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410 valid peals for Chesterfield, S Mary & All Saints, Derbyshire, England.

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201 to 300 out of 410 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
201281-4003OKSat, 4 Jul 1914Oxford Treble Bob Royal
202281-4016OKMon, 3 Aug 1914Stedman Caters
203281-4027OKSat, 21 Nov 1914Plain Bob Major
204281-4034OKMon, 21 Dec 1914Grandsire Caters
205281-4042OKMon, 24 May 1915Kent Treble Bob Royal
206281-4050OKMon, 2 Aug 1915Kent Treble Bob Royal
207281-4069OKSat, 21 Aug 1915Oxford Treble Bob Royal
208281-4075OKSat, 9 Oct 1915Oxford Treble Bob Royal
209281-4088OKSat, 20 Nov 1915Little Bob Royal
210281-4091OKSat, 26 Jan 1918Kent Treble Bob Royal
211281-4109OKSat, 2 Feb 1918Grandsire Caters
212281-4114OKSat, 6 Apr 1918Plain Bob Royal
213281-4123OKSat, 27 Jul 1918Stedman Caters
214281-4138OKSat, 7 Sep 1918Plain Bob Royal
215281-4146OKSat, 16 Nov 1918Plain Bob Major
216281-4151OKThu, 26 Dec 1918Kent Treble Bob Royal
217281-4167OKSat, 8 Feb 1919Kent Treble Bob Royal
218281-4172OKSat, 8 Mar 1919Stedman Caters
219281-4180OKSat, 31 May 1919Kent Treble Bob Royal
220281-4195OKSat, 18 Oct 1919Stedman Caters
221281-4205OKSat, 13 Mar 1920Grandsire Caters
222281-4218OKSat, 22 May 1920Grandsire Caters
223281-4226OKSat, 7 Aug 1920Stedman Caters
224281-4239OKFri, 24 Dec 1920Kent Treble Bob Major
225281-4247OKMon, 27 Dec 1920London Surprise Major
226281-4252OKSat, 29 Jan 1921Yorkshire Surprise Royal
227281-4260OKSat, 11 Jun 1921Grandsire Caters
228281-4271OKWed, 22 Jun 1921Plain Bob Major
229281-4283OKSat, 30 Jul 1921Plain Bob Royal
230281-4294OKSat, 13 Aug 1921Kent Treble Bob Royal
231281-4302OKSat, 19 Nov 1921Oxford Treble Bob Major
232281-4315OKWed, 4 Jan 1922Plain Bob Major
233281-4328OKSat, 14 Jan 1922Cambridge Surprise Major
234281-4331OKSat, 10 Jun 1922Spliced Treble Bob Royal (2 methods)
RW 0587.0371 No of methods from Midland CA report
235281-4344OKSat, 5 Aug 1922Double Norwich Court Bob Major
236281-4353OKSat, 21 Oct 1922Stedman Caters
237281-4366OKSat, 16 Dec 1922Norfolk Surprise Major
238281-4377OKTue, 26 Dec 1922Kent Treble Bob Royal
239281-4389OKWed, 24 Jan 1923Plain Bob Major
240281-4390OKSat, 10 Feb 1923Grandsire Caters
241281-4408OKSat, 17 Mar 1923Double Norwich Court Bob Major
242281-4419OKMon, 4 Aug 1947Stedman Caters
243281-4424OKSat, 22 Nov 1947Plain Bob Royal
244281-4435OKSat, 1 May 1948Kent Treble Bob Royal
245281-4443OKFri, 13 Aug 1948Plain Bob Royal
246281-4456OKSat, 26 Mar 1949Kent Treble Bob Royal
247281-4462OKSat, 30 Apr 1949Little Bob Royal
248281-4470OKSat, 29 Oct 1949Cambridge Surprise Royal
249281-4481OKSat, 17 Jun 1950Plain Bob Royal
