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27 valid peals for Goulburn, S Saviour, New South Wales, Australia.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
12B7-184OK3 Dec 1988Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4058.0101
22B7-179OK31 Dec 1988Belgrave Surprise Major
RW 4066.0304
300C-B3FOK25 Apr 1990Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 4126.0511
400E-853OK5 Oct 1991Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 4203.1085
500F-AA4OK6 Aug 1992London Surprise Major
RW 4250.0988
6010-E47OK11 Jul 1993Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 4293.0767
7013-2DDOK4 Mar 1995Grandsire Caters
RW 4382
8014-93AOK17 Mar 1996Goulburn Surprise Major
RW 4434.0418
9017-17EOK16 Jan 1998Minor (7 methods)
RW 4528.0137
10019-111OK19 Aug 1999London No.3 Surprise Royal
RW 4615
1101A-A80OK22 Oct 2000Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4687
1201B-B7AOK13 Aug 2001Anglia Surprise Royal
RW 4717
1301F-3B5OK13 Mar 2004Grandsire Caters
RW 4849.0321
1401F-BEBOK7 Aug 2004Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4873.0904
15020-A72OK10 Apr 2005Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4916.0671
16021-105OK16 Aug 2005Grandsire Caters
RW 4938.1219
17026-DEBOK1 Oct 2006Erin Cinques
RW 4983.1029
18028-7F5OK25 Feb 2007Stedman Cinques
RW 5003.0265
19028-F36OK5 May 2007Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 5021.0737
20028-F39OK8 May 2007Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 5021.0737
21030-3B6OK11 Oct 2008Arthur Phillip Surprise Major
RW 5088.1133
2203D-3AAOK13 Feb 2011Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 5218.0416
2303D-3B6OK19 Feb 2011Stedman Cinques
RW 5218.0416
24045-209OK27 Oct 2012Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 5306.0012
2504B-1D0OK22 Jan 2017Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 5530.0369
2612F-705OK6 Dec 2020Stedman Triples
Not yet published in The Ringing World
2712F-70DOK4 Apr 2021Goulburn Surprise Royal
Not yet published in The Ringing World

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