Felstead Database - Towers in Rutland

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
189Ashwell, S Mary10
240Ayston, S Mary the Virgin10
323Barrowden, S Peter100
406Belton near Uppingham, S Peter250
680Braunston, All Saints130
787Brooke, S Peter40
909Caldecott, S John the Evangelist110
1336Cottesmore, S Nicholas140
1727Edith Weston, S Mary250
1773Empingham, S Peter60
1829Exton, SS Peter & Paul181
2022Glaston, S Andrew250
2103Great Casterton, SS Peter & Paul60
2183Greetham, S Mary the Virgin190
2248Hambleton, S Andrew20
2871Langham, SS Peter & Paul220
3187Lyddington, S Andrew290
3203Lyndon, S Martin10
3278Market Overton, SS Peter & Paul80
3613North Luffenham, S John the Baptist120
3698Oakham, All Saints1380
3979Preston, SS Peter & Paul310
4097Ridlington, SS Mary Magdalene & Andrew20
4189Ryhall, S John the Evangelist10
4268Seaton, All Hallows60
5048Tinwell, All Saints10
5168Uppingham, SS Peter & Paul680
5438Whissendine, S Andrew310
5544Wing, SS Peter & Paul30

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