincolnshire
290420-4424OK30 Jun 1984Stroud, S Laurence, Gloucestershire
RW 84/666
291352-1154OK28 Jul 1984Southover, Lewes, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 3826.0730
292355-6826OK2 Aug 1984Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
293270-7810OK3 Aug 1984Broughton in Furness, S Mary Magdalene, Lancashire
294396-1629OK4 Aug 1984Rochester, Christ & the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kent
RW 3832.0853
295281-5097OK19 Aug 1984Chesterfield, S Mary & All Saints, Derbyshire
296441-2196OK24 Aug 1984Whitehall, Bristol, S Ambrose, Gloucestershire
297369-8191OK25 Aug 1984Minehead, SS Michael & Andrew, Somerset
298397-4592OK26 Aug 1984Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
299354-8113OK29 Aug 1984Llandaff, SS Peter & Paul, Glamorgan
RW 3832.0851
300388-6232OK1 Sep 1984Poplar, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 3831.0827

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