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2101 to 2200 out of 5286 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
2101251-4970OK22 Nov 1980Beddington, S Mary, Surrey
RW 3634/3635.1104
2102362-6532OK22 Nov 1980Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
2103412-8601OK22 Nov 1980St Albans, S Peter, Hertfordshire
2104369-1500OK23 Nov 1980Mildenhall, S Mary, Suffolk
2105360-4101OK26 Nov 1980Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3636.0009
2106436-6844OK29 Nov 1980Wells, S Andrew, Somerset
2107349-7883OK13 Dec 1980Leek, S Edward the Confessor, Staffordshire
2108442-4513OK14 Dec 1980Wigan, All Saints, Lancashire
RW 3638.0052
2109342-0630OK18 Dec 1980Isleworth, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 3642.0144
2110381-6704OK19 Dec 1980Oldham, S Mary the Virgin, Lancashire
2111362-6541OK20 Dec 1980Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3639.0076
2112299-3683OK27 Dec 1980Dunham Massey, S Margaret, Cheshire
RW 3640.0095
2113426-6070OK10 Jan 1981Ticknall, S George, Derbyshire
2114360-4229OK20 Jan 1981Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3643.0164
2115316-8234OK14 Feb 1981Gosforth, All Saints, Northumberland
RW 3647.0255
2116448-5207OK16 Feb 1981Worcester, All Saints, Worcestershire
RW 81/260
2117408-7124OK21 Feb 1981Solihull, S Alphege, Warwickshire
RW 3648.0282
2118308-5647OK28 Feb 1981Ewerby, S Andrew, Lincolnshire
2119418-9940OK28 Feb 1981Stourbridge, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2120290-7367OK7 Mar 1981Crewe, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3649.0301
2121238-2233OK15 Mar 1981Accrington, S James, Lancashire
2122244-0375OK20 Mar 1981Ashton under Lyne, S Michael & All Angels, Lancashire
2123295-5930OK27 Mar 1981Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
2124247-3165OK28 Mar 1981Banwell, S Andrew, Somerset
2125251-9186OK28 Mar 1981Bedford, S Paul, Bedfordshire
RW 3654.0404
2126382-3289OK28 Mar 1981Ossett, Holy & Undivided Trinity, Yorkshire
RW 3654.0407
2127251-9193OK4 Apr 1981Bedford, S Paul, Bedfordshire
RW 3654.0404
2128262-0923OK4 Apr 1981Bolton, S Peter, Lancashire
2129360-4397OK8 Apr 1981Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3656.0449
2130237-6983OK20 Apr 1981Abergavenny, S Mary, Monmouthshire
RW 3656.0449
2131369-8150OK20 Apr 1981Minehead, SS Michael & Andrew, Somerset
2132423-0392OK20 Apr 1981Tamworth, S Editha, Staffordshire
2133282-5655OK25 Apr 1981Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, All Saints, Warwickshire
RW 3656.0449
2134267-6075OK2 May 1981Brighton, S Peter, Sussex
RW 3657.0474
2135274-2504OK2 May 1981Bury St Edmunds, S James, Suffolk
2136373-5424OK4 May 1981Newark upon Trent, S Mary Magdalene, Nottinghamshire
2137436-6853OK16 May 1981Wells, S Andrew, Somerset
2138333-9282OK23 May 1981Hillingdon, S John the Baptist, Middlesex
RW 3661.0555
2139433-4406OK23 May 1981Walthamstow, S Mary, Essex
2140287-0067OK25 May 1981Coleshill, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
2141343-3303OK28 May 1981Kensington, S Mary Abbots, Middlesex
RW 3661.0557
2142342-9767OK30 May 1981Kempston, All Saints, Bedfordshire
RW 3661.0555
2143400-7800OK30 May 1981Sapcote, All Saints, Leicestershire
2144418-9965OK13 Jun 1981Stourbridge, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2145349-7917OK27 Jun 1981Leek, S Edward the Confessor, Staffordshire
2146417-2945OK27 Jun 1981Stockton on Tees, S Thomas a Becket, Durham
RW 3665.0652
2147354-7957OK29 Jul 1981Llandaff, SS Peter & Paul, Glamorgan
RW 3669.0732
2148407-2237OK29 Jul 1981Sileby, S Mary, Leicestershire
RW 3669.0732 Augmented from eight to ten 1981
2149352-1066OK1 Aug 1981Southover, Lewes, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 3674.0850
