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212 valid peals for Horsham, S Mary the Virgin, Sussex, England.

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1 to 100 out of 212 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1336-7886OKWed, 1 Jan 1000Grandsire Triples
SWA 13.v.99 - a few days since, eact date not known
2336-7636OKFri, 11 Apr 1766Grandsire Triples
OGRM 21.iv.66; CB iv.463; HS
3336-7648OKWed, 14 Feb 1770Grandsire Triples
4336-7657OKTue, 18 Jan 1774Grandsire Triples
HS; SWA 24.i.74
5336-7661OKSun, 26 May 1776Plain Bob Major
RCY; SWA 3.vi.76; CR 625; CB vi.259; HS
6336-7673OKSun, 16 Nov 1777Grandsire Triples
RCY; SWA 1.xii.77; CB iv.463; HS (New Grandsire)
7336-7685OKThu, 5 Nov 1778Plain Bob Major
8336-7699OKMon, 9 Nov 1778Plain Bob Major
(6,160) RCY; HS
9336-7700OKMon, 15 Feb 1779Union Triples
RCY; SWA 22.ii.79; HS
10336-7713OKTue, 28 Nov 1780Plain Bob Major
11336-7721OKTue, 27 Feb 1781Plain Bob Triples
12336-7737OKFri, 27 Apr 1781Grandsire Triples
13336-7745OKMon, 5 Nov 1781Grandsire Triples
14336-7759OKMon, 7 Feb 1791Plain Bob Major
15336-7768OKTue, 15 Oct 1793Grandsire Triples
HS; SWA 21.x.93
16336-7776OKSun, 5 Jan 1794Grandsire Triples
HS; SWA 13.i.94
17336-7784OKFri, 7 Feb 1794Grandsire Triples
18336-7792OKSat, 1 Nov 1794Grandsire Triples
19336-7807OKWed, 31 Dec 1794Grandsire Triples
20336-7810OKThu, 31 Dec 1795Grandsire Triples
HS; Oracle 6.i.96
21336-7829OKMon, 18 Jan 1796Grandsire Triples
22336-7832OKTue, 9 Feb 1796Plain Bob Major
(6,160) HS
23336-7841OKTue, 11 Apr 1797Grandsire Triples
24336-7855OKSat, 25 Nov 1797Plain Bob Major
25336-7864OKSun, 22 Apr 1798Grandsire Triples
26336-7878OKTue, 1 May 1798Grandsire Triples
HS; SWA 7.v.98; RW 1974, 708
27336-7893OKSun, 23 Feb 1800Grandsire Triples
SWA 3.iii.00
28336-7908OKThu, 15 Feb 1810Grandsire Triples
29336-7919OKFri, 29 May 1818Grandsire Triples
30336-7924OKWed, 10 Oct 1821Grandsire Triples
31336-7935OKMon, 11 Dec 1876Grandsire Triples
HS; CB vii.51 - wrongly recorded as Oxford Bob
32336-7943OKTue, 7 Feb 1882Single Oxford Bob Triples
CB xii.191
33336-7956OKSat, 10 Nov 1883Grandsire Triples
BN ii.391
34336-7962OKSat, 1 Dec 1883Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN ii.428
35336-7970OKSat, 31 Jan 1885Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN iii.539
36336-7981OKSat, 7 Nov 1885Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN iv.280
37336-7997OKSat, 18 Jul 1891Kent Treble Bob Major
BN x.211
38336-8004OKSat, 8 Aug 1891Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN x.248
39336-8012OKSat, 19 Sep 1891Plain Bob Major
BN x.319
40336-8020OKSat, 5 Dec 1891Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN x.451
41336-8036OKFri, 11 Dec 1891Single Canterbury Pleasure Bob Major
(6,720) BN x.464
42336-8048OKSat, 12 Mar 1892Single Oxford Bob Triples
BN x.620
43336-8057OKSat, 15 Oct 1892Stedman Triples
BN xi.360
44336-8061OKSat, 18 Mar 1893Double Norwich Court Bob Major
BN xi.624
45336-8073OKSat, 9 Sep 1893Stedman Triples
BN xii.235
46336-8085OKSat, 25 Nov 1893Single Court Bob Triples
BN xii.356
47336-8099OKSat, 9 Dec 1893Superlative Surprise Major
BN xii.380
48336-8103OKSat, 10 Mar 1894Grandsire Triples
BN xii.535
49336-8116OKSat, 22 Sep 1894Superlative Surprise Major
BN xiii.224
50336-8127OKWed, 26 Dec 1894Plain Bob Major
BN xiii.380
51336-8134OKThu, 21 Feb 1895Grandsire Triples
BN xiii.495
52336-8142OKSat, 4 May 1895Grandsire Triples
BN xiii.615
