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54 valid peals for Clewer, Windsor, S Andrew, Berkshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
147E-F13OK9 Sep 1909Grandsire Doubles
247E-F08OK8 Apr 1929Minor (3 methods)
347E-EFDOK22 Feb 1930Minor (7 methods)
447E-EF2OK16 Feb 1931Minor (7 methods)
547E-EE7OK18 Jun 1931Minor (7 methods)
647E-EDCOK18 Jan 1932Minor (7 methods)
747E-ED1OK21 Apr 1932Minor (8 methods)
847E-EC6OK9 Oct 1933Minor (7 methods)
947E-EBBOK13 Apr 1934Minor (7 methods)
1047E-EB0OK29 May 1937Minor (7 methods)
1147E-EA5OK23 Jul 1938Minor (7 methods)
1247E-E9AOK4 Sep 1943Minor (4 methods)
1347E-E8FOK29 Jan 1944Minor (7 methods)
1447E-E84OK24 Sep 1945Minor (4 methods)
Checker change month
1547E-E79OK14 Mar 1946Grandsire Doubles
1647E-E6EOK22 Nov 1947Plain Bob Minor
1747E-E63OK30 Nov 1948Minor (3 methods)
1847E-E58OK30 Nov 1949Grandsire Doubles
1947E-E4DOK31 Dec 1949Plain Bob Minor
2047E-E42OK12 Apr 1951Plain Bob Minor
2147E-E37OK30 Apr 1951Plain Bob Doubles
2247E-E2COK17 May 1951Doubles (4 methods)
2347E-E21OK28 May 1951Doubles (3 methods)
2447E-E16OK19 Jun 1951Doubles (10 methods)
2547E-E0BOK20 Oct 1951Plain Bob Minor
2647E-E00OK27 Oct 1951Grandsire Doubles
2747E-DF5OK15 Nov 1951Doubles (5 methods)
2847E-DEAOK30 Nov 1951Doubles (21 methods)
2947E-DDFOK7 Feb 1952Doubles (2 methods)
3047E-DD4OK8 Aug 1952Doubles (2 methods)
3147E-DC9OK27 Jan 1953Plain Bob Minor
3247E-DBEOK13 Feb 1953Minor (10 methods)
3347E-DB3OK28 Feb 1953Oxford Treble Bob Minor
RW 2189.0164
3447E-D9DOK17 Mar 1953Doubles (4 methods)
RW 2193.0230
3547E-DA8OK28 Mar 1953Minor (2 methods)
RW 2193.0228
3647E-D92OK2 Jun 1953Doubles (5 methods)
3747E-D87OK13 Jun 1953Plain Bob Minor
3847E-D7COK2 Sep 1955Plain Bob Minor
3947E-D71OK1 Oct 1955Minor (5 methods)
4047E-D66OK17 Jul 1956Minor (7 methods)
4147E-D5BOK13 Dec 1956Minor (7 methods)
4247E-D50OK15 Feb 1957Doubles (7 methods)
4347E-D45OK29 Jan 1958Minor (7 methods)
4447E-D3AOK30 Jun 1958Doubles (22 methods)
4547E-D2FOK12 Jul 1958Minor (7 methods)
4647E-D24OK4 Feb 1968Minor (4 methods)
4747E-D19OK30 Nov 1974Plain Bob Minor
4847E-D0EOK29 Nov 1975Cambridge Surprise Minor
4947E-D03OK28 Nov 1987Plain Bob Minor
5000D-83AOK18 Dec 1990Plain Bob Minor
RW 4161.0088
51010-145OK1 Dec 1992Surprise Minor (7 methods)
RW 4264.0053
52011-6CEOK30 Nov 1993Cambridge Surprise Minor
RW 4317.0060
53037-5E5OK12 Sep 2009Doubles (4 methods)
RW 5139.1070
5412E-39DOK30 Nov 2018Doubles (6 methods)
RW 5617.1296

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