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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1261-5147OK15 Mar 1924Bolsover, SS Mary & Laurence, Derbyshire
2303-7352OK22 Mar 1924Eckington, SS Peter & Paul, Derbyshire
RW 0680.0195
3261-5183OK20 Dec 1924Bolsover, SS Mary & Laurence, Derbyshire
4290-5017OK5 Nov 1927Creswell, S Mary Magdalene, Derbyshire
5270-8797OK26 Jan 1929Broxbourne, S Augustine, Hertfordshire
6443-1367OK19 Feb 1929Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 0936.0131
7355-9683OK25 Feb 1929London, Bishopsgate, S Botolph, Middlesex
RW 0937.0146
8355-9694OK11 Mar 1929London, Bishopsgate, S Botolph, Middlesex
RW 0939.0179
9307-2232OK21 Apr 1929Erith, S John the Baptist, Kent
RW 0944.0260
10284-1127OK16 Nov 1929Claines, S John the Baptist, Worcestershire
RW 0974.0741
11430-9285OK7 Dec 1929Upton on Severn, SS Peter & Paul, Worcestershire
12328-3448OK6 Jan 1930Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 0982.0036
13328-3513OK21 Jun 1930Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 1005.0409
14329-7875OK15 Jul 1930Helmingham, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 1009.0470
15355-9945OK23 Mar 1931London, Bishopsgate, S Botolph, Middlesex
RW 1045.0211
16388-9598OK9 Apr 1932Portsea, Portsmouth, S Mary, Hampshire
17434-1546OK22 Mar 1933Warfield, S Michael, Berkshire
18317-3592OK9 Dec 1933Gravesend, S George, Kent
RW 1186.0788
19390-5746OK16 Dec 1933Pudsey, SS Lawrence & Paul, Yorkshire
20290-2020OK26 Jan 1934Crayford, S Paulinus, Kent
RW 1193.0067
21289-8009OK4 Feb 1934Crawley, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 1195.0099
22390-5751OK10 Mar 1934Pudsey, SS Lawrence & Paul, Yorkshire
23274-9587OK3 Jun 1934Bushey Heath, S Peter, Hertfordshire
24381-3745OK17 Oct 1936Old Windsor, SS Peter & Andrew, Berkshire
RW 1335.0688
25289-8265OK6 Dec 1936Crawley, S John the Baptist, Sussex
RW 1343.0815
26282-4327OK14 Jun 1937Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, All Saints, Warwickshire
RW 1371.0435
27393-4842OK20 Nov 1937Rawmarsh, S Mary, Yorkshire
RW 1392.0784
28391-3184OK21 May 1938Pulham St Mary, S Mary the Virgin, Norfolk
29285-2037OK6 May 1939Cliffe at Hoo, S Helen, Kent
RW 1469.0311
30329-8577OK3 Feb 1945Helmingham, S Mary, Suffolk
RW 1768.0054
31287-8825OK19 May 1945Conisbrough, S Peter, Yorkshire
32284-1525OK10 Nov 1945Claines, S John the Baptist, Worcestershire
RW 1809.0471
33255-6608OK17 Nov 1945Birmingham, S Chad, Warwickshire
34303-7803OK12 Jan 1946Eckington, SS Peter & Paul, Derbyshire
RW 1817.0027
35369-5926OK11 May 1946Milton, Gravesend, SS Peter & Paul, Kent
RW 1834.0223
36241-0752OK14 Apr 1947Anstey, S Mary, Leicestershire
37408-9341OK19 Apr 1947South Anston, S James, Yorkshire
38307-3377OK25 Apr 1947Erith, S John the Baptist, Kent
RW 1883.0209
39457-8197OK2 Sep 1947Middlesbrough, S Hilda, Yorkshire
RW 1902.0447
40443-2180OK28 Feb 1948Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 1929.0123
41446-3597OK29 Mar 1948Woburn, S Mary, Bedfordshire
RW 1933.0163
42328-4453OK15 May 1948Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 1940.0238
43388-0058OK6 Jul 1948Plympton St Mary, Plymouth, S Mary the Blessed Virgin, Devon
RW 1947.0314
44407-9643OK14 Jul 1948Slaugham, S Mary, Sussex
RW 1947.0315
45313-3383OK16 Jul 1948Frodsham, S Lawrence, Cheshire
RW 1947.0316
46243-5350OK14 Aug 1948Ashtead, S Giles, Surrey
RW 1952.0367
47316-4829OK2 Apr 1949Goring on Thames, S Thomas of Canterbury, Oxfordshire
48308-6106OK30 Apr 1949Ewhurst, SS Peter & Paul, Surrey
