Felstead Database - List peals of Cornwall Surprise Major

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1329-8370OK19 Oct 1936Helmingham, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 1336.0703
2348-8602OK15 Dec 1945Leatherhead, SS Mary & Nicholas, Surrey
RW 1814.0526
3305-1021OK15 Dec 1950Egham, S John the Baptist, Surrey
RW 2075.0002
4443-2668OK18 Jan 1951Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2079.0068
5401-1797OK10 Mar 1951Saxlingham Nethergate, S Mary the Virgin, Norfolk
6324-3014OK16 May 1951Handsworth, S Mary, Yorkshire
7299-7982OK11 Aug 1951Dursley, S James the Great, Gloucestershire
8454-7907OK21 Apr 1952Birmingham, Bishop Ryder, Warwickshire
RW 2144.0275
9443-2896OK17 Jul 1952Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2157.0483
10440-1575OK25 Jun 1955Whalley, S Mary the Virgin & All Saints, Lancashire
11370-8731OK25 Jun 1956Morpeth, Clock Tower, Northumberland
RW 2363.0435
12282-9141OK4 Jun 1957Chislehurst, S Nicholas, Kent
RW 2412.0391
13293-6541OK22 Mar 1958Daventry, Holy Cross, Northamptonshire
RW 2455.0246
14441-8788OK7 Dec 1958Whitworth, S Bartholomew, Lancashire
15262-6550OK24 Oct 1959Bourn, SS Helena & Mary, Cambridgeshire
RW 2533.0648
16339-3834OK21 Nov 1959Hyde, S George, Cheshire
RW 2540.0767
17357-5224OK14 Dec 1959Long Sutton, S Mary, Lincolnshire
18317-3978OK28 Dec 1959Gravesend, S George, Kent
RW 2543.0035
19388-8820OK9 Jan 1960Portishead, S Peter, Somerset
20309-3951OK6 Feb 1960Fairfield, Buxton, S Peter, Derbyshire
21328-5817OK12 Dec 1960Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 2593.0860
22247-2836OK14 Jan 1961Banwell, S Andrew, Somerset
23284-6508OK8 Sep 1962Claybrooke, S Peter, Leicestershire
24328-6199OK4 Feb 1963Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 2705.0130
25433-5314OK11 May 1963Walton le Dale, S Leonard, Lancashire
26313-0265OK24 Apr 1964Frindsbury, All Saints, Kent
RW 2769.0330
27394-8629OK16 May 1964Redruth, S Uny, Cornwall
RW 2772.0381
28282-7930OK27 Mar 1965Chislehurst, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kent
RW 2816.0250
29341-1295OK8 May 1965Irchester, S Katharine, Northamptonshire
30306-6749OK29 May 1965Erdington, S Barnabas, Warwickshire
31413-2903OK27 Aug 1965St Enoder, S Enoder, Cornwall
RW 2840.0645
32302-4150OK26 Feb 1966Eastbourne, S Mary, Sussex
RW 2865.0188
33315-2521OK8 Oct 1966Gillingham, S Mary Magdalene, Kent
RW 2896..0689
34410-7576OK1 Dec 1966Southport, Christ Church, Lancashire
35353-6167OK28 Jan 1967Linton, S Nicholas, Kent
RW 2913.0118
36413-9037OK8 Apr 1967St Neots, S Mary, Huntingdonshire
RW 2923.0291
37248-1187OK1 Oct 1967Barnes, S Mary, Surrey
RW 2948.0762
38300-3478OK10 May 1969Earl Shilton, SS Simon & Jude, Leicestershire
39270-0326OK17 Jun 1969Bromley Common, S Luke, Kent
RW 3038.0548
40265-9380OK14 Mar 1970Brewood, SS Mary the Virgin & Chad, Staffordshire
41296-6509OK11 Apr 1970Ditcheat, S Mary Magdalene, Somerset
42258-7276OK8 Jun 1971Bishopstoke, S Mary, Hampshire
43253-2931OK31 Jul 1971Benington, S Peter, Hertfordshire
44413-8238OK11 Aug 1971St Mawgan in Pydar, SS Mawgan & Nicholas, Cornwall
RW 3152.0830
45333-2990OK30 Oct 1971Higham Ferrers, S Mary the Virgin, Northamptonshire
46387-1358OK9 May 1972Petworth, S Mary, Sussex
RW 3189.0462
47381-7548OK27 May 1973Olney, SS Peter & Paul, Buckinghamshire
48385-1497OK20 Aug 1973Douglas, Parbold, Christ Church, Lancashire
49430-7357OK7 Oct 1973Uppingham, SS Peter & Paul, Rutland
RW 3262.0882
50243-6145OK17 Oct 1973Ashtead, S Giles, Surrey
RW 3263.0900
51316-8918OK27 Oct 1973Goudhurst, S Mary the Virgin, Kent
RW 3265.0941
52292-2350OK26 Jan 1974Dagenham, SS Peter & Paul, Essex
RW 3277.0138
