Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

680 valid peals for Windsor, S John the Baptist, Berkshire, England.

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201 to 300 out of 680 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
2012CE-CCDOKSun, 12 Jul 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
2022CE-CC2OKWed, 29 Jul 1981Cambridge Surprise Major
2032CE-CB7OKSat, 15 Aug 1981Rutland Surprise Major
2042CE-CACOKSun, 20 Sep 1981Plain Bob Major
2052CE-CA1OKSun, 18 Oct 1981Superlative Surprise Major
2062CE-C96OKSat, 7 Nov 1981Plain Bob Major
2072CE-C8BOKSun, 29 Nov 1981Lessness Surprise Major
2082CE-C80OKThu, 24 Dec 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
2092CE-C75OKThu, 31 Dec 1981Rutland Surprise Major
2102CE-C6AOKSun, 10 Jan 1982St Clement's College Bob Major
2112CE-C5FOKSun, 24 Jan 1982Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 3706.0382
2122CE-C54OKSun, 21 Feb 1982Superlative Surprise Major
RW 3706.0382
2132CE-C49OKSat, 24 Apr 1982Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3715.0577
2142CE-C3EOKSun, 30 May 1982Bedfordshire Surprise Major
2152CE-C33OKSun, 27 Jun 1982Plain Bob Major
2162CE-C28OKSun, 4 Jul 1982Grandsire Triples
2172CE-C1DOKWed, 4 Aug 1982Cambridge Surprise Major
2182CE-C12OKTue, 24 Aug 1982Plain Bob Major
2192CE-C07OKSun, 19 Sep 1982Kent Treble Bob Major
2202CE-BFCOKSun, 17 Oct 1982Grandsire Triples
2212CE-BF1OKSat, 30 Oct 1982Dedworth Surprise Major
2222CE-BE6OKSat, 13 Nov 1982Grandsire Triples
2232CE-BDBOKSun, 21 Nov 1982Cambridge Surprise Major
2242CE-BD0OKSun, 12 Dec 1982Grandsire Triples
2252CE-BC5OKFri, 24 Dec 1982Plain Bob Major
2262CE-BBAOKFri, 31 Dec 1982Dorking Bob Major
RW 3747.0144 Published as Dorking Court Bob
2272CE-BAFOKSun, 30 Jan 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
2282CE-BA4OKSun, 27 Feb 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
2292CE-B99OKSun, 13 Mar 1983Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
2302CE-B8EOKSun, 3 Apr 1983Cambridge Surprise Major
2312CE-B83OKSun, 10 Apr 1983Plain Bob Major
2322CE-B78OKSun, 24 Apr 1983Cambridge Surprise Major
2332CE-B6DOKSun, 22 May 1983Cambridge Surprise Major
2342CE-B62OKThu, 2 Jun 1983Grandsire Triples
2352CE-B57OKMon, 13 Jun 1983Windsor Treble Bob Major
2362CE-B4COKSun, 17 Jul 1983Oxford Treble Bob Major
2372CE-B41OKWed, 24 Aug 1983Grandsire Triples
2382CE-B36OKSun, 18 Sep 1983Spliced Triples & Major (2 methods)
Plain Bob
2392CE-B2BOKSun, 9 Oct 1983Kent Treble Bob Major
2402CE-B20OKSun, 30 Oct 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
2412CE-B15OKSat, 12 Nov 1983Plain Bob Major
2422CE-B0AOKSun, 11 Dec 1983Newfoundland Delight Major
2432CE-AFFOKSat, 24 Dec 1983St Clement's College Bob Major
2442CE-AF4OKSat, 31 Dec 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
2452CE-AE9OKSun, 15 Jan 1984Oxford Treble Bob Major
2462CE-ADEOKSun, 19 Feb 1984Spliced Major (3 methods)
2472CE-AD3OKSat, 17 Mar 1984Bray Surprise Major
2482CE-AC8OKSun, 25 Mar 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
