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9 invalid peals for Nottingham, S Peter with S James, Nottinghamshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1504-703BAD_DATE20 Jan 1833Grandsire Triples
NR ix.40 - same peal as 20/1/1934
2504-6F2BAD_DATE10 Feb 1834Grandsire Triples
NR 4.ix.40 - same peal as 11/2/1835
337F-431BAD_DATE20 Jan 1835Grandsire Triples
Sherwood Youths - same peal as 20/1/1834
4504-714BAD_DATE12 Nov 1836Kent Treble Bob Major
NR 4.ix.40 - same peal as 12/12/1836
537E-1D8BAD_DATE29 Nov 1870Grandsire Triples
Sherwood Youths. Year should be 1876, ie, this is a duplicate
637E-1CDFALSE12 Jul 1969Spliced Surprise Maximus (60 methods)
737E-1B7UNACCEPTABLE13 Aug 1979Plain Bob Triples/Grandsire Doubles
RW 3568.0781 - 5040 on 12 bells - Not accepted by Central Council
837E-1ACHOAX13 Nov 1979Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 3580.1038. Deleted - see RW 3585.0039
937E-1C2FALSE9 Jun 1987Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 3978.0668 - False - RW 4280.0441

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