RW 1988.0213
49396-5298OK14 May 1949Rolvenden, S Mary the Virgin, Kent
RW 1991.0251
50411-3845OK30 Jul 1949Southwell, Blessed Virgin Mary, Nottinghamshire
51420-6254OK30 Aug 1949Sudbury, All Saints, Suffolk
52385-3047OK15 Oct 1949Pattingham, S Chad, Staffordshire
53281-0828OK12 Nov 1949Chester, Old St Mary's, Cheshire
RW 2016.0567
54443-2443OK1 Dec 1949Willesden, S Mary, Middlesex
RW 2020.0614
55340-0287OK14 Jan 1950Ilkley, All Saints, Yorkshire
56378-2383OK4 Feb 1950Norton juxta Malton, S Peter, Yorkshire
57318-9084OK18 Feb 1950Great Hampton, S Andrew, Worcestershire
58373-9855OK20 Feb 1950Newcastle upon Tyne, S John the Baptist, Northumberland
RW 2032.0162
59384-3161OK10 Apr 1950Oxton, Birkenhead, S Saviour, Cheshire
RW 2039.0274
60263-1463OK24 May 1950Bowdon, S Mary the Virgin, Cheshire
RW 2043.0340
61328-4663OK28 Oct 1950Norbury, Hazel Grove, S Thomas, Cheshire
RW 2068.0722
62325-4771OK20 Jan 1951Harlow Common, S Mary Magdalene, Essex
RW 2079.0068
63355-7663OK27 Jan 1951Loddon, Holy Trinity, Norfolk
RW 2081.0098
64397-0356OK17 Mar 1951Rotherfield, S Denys, Sussex
RW 2087.0196
65337-5590OK22 Jun 1951Hugglescote, S John the Baptist, Leicestershire
66402-2893OK30 Jun 1951Sefton, S Helen, Lancashire
67402-2908OK21 Jul 1951Sefton, S Helen, Lancashire
68413-3575OK28 Aug 1951St Germans, S Germanus, Cornwall
RW 2112.0594
69290-4137OK29 Sep 1951Crayford, S Paulinus, Kent
RW 2115.0644
70437-3738OK27 Oct 1951West Bromwich, All Saints, Staffordshire
71402-1328OK26 Jan 1952Sedgley, All Saints, Staffordshire
RW 2132.0084
72418-0304OK16 Feb 1952Stoke upon Trent, S Peter ad Vincula, Staffordshire
73358-7459OK8 Mar 1952Loughborough, Bell Foundry, Leicestershire
RW 2139.0196
74446-0449OK17 May 1952Witney, S Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire
75435-7310OK16 Aug 1952Watlington, S Leonard, Oxfordshire
RW 2163.0579
76355-2680OK8 Sep 1952Llansteffan, S Ystyffan, Carmarthenshire
RW 2166.0626
77431-0458OK26 Dec 1952Usk, S Mary, Monmouthshire
RW 2180.0020
78255-7027OK16 May 1953Birmingham, S Chad, Warwickshire
79314-3162OK11 Jul 1953Gainsborough, All Saints, Lincolnshire
80287-4056OK7 Aug 1953Colwall, S James the Great, Herefordshire
81354-8679OK2 Sep 1953Llandudno, Holy Trinity, Caernarfonshire
RW 2220.0670
82452-6437OK3 Sep 1953Drogheda, S Peter, Louth
RW 2219.0654
83410-1882OK19 Sep 1953Southampton, S Michael the Archangel, Hampshire
84366-4527OK22 Oct 1953Maulden, S Mary, Bedfordshire
RW 2223.0719
85274-5796OK28 Nov 1953Bushey, S James, Hertfordshire
86256-5359OK31 Dec 1953Birmingham, S Philip, Warwickshire
RW 2234.0051
87313-1609OK24 Feb 1954Frittenden, S Mary, Kent
RW 2240.0148
88414-8503OK6 Mar 1954Stanford le Hope, S Margaret of Antioch, Essex
89330-8414OK9 Apr 1954Henley, S Peter, Suffolk
90441-7630OK30 Apr 1954Whitwick, S John the Baptist, Leicestershire
91333-7743OK27 Jun 1954Hilgay, All Saints, Norfolk
RW 2258.0450
92390-0329OK7 Jul 1954Prestwold, S Andrew, Leicestershire
93388-8477OK27 Aug 1954Porthmadog, S John the Divine, Caernarfonshire
RW 2268.0610
94330-3293OK9 Oct 1954Hemsworth, S Helen, Yorkshire
95307-4179OK5 Nov 1954Erith, S John the Baptist, Kent
RW 2277.0754
96326-8426OK18 Dec 1954Harwell, S Matthew, Berkshire
97395-1876OK16 Apr 1955Richmond, S Mary, Yorkshire
98339-9156OK18 Apr 1955Ilkeston, S Mary the Virgin, Derbyshire
99262-8322OK21 May 1955Bournemouth, S Peter, Hampshire
100277-0204OK25 Aug 1955Carbis Bay, S Anta & All Saints, Cornwall
RW 2321.0594

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