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400 valid peals for Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire, England.

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101 to 200 out of 400 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1013C0-2A9OKTue, 9 Oct 1979Bristol Surprise Royal
RW 3577.0977 - published as Major but 10 ringers
1023C0-29EOKTue, 6 Nov 1979Quernhow Surprise Royal
1033C0-293OKSat, 17 Nov 1979New Cambridge Surprise Royal
1043C0-288OKTue, 4 Dec 1979Bristol Surprise Royal
1053C0-27DOKSun, 9 Dec 1979Bristol Surprise Royal
1063C0-272OKTue, 18 Dec 1979Double Norwich Court Bob Caters
1073C0-267OKTue, 1 Jan 1980Grandsire Caters
1083C0-25COKSat, 12 Jan 1980Clyde Surprise Royal
1093C0-251OKTue, 5 Feb 1980Spliced Surprise Royal (8 methods)
1103C0-246OKTue, 19 Feb 1980Grandsire Caters
1113C0-23BOKSat, 23 Feb 1980Bristol Surprise Royal
1123C0-230OKSat, 1 Mar 1980London No.3 Surprise Royal
1133C0-225OKTue, 18 Mar 1980Spliced Plain Major (2 methods)
RW 3598.0319
1143C0-21AOKTue, 25 Mar 1980Gilthorpe Surprise Royal
1153C0-20FOKSat, 29 Mar 1980Ulverscroft Surprise Royal
1163C0-204OKSat, 19 Apr 1980Cambridge Surprise Royal
1173C0-1F9OKTue, 22 Apr 1980Littleport Little Surprise Royal
1183C0-1EEOKSat, 3 May 1980Plain Bob Royal
1193C0-1E3OKTue, 6 May 1980Bristol Surprise Royal
1203C0-1D8OKTue, 20 May 1980Cambridge Surprise Royal
1213C0-1CDOKTue, 3 Jun 1980Ludgate Surprise Royal
1223C0-1C2OKTue, 10 Jun 1980London No.3 Surprise Royal
1233C0-1B7OKTue, 17 Jun 1980Derbyshire Surprise Royal
1243C0-1ACOKMon, 23 Jun 1980Grandsire Caters
1253C0-1A1OKTue, 1 Jul 1980Bristol Surprise Royal
1263C0-196OKSat, 12 Jul 1980Cambridge Surprise Royal
1273C0-18BOKTue, 29 Jul 1980Glamis Surprise Royal
1283C0-180OKMon, 11 Aug 1980Bristol Surprise Royal
1293C0-175OKThu, 28 Aug 1980Bristol Surprise Royal
1303C0-16AOKTue, 2 Sep 1980Savernake Surprise Royal
1313C0-15FOKSun, 7 Sep 1980Plain Bob Royal
1323C0-154OKTue, 16 Sep 1980Middlesex Surprise Royal
1333C0-149OKSat, 20 Sep 1980Yorkshire Surprise Royal
1343C0-13EOKTue, 7 Oct 1980Clyde Surprise Royal
1353C0-133OKSat, 8 Nov 1980Stedman Caters
1363C0-128OKTue, 18 Nov 1980Lanchester Surprise Royal
1373C0-11DOKSat, 22 Nov 1980Bristol Surprise Major
1383C0-112OKTue, 25 Nov 1980Bristol Surprise Royal
1393C0-107OKTue, 2 Dec 1980Zeuxite Surprise Royal
1403C0-0FCOKSun, 7 Dec 1980Worcester Surprise Royal
1413C0-0F1OKTue, 23 Dec 1980Yorkshire Surprise Royal
1423C0-0E6OKTue, 3 Feb 1981Wimborne Surprise Royal
1433C0-0DBOKSun, 15 Feb 1981Stedman Caters
1443C0-0D0OKTue, 17 Feb 1981Hemington Surprise Royal
1453C0-0C5OKSat, 7 Mar 1981Bristol Surprise Major
1463C0-0BAOKTue, 10 Mar 1981Nottingham Surprise Royal
1473C0-0AFOKTue, 17 Mar 1981Spliced Surprise Royal (4 methods)
