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29 valid peals for St Briavels, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1501-D82OK1 Jan 1834Grandsire Triples
GJ 11.i.34 (John Eisel)
2324-382OK4 Nov 1905Grandsire Triples
BN xxiv.439
3324-377OK25 Jul 1914Grandsire Triples
RW 0176.0068
4324-361OK14 Oct 1922Grandsire Triples
RW 0606.0675
5324-356OK14 Sep 1935Plain Bob Major
RW 1278.0600
6324-34BOK4 Sep 1938Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 1434.0602
7324-340OK6 Sep 1938Plain Bob Major
RW 1434.0601
8324-335OK7 Jun 1977Grandsire Triples
RW 3454.0569
9324-32AOK3 May 1981St Briavels Surprise Major
RW 3658.0491
10012-91FOK2 Oct 1994Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 4359.1117
11014-111OK4 Nov 1995St Briavels Surprise Major
RW 4414.1226
12015-321OK5 Sep 1996Berkeley Surprise Major
RW 4461.1079
13016-641OK19 Jul 1997St Briavels Surprise Major
RW 4504
1401A-469OK13 Jul 2000Figheldean Surprise Major
RW 4659
1501B-628OK10 May 2001Rodewell Surprise Major
RW 4701.0560
1601C-9B4OK11 Apr 2002Indian-Pacific Surprise Major
RW 4749
1701E-0C8OK23 Apr 2003Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 4802.0440
1801E-0DAOK24 Apr 2003Plain Bob Major
RW 4803.0465
1901E-555OK12 Jul 2003Plain Bob Minor
RW 4814.0732
2001E-E2AOK12 Dec 2003Minor (5 methods)
RW 4837.0032
2101F-880OK2 Jun 2004Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4860.0589
22021-99COK13 Jan 2006Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4945.0107
23028-D72OK28 May 2007Lessness Surprise Major
RW 5016.0618
24029-113OK8 Aug 2007Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5027.0885
2502B-4F3OK24 Dec 2007Minor (7 methods)
RW 5049.0139
26037-96DOK24 Oct 2009Grandsire Triples
RW 5142.1141
27039-254OK11 Jun 2010Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 5176.0689
28047-50COK23 Sep 2014Ribblesdale Alliance Major
RW 5400.1089
2904A-E77OK10 Nov 2016Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5511.1242

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