Felstead Database - List peals of Cornwall Surprise Major

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101 to 200 out of 641 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
101398-3953OK26 Aug 1981Royston, S John, Yorkshire
102339-9804OK4 Feb 1982Ilkeston, S Mary the Virgin, Derbyshire
103296-8607OK27 Mar 1982Dodderhill, Droitwich, S Augustine, Worcestershire
104401-2753OK10 Jul 1982Saxlingham Nethergate, S Mary the Virgin, Norfolk
105313-5559OK17 Jul 1982Frome, S John the Baptist, Somerset
106437-2217OK12 Aug 1982West Bridgford, S Giles, Nottinghamshire
107253-6592OK4 Sep 1982Berkhamsted, S Peter, Hertfordshire
108450-5433OK9 Oct 1982Wrotham, S George, Kent
RW 3735.0991
109278-5937OK10 Oct 1982Caversham, Reading, S Peter, Berkshire
110437-7369OK21 Oct 1982West Hallam, S Wilfrid of York, Derbyshire
111375-3723OK25 Nov 1982Newton Nottage, S John the Baptist, Glamorgan
RW 3738.1056
112310-0923OK4 Dec 1982Farnham, S Andrew, Surrey
RW 3744.0075
113381-6868OK11 Dec 1982Oldham, S Mary the Virgin, Lancashire
114247-5963OK8 Jan 1983Barking, S Margaret, Essex
RW 3746.0122
115323-0407OK8 Jan 1983Halesworth, S Mary, Suffolk
116274-8674OK3 Feb 1983Bushey, S James, Hertfordshire
117262-1011OK20 Feb 1983Bolton, S Peter, Lancashire
118415-3954OK17 Mar 1983Stanton by Dale, S Michael & All Angels, Derbyshire
119240-6519OK6 Apr 1983Amblecote, Stourbridge, Holy Trinity, Worcestershire
120260-7097OK12 Apr 1983Bloxwich, Walsall, All Saints, Staffordshire
121331-0297OK9 May 1983Henlow, S Mary, Bedfordshire
RW 3764.0489
122306-1652OK30 May 1983Epping, S John the Baptist, Essex
RW 3767.0560
123414-1280OK3 Aug 1983St Stephen's by Launceston, S Stephen, Cornwall
RW 3777.0774
124360-5627OK27 Sep 1983Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3782.0884
125308-7512OK22 Dec 1983Exeter, S Mark, Devon
RW 3795.0051
126268-3576OK27 Jan 1984Bristol, Holy & Undivided Trinity, Gloucestershire
127300-5926OK25 Feb 1984Easebourne, S Mary, Sussex
RW 3805.0280
128346-5988OK24 Mar 1984Kirkburton, All Hallows, Yorkshire
129360-5923OK10 Apr 1984Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3811.0411
130372-4949OK9 Jun 1984Neston, SS Mary & Helen, Cheshire
RW 3819.0582
131244-6083OK22 Sep 1984Ashton under Lyne, S Peter, Lancashire
132252-6371OK22 Nov 1984Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
133420-0332OK1 Dec 1984Streatham, S Leonard, Surrey
RW 3846.0034
134321-7296OK24 Dec 1984Guildford, Holy Trinity, Surrey
RW 3849.0106
135384-0526OK25 Apr 1985Oxford, S Mary Magdalen, Oxfordshire
RW 3865.0457
136410-8564OK4 May 1985Southport, Emmanuel, Lancashire
137415-9797OK16 Jun 1985Staveley, S John the Baptist, Derbyshire
138408-9501OK3 Oct 1985South Anston, S James, Yorkshire
139286-2441OK19 Oct 1985Codsall, S Nicholas, Staffordshire
140445-8883OK30 Nov 1985Withyham, S Michael & All Angels, Sussex
RW 3897.0010
141331-0420OK11 Dec 1985Henlow, S Mary, Bedfordshire
RW 3900.0070
142252-6607OK19 Dec 1985Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
143395-5543OK7 Jan 1986Ringwood, SS Peter & Paul, Hampshire
144332-6472OK18 May 1986Heywood, S Luke, Lancashire
145252-6678OK29 May 1986Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
146348-2255OK7 Jun 1986Lanhydrock, S Hyderock, Cornwall
RW 3930.0740
147425-9946OK4 Oct 1986Throwley, S Michael & All Angels, Kent
RW 3941.0985
148301-0896OK23 Dec 1986East Farleigh, unknown, Kent
RW 3953.0108
149252-7045OK13 Aug 1987Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
150427-7331OK30 Aug 1987Towednack, S Tewinnock the Confessor, Cornwall
RW 3988.0876
151281-7725OK10 Oct 1987Chewton Mendip, S Mary Magdalene, Somerset
152263-1166OK21 Nov 1987Bow, S Mary-at-Bow, Middlesex