250281-4497OKSat, 28 Oct 1950Cambridge Surprise Major
251281-4504OKSat, 21 Apr 1951Stedman Caters
252281-4512OKSat, 5 May 1951Spliced Surprise Royal (2 methods)
253281-4520OKSat, 9 Jun 1951New Cambridge Surprise Royal
254281-4536OKSat, 21 Jul 1951New Cambridge Surprise Royal
255281-4548OKSat, 14 Jun 1952Yorkshire Surprise Royal
256281-4557OKSat, 14 Mar 1953Stedman Caters
257281-4561OKSat, 6 Mar 1954Erin Caters
258281-4573OKMon, 7 Jun 1954Grandsire Triples
259281-4585OKWed, 13 Apr 1955Yorkshire Surprise Royal
260281-4599OKMon, 30 May 1955Yorkshire Surprise Royal
261281-4600OKSat, 18 Jun 1955Kent Treble Bob Royal
262281-4613OKMon, 2 Apr 1956Kent Treble Bob Royal
263281-4621OKWed, 5 Sep 1956Cambridge Surprise Royal
264281-4637OKMon, 4 Aug 1958Kent Treble Bob Royal
265281-4645OKWed, 8 Jul 1959Little Bob Royal
266281-4659OKMon, 26 Dec 1960Cambridge Surprise Royal
267281-4668OKSat, 20 Jul 1963London No.3 Surprise Royal
268281-4676OKWed, 26 Jan 1966Yorkshire Surprise Royal
269281-4684OKMon, 29 May 1967Cambridge Surprise Royal
270281-4692OKTue, 26 Dec 1967Yorkshire Surprise Royal
271281-4707OKWed, 23 Oct 1968Yorkshire Surprise Royal
272281-4710OKFri, 26 Dec 1969Yorkshire Surprise Royal
273281-4729OKWed, 1 Apr 1970Cambridge Surprise Royal
274281-4732OKWed, 26 Aug 1970Cambridge Surprise Royal
275281-4741OKSat, 26 Dec 1970Kent Treble Bob Royal
276281-4755OKSun, 31 Jan 1971Yorkshire Surprise Royal
277281-4764OKSun, 24 Jun 1973Plain Bob Major
278281-4778OKSun, 23 Mar 1975Kent Treble Bob Royal
279281-4786OKSun, 26 Sep 1976Kent Treble Bob Royal
280281-4793OKWed, 29 Dec 1976Yorkshire Surprise Major
281281-4801OKSun, 6 Mar 1977Minor (3 methods)
282281-4817OKMon, 11 Apr 1977Cambridge Surprise Royal
283281-4825OKTue, 7 Jun 1977Plain Bob Royal
284281-4830OKMon, 29 Aug 1977Wembley Surprise Royal
285281-4849OKWed, 26 Oct 1977Plain Bob Royal
286281-4858OKSun, 12 Nov 1978Plain Bob Royal
287281-4863OKSat, 13 Jan 1979Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
288281-4874OKSun, 30 Sep 1979Stedman Caters
289281-4882OKSun, 28 Oct 1979Ewerby Surprise Royal
RW 3578.0995
290281-4896OKSun, 19 Oct 1980Cambridge Surprise Royal
291281-4906OKFri, 2 Jan 1981Braunstone Surprise Royal
292281-4911OKSun, 25 Oct 1981Yorkshire Surprise Royal
293281-4922OKThu, 12 Nov 1981Plain Bob Minor
294281-4933OKSun, 7 Feb 1982Bristol Surprise Royal
295281-4940OKSun, 27 Jun 1982Pudsey Surprise Royal
296281-4954OKSun, 12 Sep 1982Cambridge Surprise Royal
297281-4965OKSun, 17 Oct 1982Plain Bob Royal
298281-4979OKWed, 29 Dec 1982Plain Bob Royal
299281-4987OKSun, 27 Feb 1983Grandsire Caters
300281-4998OKSun, 17 Apr 1983Stedman Caters

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