1483C0-0A4OKSat, 21 Mar 1981Stedman Caters
1493C0-099OKSun, 29 Mar 1981Wembley Surprise Royal
1503C0-078OKTue, 31 Mar 1981Savernake Surprise Royal
RW 3660.0536
1513C0-08EOKTue, 5 May 1981Vicuna Surprise Royal
1523C0-083OKTue, 19 May 1981Clyde Surprise Royal
1533C0-06DOKTue, 2 Jun 1981Jutland Surprise Royal
1543C0-062OKTue, 9 Jun 1981Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
1553C0-057OKSat, 27 Jun 1981Grandsire Caters
1563C0-04COKTue, 30 Jun 1981Spliced Surprise Royal (8 methods)
1573C0-041OKSun, 5 Jul 1981Stedman Caters
1583C0-036OKTue, 14 Jul 1981London Surprise Major
1593C0-02BOKSun, 19 Jul 1981Christchurch Surprise Royal
1603C0-020OKTue, 21 Jul 1981Bristol Surprise Royal
1613C0-015OKTue, 28 Jul 1981Stedman Caters
1623C0-00AOKThu, 13 Aug 1981Rutland Surprise Royal
1633BF-FFFOKTue, 18 Aug 1981London No.3 Surprise Royal
1643BF-FF4OKTue, 25 Aug 1981Cambridge Surprise Major
1653BF-FE9OKThu, 17 Sep 1981Grandsire Caters
1663BF-FDEOKSun, 27 Sep 1981Xulon Surprise Royal
1673BF-FD3OKTue, 29 Sep 1981Faxfleet Surprise Royal
1683BF-FC8OKTue, 6 Oct 1981Elkstone Surprise Royal
1693BF-FBDOKFri, 16 Oct 1981Grandsire Major
1703BF-FB2OKTue, 20 Oct 1981Superlative No.2 Surprise Royal
1713BF-FA7OKSun, 25 Oct 1981Bristol Surprise Royal
1723BF-F9COKMon, 26 Oct 1981Yorkshire Surprise Royal
1733BF-F91OKTue, 27 Oct 1981Grandsire Caters
1743BF-F86OKTue, 3 Nov 1981Olympia Surprise Royal
1753BF-F7BOKSat, 7 Nov 1981Stedman Caters
1763BF-F70OKSun, 8 Nov 1981Plain Bob Doubles
1773BF-F65OKTue, 17 Nov 1981London No.2 Surprise Royal
RW 3686/3687.1110
1783BF-F5AOKSun, 22 Nov 1981Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 3686/3687.1116
1793BF-F44OKSat, 28 Nov 1981Yorkshire Surprise Major
1803BF-F39OKFri, 18 Dec 1981Bristol Surprise Royal
1813BF-F2EOKSun, 20 Dec 1981Bristol Surprise Major
1823BF-F23OKTue, 5 Jan 1982Bristol Surprise Royal
1833BF-F18OKSat, 9 Jan 1982Minor (7 methods)
1843BF-F0DOKTue, 19 Jan 1982Double Norwich Court Bob Caters
1853BF-F02OKSat, 30 Jan 1982Yorkshire Surprise Royal
1863BF-EF7OKTue, 2 Feb 1982Tissington Surprise Royal
1873BF-EECOKWed, 3 Feb 1982Grandsire Caters
1883BF-EE1OKMon, 8 Feb 1982Cambridge Surprise Royal
1893BF-ED6OKTue, 23 Feb 1982Plain Bob Royal
1903BF-ECBOKTue, 2 Mar 1982Grandsire Caters
1913BF-EC0OKFri, 5 Mar 1982Plain Bob Minor
1923BF-EB5OKSun, 7 Mar 1982Stedman Caters
1933BF-EAAOKTue, 16 Mar 1982Essex Surprise Royal
1943BF-E9FOKWed, 17 Mar 1982Stedman Doubles
1953BF-E94OKTue, 23 Mar 1982Shipway Royal
1963BF-E89OKSat, 27 Mar 1982Cambridge Surprise Royal
1973BF-E7EOKWed, 31 Mar 1982Stedman Triples
1983BF-E73OKSat, 10 Apr 1982Swindon Surprise Royal
1993BF-E68OKTue, 13 Apr 1982Bristol Surprise Royal
2003BF-E5DOKTue, 13 Apr 1982Minor (6 methods)

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