RW 4004.0066
153331-4518OK1 Jan 1988Hereford, S Nicholas, Herefordshire
154353-9101OK6 Feb 1988Little Baddow, S Mary the Virgin, Essex
155317-4857OK28 Feb 1988Grayshott, S Luke, Hampshire
date corrected - pabs
156259-0038OK6 Apr 1988Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, S Michael & All Angels, Durham
157406-4454OK11 Jul 1988Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
RW 4069.0368
158300-6922OK17 Aug 1988East Budleigh, All Saints, Devon
RW 4040.0930
159297-0283OK27 Aug 1988Doncaster, S George, Yorkshire
160252-7416OK8 Sep 1988Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
161274-1154OK10 Sep 1988Burwash, S Bartholomew, Sussex
RW 4046.1069
162258-6648OK24 Sep 1988Bishop's Waltham, S Peter, Hampshire
163269-2514OK10 Dec 1988Broadclyst, S John the Baptist, Devon
RW 4058.0102
164239-5580OK31 Dec 1988Aldershot, S Michael the Archangel, Hampshire
165252-3955OK13 May 1989Beeston, S John the Baptist, Nottinghamshire
166422-9263OK13 May 1989Tadcaster, S Mary, Yorkshire
167367-9091OK26 May 1989Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
RW 4077.0550
168395-5678OK18 Jul 1989Ringwood, SS Peter & Paul, Hampshire
169252-7726OK10 Aug 1989Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
170392-5790OK24 Aug 1989Quorn, S Bartholomew, Leicestershire
171383-2577OK11 Sep 1989Overton, S Mary, Hampshire
172252-7840OK16 Nov 1989Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
173124-1451OK8 Mar 1990Leicester, S Mary de Castro, Leicestershire
RW 4119.0348
174124-3882OK28 Mar 1990Ashover, All Saints, Derbyshire
RW 4122.0418
175124-9310OK15 Apr 1990Carisbrooke, S Mary the Virgin, Hampshire
RW 4128.0562
176124-9433OK10 May 1990Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4129.0582
177126-3591OK15 Sep 1990Callington, S Mary, Cornwall
RW 4146.0985
178126-6283OK25 Sep 1990Daybrook, S Paul, Nottinghamshire
RW 4150.1082
179126-8433OK23 Oct 1990Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 4152.1128
180126-9101OK31 Oct 1990Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, S Michael & All Angels, Durham
RW 4153.1150
181128-2848OK16 Feb 1991East Molesey, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
RW 4168.0260
182128-7655OK6 Apr 1991Wonersh, S John the Baptist, Surrey
RW 4175.0419
183128-8531OK20 Apr 1991Frome, S John the Baptist, Somerset
RW 4176.0442
184130-9065OK27 Aug 1991Cardynham, S Mewbred, Cornwall
RW 4201.1038
185130-8330OK30 Aug 1991Daresbury, All Saints, Cheshire
RW 4200.1013
186130-7793OK19 Sep 1991Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4199.0995
187130-9292OK29 Sep 1991Guiseley, S Oswald King & Martyr, Yorkshire
RW 4201.1039
188132-5139OK7 Dec 1991Sidbury, SS Peter & Giles, Devon
RW 4216.0168
189133-2018OK7 Mar 1992Frittenden, S Mary, Kent
RW 4224.0353
190134-2072OK21 May 1992Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4236.0641
191134-3178OK6 Jun 1992Farnborough, S Peter, Hampshire
RW 4237.0661
192137-9325OK13 Feb 1993Stratton, S Andrew, Cornwall
RW 4278.0402
193137-5562OK20 Feb 1993Clitheroe, S Mary Magdalene, Lancashire
RW 4274.0300
194138-7501OK22 May 1993North Tawton, S Peter, Devon
RW 4287.0627
195139-5474OK29 Jul 1993Elmley Lovett, S Michael & All Angels, Worcestershire
RW 4297.0879
196140-1556OK28 Aug 1993Crewkerne, S Bartholomew, Somerset
RW 4304.1047
197140-1472OK31 Aug 1993Bodicote, S John the Baptist, Oxfordshire
RW 4304.1047
198139-9831OK2 Sep 1993Belper, S Peter, Derbyshire
RW 4302.1000
199140-6714OK22 Oct 1993Northop, SS Eurgain & Peter, Flintshire
RW 4309.1165
200140-8895OK13 Nov 1993Sawston, S Mary the Virgin, Cambridgeshire
RW 4311.1213

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