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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1384-7106DUPLICATE1 Jan 1000Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
PY - rung the day after wedding of Mr Dickenson and Miss Hyett, which was 15th May 1856
2429-7865FALSE8 Feb 1823Twickenham, S Mary the Virgin, Middlesex
JNPB. Only 5022 changes rung.
3455-3455DUPLICATE11 Jan 1832Camberwell, S George, Surrey
JCY; CB ii.439. Same peal as 11/01/1833 - Sussex Society peal book - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
4467-6157HOAX23 Oct 1837Southwark, SS Saviour & Mary Overie, Surrey
(35,000) PL 26.x.37 - Hoax
5378-7329BAD_DATE16 Apr 1839Norwich, S Giles, Norfolk
CB iii.403; EJO. Duplicate of 26/3/1839 - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
6349-4768BAD_TOWER8 Jun 1846Leeds, S Nicholas, Kent
S.173. Peal rung 08/01/1846 at Leeds, Yorkshire - RW 5045.0016 (John Eisel)
7384-6923FALSE28 Apr 1851Painswick, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire
PY; RW 0272.0252; False GJ 3.v.51 (John Eisel)
8322-4662BAD_TOWER14 Jan 1869Hackney, S John, Middlesex
RCY. Rung at South Hackney on 7/1/1869 - BL 16.i.69
9389-6514FALSE6 Nov 1891Prestbury, S Mary, Gloucestershire
BN x.403 - False - FER (BN xxiv.286)
10342-2832BAD_TOWER20 Mar 1895Islington, S Mary, Middlesex
BN xiii.543 - Rung at St Mary, Holloway (Peter Blight)
11336-1412WITHDRAWN23 Nov 1901Hook Norton, S Peter, Oxfordshire
BN xx.368 - Withdrawn - BN xx.412
12459-0603BAD_DATE26 Dec 1906Worsley, S Mark, Lancashire
Bellringer.ii.35 - same peal as 1/1/1907
13373-9316WITHDRAWN2 Sep 1907Newcastle upon Tyne, S John the Baptist, Northumberland
BN xxvi.309 - disclaimed - BN xxvi.443
14249-2851FALSE5 Feb 1908Barton le Cley, S Nicholas, Bedfordshire
BN xxvi.573 - False - FER
15454-8748BAD_TOWER22 Apr 1909Birmingham, Bishop Ryder, Warwickshire
BN xxviii.139 - Rung at Selly Oak - St Martin's Guild records
16376-4741WITHDRAWN11 Nov 1911North Stoneham, S Nicolas, Hampshire
No peal was rung that day (source: Winchester Guild records)
17396-2037BAD_DATE2 Nov 1913Rock, SS Peter & Paul, Worcestershire
BN xxxii.441- duplicate of 1/11/1913
18378-9447NON-COMPLIANT8 Jun 1922Norwich, S Peter Mancroft, Norfolk
RW 0587.0372. Tenor ringer replaced during peal.
19454-4610WITHDRAWN23 Jul 1925Bristol, Temple Church, Somerset
RW 0750.0483 - Withdrawn - RW 0755.0568
20315-2846FALSE27 Nov 1926Gilmorton, All Saints, Leicestershire
RW 0819.0757 - False - RW 0835.0187
21357-3136FALSE3 Dec 1930Long Eaton, S Laurence, Derbyshire
RW 1030.0807 - False - footnote to peal on 17/8/1932
22274-0734FALSE8 Jun 1932Burton upon Trent, S Paul, Staffordshire
RW 1108.0401 - False
23459-0843BAD_TOWER21 Jan 1933Moorside, Oldham, S Thomas, Lancashire
RW 1141.0068 - rung at Leesfield - RW 1144.0120
24409-4388WITHDRAWN4 Feb 1956South Wigston, S Thomas the Apostle, Leicestershire
RW 2342.0100 - Withdrawn - RW 2355.0315
25350-0490HOAX31 Jul 1971Leicester, S Margaret & All Saints, Leicestershire
(not published - suspected hoax)
26390-7022BAD_DATE9 Dec 1971Pulborough, S Mary, Sussex
RW 3172.0126 - duplicate of peal rung on 10/01/1972 (see RW 3183.0351)
27257-7224BAD_TOWER14 Dec 1988Birmingham, S Philip, Warwickshire
RW 4058.0106. Rung at St Chad's Cathedral - RW 4061.0200

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