2492CE-ABDOKSun, 1 Apr 1984Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
2502CE-AB2OKSun, 22 Apr 1984Cambridge Surprise Major
2512CE-AA7OKSun, 20 May 1984Spliced Treble Bob Major (2 Methods)
2522CE-A9COKSat, 2 Jun 1984Rutland Surprise Major
2532CE-A91OKSun, 10 Jun 1984London Surprise Major
2542CE-A86OKSun, 24 Jun 1984Plain Bob Major
2552CE-A7BOKSun, 15 Jul 1984Winchester Surprise Major
2562CE-A70OKWed, 25 Jul 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
2572CE-A65OKSat, 4 Aug 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
2582CE-A5AOKWed, 29 Aug 1984Stedman Triples
2592CE-A4FOKSun, 16 Sep 1984New Cambridge Surprise Major
2602CE-A44OKMon, 5 Nov 1984Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3848.0086
2612CE-A39OKSat, 10 Nov 1984Plain Bob Major
RW 3848.0086
2622CE-A2EOKFri, 21 Dec 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 3848.0083
2632CE-A23OKMon, 24 Dec 1984Plain Bob Major
RW 3848.0084
2642CE-A18OKMon, 31 Dec 1984Grandsire Triples
RW 3848.0084
2652CE-A0DOKSun, 13 Jan 1985Superlative Surprise Major
2662CE-A02OKSat, 26 Jan 1985Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2672CE-9F7OKSat, 23 Feb 1985Plain Bob Major
2682CE-9ECOKSun, 10 Mar 1985Yorkshire Surprise Major
2692CE-9E1OKSun, 17 Mar 1985Grandsire Triples
RW 3861.0369
2702CE-9D6OKSun, 7 Apr 1985Cambridge Surprise Major
2712CE-9CBOKSat, 13 Apr 1985Plain Bob Major
2722CE-9C0OKSun, 12 May 1985Glasgow Surprise Major
2732CE-9B5OKSun, 26 May 1985Kent Treble Bob Major
2742CE-9AAOKSun, 2 Jun 1985Yorkshire Surprise Major
2752CE-99FOKSun, 23 Jun 1985Spliced Surprise Major (5 methods)
2762CE-994OKSun, 4 Aug 1985Yorkshire Surprise Major
2772CE-989OKSat, 24 Aug 1985Plain Bob Major
2782CE-97EOKSat, 21 Sep 1985Sunningdale Surprise Major
279503-C30OKSun, 29 Sep 1985Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 3890.0980
2802CE-973OKSun, 13 Oct 1985Cambridge Surprise Major
2812CE-968OKSun, 3 Nov 1985Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2822CE-95DOKSat, 9 Nov 1985Grandsire Triples
2832CE-952OKSun, 1 Dec 1985Kent Treble Bob Major
2842CE-947OKTue, 24 Dec 1985Yorkshire Surprise Major
2852CE-93COKSun, 29 Dec 1985Cambridge Surprise Major
2862CE-931OKSun, 19 Jan 1986Superlative Surprise Major
2872CE-926OKSun, 2 Feb 1986Oxford Treble Bob Major
2882CE-91BOKSat, 1 Mar 1986Eton Delight Major
RW 3920.0520 (Correction of entry in RW 3914.0385)
2892CE-910OKMon, 21 Apr 1986Plain Bob Major
2902CE-905OKSun, 11 May 1986Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 3920.0520
2912CE-8FAOKSun, 6 Jul 1986Plain Bob Major
2922CE-8EFOKWed, 23 Jul 1986Kent Treble Bob Major
2932CE-8E4OKSun, 5 Oct 1986Yorkshire Surprise Major
2942CE-8D9OKSun, 2 Nov 1986Plain Bob Major
2952CE-8CEOKSat, 8 Nov 1986Plain Bob Major
2962CE-8C3OKSun, 30 Nov 1986Cambridge Surprise Major
2972CE-8B8OKWed, 24 Dec 1986Plain Bob Major
2982CE-8ADOKWed, 31 Dec 1986Lusitania Surprise Major
2992CE-8A2OKSun, 18 Jan 1987Double Norwich Court Bob Major
3002CE-897OKSun, 1 Mar 1987Cambridge Surprise Major

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