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198 valid peals for Eccles, S Mary the Virgin, Lancashire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
144D-EAEOKMon, 2 Jan 1809Plain Bob Minor
MM 10.i.09
2503-1A1OKMon, 20 Jun 1825Plain Bob Major
MM 28.vi.25 (John Eisel)
3500-E2BOKThu, 7 Jun 1827Grandsire Triples
MCou 16.vi.27 (John Eisel)
4501-7AAOKMon, 8 Sep 1828Treble Bob Major
MCou 13.ix.28 - method not given (John Eisel)
5501-766OKMon, 8 Sep 1828Grandsire Triples
MCou 13.ix.28 (John Eisel)
6501-777OKMon, 8 Sep 1828Grandsire Triples
MCou 13.ix.28 (John Eisel) Three peals on the same day for re-opening after rehanging
744D-EA3OKMon, 12 Oct 1829Kent Treble Bob Major
(6,080) BL 1.xi.29; MorC 4.xi.29
8501-0B1OKSun, 17 May 1840Kent Treble Bob Major
MCou 23.v.40 (John Eisel)
944D-E98OKTue, 7 Mar 1848Grandsire Triples
1044D-E8DOKSat, 11 Nov 1854Kent Treble Bob Major
BL 19.xi.54; BN Sept 1881.58
1144D-E82OKMon, 6 Oct 1856Grandsire Triples
BL 19.x.56
1244D-E77OKFri, 25 Mar 1859Grandsire Triples
BL 17.iv.59
1344D-E6COKSat, 30 Mar 1861Grandsire Triples
BL 7.iv.61
1444D-E61OKSun, 30 Nov 1862Grandsire Triples
BL 14.xii.62
1544D-E56OKWed, 17 Jun 1863Grandsire Triples
BL 21.vi.63
16501-BEAOKSat, 26 Jan 1867Grandsire Triples
MCou 2.ii.67 (John Eisel)
1744D-E4BOKSat, 26 Oct 1867Grandsire Triples
BL 2.xi.67; MCou 4.xi.67
1844D-E40OKSat, 7 Dec 1867Grandsire Triples
BL 14.xii.67
1944D-E35OKSat, 14 Dec 1867Grandsire Triples
BL 21.xii.67
2044D-E2AOKSat, 21 Nov 1868Grandsire Triples
BL 28.xi.68
2144D-E1FOKSat, 30 Jul 1870Grandsire Triples
BL 6.viii.70
2244D-E14OKMon, 25 Dec 1871Grandsire Triples
CB.ii.91; BL 30.xii.71
23502-BDAOKSat, 16 Mar 1872Grandsire Triples
ChG 23.iii.72 (John Eisel)
2444D-E09OKSat, 29 Mar 1879Grandsire Triples
CB ix.211
2544D-DFEOKSat, 27 Nov 1880Grandsire Triples
CB xi.7
2644D-DF3OKMon, 21 Feb 1881Grandsire Triples
BN Mar 1881.13
2744D-DE8OKMon, 29 Aug 1881Grandsire Triples
BN Nov 1881.76
2844D-DDDOKMon, 5 Sep 1881Grandsire Triples
BN Nov 1881.76
2944D-DD2OKMon, 16 Jan 1882Grandsire Triples
CB xii.143
3044D-DC7OKMon, 28 Aug 1882Grandsire Triples
BN i.173
3144D-DBCOKSat, 18 Nov 1882Grandsire Triples
3244D-DB1OKMon, 18 Dec 1882Grandsire Triples
3344D-DA6OKMon, 25 Dec 1882Kent Treble Bob Major
3444D-D9BOKSat, 6 Jan 1883Grandsire Triples
3544D-D90OKSat, 27 Oct 1883Grandsire Triples
3644D-D85OKMon, 12 Nov 1883Plain Bob Major
3744D-D7AOKMon, 14 Jul 1884Grandsire Triples
3844D-D6FOKSat, 30 Aug 1884Grandsire Triples
3944D-D64OKMon, 8 Sep 1884Plain Bob Major
4044D-D59OKSat, 15 Nov 1884Grandsire Triples
4144D-D4EOKTue, 2 Dec 1884Kent Treble Bob Major
4244D-D43OKTue, 3 Feb 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
4344D-D38OKSat, 25 Apr 1885Grandsire Triples
4444D-D2DOKSat, 2 May 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
BN iv.44