2150369-1513OK1 Aug 1981Mildenhall, S Mary, Suffolk
2151428-5281OK1 Aug 1981Truro, S Mary, Cornwall
RW 3670.0761
2152453-3333OK1 Aug 1981Kent, S Joseph, Connecticut
RW 3672.0813
2153403-5057OK8 Aug 1981Ranmoor, Sheffield, S John the Evangelist, Yorkshire
2154436-6866OK8 Aug 1981Wells, S Andrew, Somerset
2155418-9998OK12 Aug 1981Stourbridge, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2156298-8412OK22 Aug 1981Dudley, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2157452-0560OK22 Aug 1981Groton, Groton School, Massachusetts
RW 3673.0829
2158307-9188OK31 Aug 1981Evercreech, S Peter, Somerset
RW 3675.0868
2159449-5170OK1 Sep 1981Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
2160419-6838OK5 Sep 1981Stratford upon Avon, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire
2161448-5335OK5 Sep 1981Worcester, All Saints, Worcestershire
RW 81/870
2162295-5996OK12 Sep 1981Derby, All Saints, Derbyshire
2163371-5494OK18 Sep 1981Moulton, SS Peter & Paul, Northamptonshire
RW 3677.0909
2164237-8360OK19 Sep 1981Abingdon, S Helen, Berkshire
RW 3677.0908
2165298-8420OK28 Sep 1981Dudley, S Thomas, Worcestershire
2166363-4997OK6 Oct 1981Maidstone, All Saints, Kent
RW 3681.0992
2167245-2648OK10 Oct 1981Aston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire
2168360-4718OK13 Oct 1981Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 3682.1019
2169342-0873OK15 Oct 1981Isleworth, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 3682.1019
2170361-6640OK17 Oct 1981Luton, S Mary, Bedfordshire
RW 3681.0991
2171437-8802OK17 Oct 1981West Ham, All Saints, Essex
2172290-7380OK31 Oct 1981Crewe, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3684.1060
2173251-0030OK7 Nov 1981Beckenham, S George, Kent
RW 3684.1060
2174336-8900OK7 Nov 1981Horsham, S Mary the Virgin, Sussex
RW 3685.1081
2175362-6608OK7 Nov 1981Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3684.1060
2176374-3204OK14 Nov 1981Newcastle upon Tyne, S Nicholas, Northumberland
RW 3689.0028
2177400-7837OK20 Nov 1981Sapcote, All Saints, Leicestershire
2178301-9187OK5 Dec 1981East Retford, S Swithun, Nottinghamshire
2179363-5022OK5 Dec 1981Maidstone, All Saints, Kent
RW 3688.0009
2180327-3062OK19 Dec 1981Haslemere, S Bartholomew, Surrey
RW 3691.0068
2181434-0887OK28 Dec 1981Wareham, Lady S Mary, Dorset
RW 3691.0072
2182342-9780OK30 Dec 1981Kempston, All Saints, Bedfordshire
RW 3692.0091
2183388-3877OK1 Jan 1982Pontefract, S Giles, Yorkshire
2184352-4612OK2 Jan 1982Leyland, S Andrew, Lancashire
2185397-4058OK23 Jan 1982Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
2186362-6624OK6 Feb 1982Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3697.0192
2187364-5137OK6 Feb 1982Manchester, Virgin Mary, SS George & Denys, Lancashire
2188355-5919OK8 Feb 1982Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
2189376-8771OK13 Feb 1982North Stoneham, S Nicolas, Hampshire
2190342-0952OK14 Feb 1982Isleworth, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 3698.0217
2191412-8649OK20 Feb 1982St Albans, S Peter, Hertfordshire
2192349-4594OK27 Feb 1982Leeds, S Nicholas, Kent
RW 3700.0256
2193449-5203OK27 Feb 1982Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
2194267-1907OK6 Mar 1982Brighton, S Nicholas of Myra, Sussex
RW 3701.0278
2195264-3496OK13 Mar 1982Braintree, S Michael, Essex
RW 3702.0297
2196270-2507OK13 Mar 1982Bromsgrove, S John the Baptist, Worcestershire
RW 3702.0300
2197362-6643OK13 Mar 1982Macclesfield, Christ Church, Cheshire
RW 3702.0299
2198422-3918OK13 Mar 1982Swindon, Christ Church, Wiltshire
RW 82/297
2199449-5216OK13 Mar 1982Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
2200388-3889OK21 Mar 1982Pontefract, S Giles, Yorkshire

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