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43 valid peals for Kintbury, S Mary the Virgin, Berkshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
13D9-81DOK22 Jan 1955Minor (2 methods)
23D9-812OK14 Jul 1957Minor (7 methods)
33D9-807OK4 Dec 1971Double Oxford Bob Minor
Method auto corrected from Double Oxford Minor.
43D9-7FCOK22 Dec 1975Annable's London Surprise Minor
Method auto corrected from Annable's London Minor.
53D9-7F1OK22 Apr 1977Minor (7 methods)
63D9-7E6OK23 Dec 1977Minor (7 methods)
73D9-7DBOK13 Jan 1983Minor (7 methods)
83D9-7D0OK1 Jan 1987Minor (7 methods)
93D9-7C5OK12 Mar 1988Cambridge Surprise Minor
103D9-7BAOK5 Nov 1989Minor (3 methods)
1100C-ED8OK1 Jul 1990Doubles (4 methods / 4 variations)
RW 4136.0753
1200E-E84OK4 Jan 1992Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4216.0163
13012-F82OK7 Jan 1995Minor (3 methods)
RW 4374.0196
14014-5F8OK20 Jan 1996Plain Bob Major
RW 4426
15014-BD5OK27 Apr 1996Aldenham Surprise Major
RW 4440
16015-379OK10 Sep 1996Quabbs Surprise Major
RW 4462
17015-B2COK11 Jan 1997Portsea Delight Major
RW 4479
18016-6B4OK26 Jul 1997Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 4504
19017-573OK28 Mar 1998Ashdon Surprise Major
RW 4540
20017-AAEOK5 Jul 1998Kintbury Surprise Major
RW 4553
21017-EA3OK19 Sep 1998Stedman Triples
RW 4564
22019-A9COK29 Jan 2000Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4637
2301A-479OK14 Jul 2000East Bergholt Surprise Major
RW 4664
2401A-D45OK9 Dec 2000Zed Surprise Major
RW 4681
2501C-11DOK24 Nov 2001Tidworth Surprise Major
RW 4729
2601C-178OK30 Nov 2001Bamford Surprise Major
RW 4730
2701C-B66OK7 May 2002Lathkill Surprise Major
RW 4752
2801D-2B7OK2 Sep 2002Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 4771
2901D-6B3OK9 Nov 2002Alresford Surprise Major
RW 4779
3001E-012OK8 Apr 2003Xeranthemum Surprise Major
RW 4806.0542
3101E-A4BOK10 Oct 2003Bristol Surprise Major
RW 4827.1045
3201E-D64OK29 Nov 2003Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4834.1220
3301E-E39OK13 Dec 2003Horsham Surprise Major
RW 4837.0032
3401F-262OK17 Feb 2004Alwalton Surprise Major
RW 4846.0250
35020-72EOK15 Feb 2005Uxbridge Alliance Major
RW 4897.0208
36020-B0DOK23 Apr 2005Xi Surprise Major
RW 4907.0453
37021-4F5OK28 Oct 2005Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 4934.1110
38026-FE9OK17 Nov 2006Rutland Surprise Major
RW 4989.1173
39028-DC6OK5 Jun 2007Rutland Surprise Major
RW 5017.0642
40037-0E4OK16 Jul 2009Yorkshire Alliance Major
RW 5138.1046
41046-0A8OK16 Jul 2013Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
RW 5337.0803
42046-DE0OK10 Apr 2014Kintbury Delight Major
RW 5376.0493
43047-C5EOK16 Dec 2014Glasgow Surprise Major
RW 5412.0059

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