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50 valid peals for Matlock, S Giles, Derbyshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1366-3371OKTue, 13 Sep 1904Kent Treble Bob Major
2366-3383OKFri, 9 Dec 1904Grandsire Triples
3366-3394OKThu, 26 Oct 1905Stedman Triples
4366-3409OKFri, 4 Oct 1907Grandsire Triples
5366-3414OKFri, 11 Sep 1908Grandsire Triples
6366-3423OKFri, 19 Feb 1909Grandsire Triples
7366-3438OKFri, 7 Oct 1910Grandsire Triples
8366-3446OKFri, 19 Sep 1913Plain Bob Major
9366-3451OKFri, 14 Nov 1913Kent Treble Bob Major
10366-3467OKFri, 7 Dec 1934Grandsire Triples
11366-3472OKSat, 13 Feb 1937Grandsire Triples
12366-3480OKMon, 27 Dec 1937Grandsire Triples
13366-3495OKTue, 27 Dec 1949Stedman Triples
14366-3508OKSat, 12 May 1951Yorkshire Surprise Major
15366-3519OKSat, 17 Mar 1956Plain Bob Major
16366-3524OKFri, 7 Sep 1956Bristol Surprise Major
17366-3535OKMon, 29 Dec 1958Cambridge Surprise Major
18366-3543OKMon, 27 Jul 1959Cambridge Surprise Major
19366-3556OKThu, 4 Feb 1960Yorkshire Surprise Major
20366-3562OKSat, 14 May 1960Plain Bob Major
21366-3570OKThu, 19 May 1960Bristol Surprise Major
22366-3581OKThu, 25 Aug 1960Double Norwich Court Bob Major
23366-3597OKThu, 17 Aug 1961Cambridge Surprise Major
24366-3607OKThu, 4 Jul 1963Plain Bob Major
25366-3610OKWed, 18 Sep 1963Cambridge Surprise Major
26366-3629OKFri, 21 Aug 1964Yorkshire Surprise Major
27366-3632OKFri, 17 Jun 1966Plain Bob Major
28366-3641OKFri, 10 May 1968Plain Bob Major
29366-3655OKSat, 24 Apr 1971Yorkshire Surprise Major
30366-3664OKThu, 12 Aug 1971Plain Bob Major
31366-3678OKThu, 1 Mar 1973London Surprise Major
32366-3686OKSat, 14 Sep 1974Pudsey Surprise Major
33366-3693OKSat, 8 Sep 1979Plain Bob Major
34366-3701OKFri, 2 Jan 1981Bristol Surprise Major
35366-3717OKSat, 7 Nov 1981Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
36366-3725OKFri, 1 Oct 1982Double Norwich Court Bob Major
37366-3730OKFri, 30 Sep 1983Yorkshire Surprise Major
38366-3749OKThu, 26 Jan 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
39366-3758OKFri, 3 Aug 1984Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
40366-3763OKFri, 28 Sep 1984Yorkshire Surprise Major
41366-3774OKSat, 17 Aug 1985Plain Bob Caters
Yes, true; I remember it well
42366-3782OKFri, 4 Oct 1985Bristol Surprise Major
43366-3796OKSat, 5 Dec 1987Yorkshire Surprise Major
44126-9811OKSat, 3 Nov 1990Plain Bob Major
RW 4154.1169
45135-6435OKFri, 2 Oct 1992Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4253.1058
46157-0110OKSat, 8 Mar 1997Easter Surprise Major
RW 4485
47173-5133OKSat, 11 Nov 2000Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4677
48182-7764OKSat, 26 Oct 2002Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 4777
49209-5659OKMon, 10 Nov 2008Dereham Surprise Major
RW 5098.0033
50217-7399OKThu, 7 Oct 2010Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5196.1183

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