53336-8150OKMon, 6 Jan 1896Grandsire Triples
BN xiv.392
54336-8169OKSat, 19 Dec 1896Single Court Bob Triples
BN xv.466
55336-8175OKSat, 20 Feb 1897Canterbury Pleasure Bob Triples
BN xv.596
56336-8188OKSat, 20 Mar 1897Grandsire Triples
BN xv.648
57336-8191OKWed, 29 Dec 1897Grandsire Triples
BN xvi.448
58336-8209OKSat, 23 Apr 1898Kent Treble Bob Major
BN xvi.644
59336-8214OKSat, 16 May 1903Stedman Triples
BN xxii.105
60336-8223OKMon, 1 Aug 1904Grandsire Triples
BN xxiii.271
61336-8238OKSat, 14 Jan 1905London Surprise Major
BN xxiii.562
62336-8246OKSat, 24 Jan 1914Grandsire Triples
RW 0150.0073
63336-8251OKSat, 14 Feb 1914Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0153.0120
64336-8267OKSat, 4 Jun 1921Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0534.0332
65336-8272OKSat, 20 Aug 1921Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0546.0522
66336-8280OKSat, 5 Aug 1922Superlative Surprise Major
RW 0596.0515
67336-8295OKSat, 23 Dec 1922Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0616.0003
68336-8307OKSat, 1 Mar 1924Stedman Triples
RW 0677.0148
69336-8310OKSat, 24 Oct 1925Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0763.0692
70336-8329OKSat, 6 Mar 1926Single Court Bob Triples
RW 0782.0163
71336-8332OKSat, 27 Mar 1926London Surprise Major
RW 0785.0212
72336-8341OKSat, 2 Apr 1927Grandsire Triples
RW 0837.0212
73336-8355OKSat, 28 Jan 1928Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 0881.0083
74336-8364OKSat, 12 Oct 1929London Surprise Major
RW 0969.0660
75336-8378OKSat, 22 Feb 1930Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0989.0147
76336-8386OKWed, 30 Jul 1930Superlative Surprise Major
RW 1011.0504
77336-8393OKSat, 17 Oct 1931Superlative Surprise Major
RW 1075.0696
78336-8406OKSat, 10 Feb 1934Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 1196.0115
79336-8411OKMon, 10 Jun 1935Bristol Surprise Major
RW 1266.0408
80336-8422OKSat, 20 Jul 1946Superlative Surprise Major
RW 1845.0354
81336-8433OKWed, 16 Oct 1946Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1859.0522
82336-8440OKSat, 26 Jul 1947Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 1896.0375
83336-8454OKSat, 24 Jan 1948Plain Bob Major
RW 1925.0082
84336-8465OKSat, 23 Jul 1949Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 2000.0363
85336-8479OKTue, 3 Jan 1950Grandsire Triples
RW 2026.0066
86336-8487OKFri, 28 Nov 1952Grandsire Triples
RW 2176.0787
87336-8498OKSat, 9 Jan 1954Horsham Surprise Major
RW 2234.0052
88336-8501OKSat, 27 Mar 1954Single Oxford Bob Triples
RW 2245.0228
89336-8517OKSat, 21 Aug 1954Plain Bob Major
RW 2265.0563
90336-8525OKSat, 11 Feb 1956Stedman Triples
RW 2343.0115
91336-8530OKSat, 12 Jan 1957Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 2392.0066
92336-8549OKThu, 25 Jul 1957Plain Bob Major
RW 2419.0507
93336-8558OKSat, 12 Apr 1958Grandsire Triples
RW 2456.0263
94336-8563OKSat, 19 Apr 1958Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 2457.0279
95336-8574OKMon, 3 Aug 1959Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 2528.0562
96336-8582OKSat, 2 Jan 1960New Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 2544.0051
97336-8596OKSat, 30 Jan 1960Plain Bob Major
RW 2548.0114
98336-8605OKSat, 9 Apr 1960Plain Bob Major
RW 2559.0306
99336-8618OKSat, 29 Oct 1960Bristol Surprise Major
RW 2586.0748
100336-8626OKTue, 27 Dec 1960Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 2594.0004

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