53405-6233OK21 May 1974Shirley, S James the Great, Warwickshire
54390-4294OK21 Jul 1974Probus, SS Probus & Grace, Cornwall
RW 3306.0737
55441-1237OK3 Aug 1974Whitchurch Canonicorum, S Candida and Holy Cross, Dorset
RW 3306.0737
56438-6394OK12 Sep 1974Westbourne, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 3319.1007
57386-6485OK1 Feb 1975Perry Barr, S John the Evangelist, Warwickshire
58319-1431OK5 Aug 1975Great Holland, All Saints, Essex
RW 3360.0770
59333-4811OK18 Dec 1975Highclere, S Michael & All Angels, Hampshire
60436-1613OK20 Mar 1976Weedon Bec, SS Peter & Paul, Northamptonshire
61284-8385OK18 Apr 1976Cleckheaton, S John the Evangelist, Yorkshire
62262-6847OK25 Aug 1976Bourn, SS Helena & Mary, Cambridgeshire
RW 3413.0801
63332-1984OK13 Nov 1976Hethersett, S Remigius, Norfolk
64328-7278OK19 Nov 1976Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 3430.0050
65338-0582OK25 Feb 1977Hughenden, S Michael, Buckinghamshire
66345-2197OK5 Mar 1977Kingsbury, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
67439-8084OK7 Jun 1977Westminster, S Stephen, Middlesex
RW 3454.0570
68435-3032OK18 Jun 1977Washingborough, S John, Lincolnshire
69241-1765OK27 Jun 1977Anstey, S Mary, Leicestershire
70260-6672OK25 Oct 1977Bloxwich, Walsall, All Saints, Staffordshire
71446-2815OK26 Nov 1977Wiveliscombe, S Andrew, Somerset
72394-1401OK1 Jan 1978Reading, S Mary the Virgin, Berkshire
73284-8202OK7 Jan 1978Cleator Moor, S John, Cumberland
RW 3485.0124
74282-8216OK10 Jun 1978Chislehurst, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kent
RW 3506.0562
75248-4657OK18 Jul 1978Barrow Gurney, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Edward King & Martyr, Somerset
76308-4194OK27 Jul 1978Ewell, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
RW 3513.0712
77339-0784OK20 Aug 1978Husborne Crawley, S James, Bedfordshire
RW 3520.0868
78445-8503OK17 Sep 1978Withyham, S Michael & All Angels, Sussex
RW 3520.0871
79303-6458OK13 Jan 1979Eccleston, S Mary the Virgin, Cheshire
RW 3537.0121
80399-7515OK21 Feb 1979Salford, Sacred Trinity, Lancashire
81401-4983OK3 Mar 1979Scarborough, S Mary, Yorkshire
RW 3544.0264
82427-6773OK17 Mar 1979Totternhoe, S Giles, Bedfordshire
RW 3546.0307
83443-5803OK31 Mar 1979Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 3548.0349
84397-8026OK21 Apr 1979Rothwell, Holy Trinity, Northamptonshire
RW 3553.0457
85368-6866OK16 Jun 1979Middleham, SS Mary & Alkelda, Yorkshire
86344-9794OK25 Jun 1979Kingham, S Andrew, Oxfordshire
87406-0901OK17 Jul 1979Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
RW 3563.0680
88333-5141OK25 Aug 1979Highclere, S Michael & All Angels, Hampshire
89292-1548OK19 Sep 1979Curry Rivel, S Andrew, Somerset
90292-5646OK26 Jan 1980Danbury, S John the Baptist, Essex
RW 3594.0229 - wrongly published as 26/2/80 - correction from James Towler
91321-7198OK9 Feb 1980Guildford, Holy Trinity, Surrey
RW 3594.0229
92248-5480OK2 Jul 1980Barrow Gurney, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Edward King & Martyr, Somerset
93438-6597OK8 Nov 1980Westbourne, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 3633.1074
94405-6829OK16 Feb 1981Shirley, S James the Great, Warwickshire
95269-2300OK7 Mar 1981Broadclyst, S John the Baptist, Devon
RW 3649.0306
96387-1634OK6 Apr 1981Petworth, S Mary, Sussex
RW 3654.0406
97310-4230OK13 May 1981Farnworth and Kearsley, S John, Lancashire
98367-5367OK4 Jul 1981Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
99394-1560OK29 Jul 1981Reading, S Mary the Virgin, Berkshire
100424-1206OK29 Jul 1981Tetbury, S Mary, Gloucestershire
RW 81/731

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