4544D-D22OKMon, 6 Jul 1885Grandsire Triples
BN iv.125
4644D-D17OKSat, 25 Jul 1885Plain Bob Major
4744D-D0COKTue, 25 Aug 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
4844D-D01OKMon, 31 Aug 1885Plain Bob Major
4944D-CF6OKMon, 5 Oct 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
5044D-CEBOKMon, 2 Nov 1885Grandsire Major
5144D-CE0OKThu, 5 Nov 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
5244D-CD5OKThu, 12 Nov 1885Grandsire Triples
5344D-CCAOKMon, 7 Dec 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
5444D-CBFOKMon, 28 Dec 1885Kent Treble Bob Major
5544D-CB4OKSat, 13 Feb 1886Grandsire Major
5644D-CA9OKTue, 30 Mar 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
5744D-C9EOKMon, 10 May 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
5844D-C93OKThu, 20 May 1886Grandsire Triples
5944D-C88OKSat, 11 Sep 1886Plain Bob Major
6044D-C7DOKThu, 16 Sep 1886Grandsire Triples
6144D-C72OKSat, 30 Oct 1886Kent Treble Bob Major
6244D-C67OKFri, 12 Nov 1886Grandsire Triples
6344D-C5COKThu, 2 Dec 1886Plain Bob Major
6444D-C51OKMon, 3 Jan 1887Kent Treble Bob Major
6544D-C46OKTue, 11 Jan 1887Plain Bob Major
6644D-C3BOKSat, 21 May 1887Kent Treble Bob Major
6744D-C30OKMon, 12 Nov 1888Kent Treble Bob Major
6844D-C25OKMon, 9 Sep 1889Kent Treble Bob Major
6944D-C1AOKTue, 8 Oct 1889Double Norwich Court Bob Major
7044D-C0FOKTue, 12 Nov 1889Kent Treble Bob Major
7144D-C04OKTue, 4 Mar 1890Kent Treble Bob Major
7244D-BF9OKSat, 15 Nov 1890Kent Treble Bob Major
7344D-BEEOKMon, 28 Dec 1891Stedman Triples
7444D-BE3OKMon, 21 Mar 1892Kent Treble Bob Major
7544D-BD8OKTue, 20 Dec 1892Kent Treble Bob Major
7644D-BCDOKMon, 2 Jan 1893Kent Treble Bob Major
7744D-BC2OKTue, 10 Jan 1893Kent Treble Bob Major
7844D-BB7OKTue, 21 Mar 1893Kent Treble Bob Major
7944D-BACOKTue, 7 Aug 1894Kent Treble Bob Major
8044D-BA1OKTue, 4 Sep 1894Grandsire Triples
8144D-B96OKMon, 12 Nov 1894Kent Treble Bob Major
8244D-B8BOKMon, 3 Dec 1894Kent Treble Bob Major
8344D-B80OKMon, 4 Feb 1895Stedman Triples
8444D-B75OKMon, 25 Mar 1895Stedman Triples
8544D-B6AOKMon, 26 Aug 1895Stedman Triples
8644D-B5FOKTue, 17 Sep 1895Kent Treble Bob Major
8744D-B54OKTue, 1 Oct 1895Grandsire Triples
8844D-B49OKTue, 12 Nov 1895Kent Treble Bob Major
8944D-B3EOKMon, 7 Sep 1896Grandsire Triples
9044D-B33OKMon, 5 Oct 1896Stedman Triples
9144D-B28OKTue, 23 Feb 1897Stedman Triples
9244D-B1DOKMon, 21 Feb 1898Grandsire Triples
9344D-B12OKTue, 15 Mar 1898Grandsire Triples
9444D-B07OKTue, 19 Apr 1898Stedman Triples
9544D-AFCOKMon, 4 Jul 1898Grandsire Triples
9644D-AF1OKMon, 24 Oct 1898Stedman Triples
9744D-AE6OKMon, 31 Oct 1898Grandsire Triples
9844D-ADBOKThu, 22 Dec 1898Kent Treble Bob Major
9944D-AD0OKMon, 17 Apr 1899Plain Bob Major
10044D-AC5OKSat, 10 Jun 1899Stedman Triples

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