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38 valid peals for Kingsley, S Werburgh, Staffordshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
13DB-8C5OK5 Nov 1895Minor (4 methods)
Arch of Stoke on Trent
23DB-8BAOK11 May 1901Minor (7 methods)
Arch of Stoke on Trent
33DB-8AFOK1 Apr 1903Minor (4 methods)
43DB-8A4OK1 Mar 1905Minor (7 methods)
53DB-899OK11 Nov 1911Minor (7 methods)
63DB-88EOK17 Jan 1925Minor (5 methods)
73DB-883OK21 Nov 1925Plain Bob Minor
83DB-878OK6 Feb 1927Minor (5 methods)
93DB-86DOK6 Mar 1927Minor (5 methods)
103DB-862OK1 Oct 1927Minor (7 methods)
113DB-857OK26 Oct 1929Minor (7 methods)
123DB-84COK28 Dec 1931Minor (5 methods)
133DB-841OK13 Mar 1932Minor (7 methods)
143DB-836OK5 Jun 1932Minor (3 methods)
153DB-82BOK23 Oct 1932Minor (5 methods)
163DB-820OK4 Feb 1934Minor (4 methods)
173DB-815OK8 Feb 1936Minor (7 methods)
183DB-80AOK28 Nov 1936Minor (7 methods)
193DB-7FFOK19 Dec 1936Minor (7 methods)
203DB-7F4OK9 Mar 1937Minor (7 methods)
213DB-7E9OK22 May 1937Minor (7 methods)
223DB-7DEOK29 Oct 1948Plain Bob Minor
233DB-7D3OK17 Dec 1948Plain Bob Minor
243DB-7C8OK20 Aug 1949Minor (4 methods)
253DB-7BDOK7 Oct 1949Plain Bob Minor
263DB-7B2OK3 Mar 1951Ipswich Surprise Minor
273DB-7A7OK12 Jan 1952Plain Bob Minor
283DB-79COK29 Nov 1952Minor (7 methods)
293DB-791OK29 Dec 1952Minor (4 methods)
303DB-786OK17 Jul 1954Minor (7 methods)
313DB-77BOK19 Nov 1955Kent Treble Bob Minor
323DB-770OK4 Aug 1958Minor (4 methods)
333DB-765OK22 Aug 1961York Surprise Minor
RW 2630.0615
343DB-75AOK24 Oct 1964Minor (7 methods)
353DB-74FOK17 Apr 1965Minor (7 methods)
3600D-03BOK28 Jul 1990Surprise Minor (6 methods)
RW 4139.0822
37011-18FOK4 Sep 1993Minor (5 methods)
RW 4301.0976
38020-CAAOK20 May 2005Treble Dodging Minor (7 methods)
RW 4914.0625

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