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16 valid peals for Appleford, SS Peter & Paul, Berkshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
14F5-426OK23 Feb 1924Grandsire Doubles
24F5-41BOK25 May 1950Minor (7 methods)
34F5-410OK20 Feb 1956Minor (18 methods)
44F5-405OK12 Nov 1957Minor (4 methods)
54F5-3FAOK24 Nov 1963Doubles (4 methods)
64F5-3EFOK24 Jan 1965Plain Bob Doubles
74F5-3E4OK12 Feb 1972Minor (4 methods)
84F5-3D9OK30 Apr 1972Minor (7 methods)
94F5-3CEOK23 Dec 1972Minor (7 methods)
104F5-3C3OK24 Nov 1973Minor (5 methods)
114F5-3B8OK26 Apr 1975Minor (7 methods)
124F5-3ADOK5 Jun 1976Minor (5 methods)
134F5-3A2OK23 Sep 1978Plain Bob Minor
144F5-397OK22 Jun 1979Minor (10 methods)
1500C-6EBOK4 Feb 1990Surprise Minor (20 methods)
RW 4115.0251
1600C-F06OK5 Jul 1990Bourne Surprise Minor
RW 4137.0778

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