Felstead Database - List peals of Cornwall Surprise Major

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601 to 641 out of 641 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
601477-0733OK7 Nov 2019Raleigh, Christ Church, North Carolina
RW 5669.1254
602477-2855OK24 Nov 2019Boston, Christ Church (Old North), Massachusetts
RW 5668.1212
603477-7592OK8 Jan 2020Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
RW 5676.0142
604477-9486OK14 Feb 2020Dordrecht, 't Klockhuys, South Holland
RW 5680.0258
605478-1236OK15 Feb 2020Tadcaster, S Mary, Yorkshire
RW 5705.0858
606478-1688OK18 Feb 2020Bardwell, SS Peter & Paul, Suffolk
RW 5681.0265
607478-4138OK11 Mar 2020Alloa, S John the Evangelist, Clackmannanshire
RW 5683.0315
608479-2756OK19 Oct 2021Rolleston on Dove, S Mary, Staffordshire
RW 5791.0369
609479-4860OK22 Jan 2022Ringwood, SS Peter & Paul, Hampshire
RW 5780.0107
610480-1584OK3 May 2022Hungerford, S Lawrence, Berkshire
RW 5796.0476
611480-5269OK26 May 2022Pinchbeck, S Mary, Lincolnshire
RW 5800.0604
612481-1714OK31 Jul 2022Moreton in Marsh, S David, Gloucestershire
RW 5808.0788
613481-5790OK17 Aug 2022Peterborough, S Mary, Northamptonshire
RW 5810.0832
614482-0486OK18 Nov 2022Ponteland, S Mary the Virgin, Northumberland
RW 5839.0267
615482-1391OK1 Dec 2022Pinhoe, Exeter, S Michael & All Angels, Devon
RW 5825.1211
616482-3590OK17 Dec 2022Walkden, S Paul, Lancashire
RW 5828.0009
617482-3117OK24 Dec 2022Wrotham, S George, Kent
RW 5829.0032
618482-2568OK31 Dec 2022Uffculme, S Mary the Virgin, Devon
RW 5835.0170
619911-5768OK10 Feb 2023Hunsdon, S Dunstan, Hertfordshire
RW 5836.0199
620912-0491OK17 Mar 2023Dordrecht, 't Klockhuys, South Holland
RW 5844.0386
621956-2920OK16 Apr 2023Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
RW 5845.0401
622956-3729OK24 Apr 2023Handsworth, S Mary, Yorkshire
RW 5845.0404
623956-5620OK7 May 2023Sydney, S Mary, New South Wales
RW 5847.0530
624965-8122OK4 Jul 2023Meldreth, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire
RW 5856.0724
625965-8111OK5 Jul 2023Heywood, S Luke, Lancashire
RW 5856.0724
626966-0512OK3 Aug 2023Pontypridd, S Catherine, Glamorgan
RW 5865.0938
627966-2360OK26 Aug 2023Abbots Bromley, S Nicholas, Staffordshire
RW 5864.0906
628966-2495OK27 Aug 2023Dordrecht, 't Klockhuys, South Holland
RW 5867.0985
629966-3392OK12 Sep 2023Barrow upon Soar, Holy Trinity, Leicestershire
RW 5866.0961
630966-4084OK17 Sep 2023Mangotsfield, S James, Gloucestershire
RW 5866.0956
631966-6194OK12 Oct 2023East Huntspill, Little Orchard Tower, Somerset
RW 5870.1050
632966-7913OK8 Nov 2023Dore, Sheffield, Christ Church, Derbyshire
RW 5874.1144
633966-9031OK18 Nov 2023Charleston, SS Luke & Paul, South Carolina
RW 5877.1272
634967-4863OK28 Jan 2024Winford, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Peter, Somerset
RW 5888.0191
635967-6620OK19 Feb 2024Rotherham, All Saints, Yorkshire
RW 5893.0302
636993-8435OK2 Apr 2024Farnborough, S Giles the Abbot, Kent
Not yet published in The Ringing World
637993-8443OK2 Apr 2024Penzance, S Mary the Virgin, Cornwall
Not yet published in The Ringing World
638993-9119OK10 Apr 2024Shalford, S Mary the Virgin, Surrey
Not yet published in The Ringing World
639993-9143OK10 Apr 2024Henley, S Peter, Suffolk
RW 5897.0395
640994-0344OK25 Apr 2024Waldron, All Saints, Sussex
Not yet published in The Ringing World
641994-2237OK18 May 2024Tottenham, All Hallows, Middlesex
Not yet published in The Ringing World

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