Felstead Database - Other Peal Databases

Whilst the Felstead database contains details of more peals than any other it is restricted to brief details of towerbell peals. There are no details of handbell peals in the Felstead database. The brief details consist of date of peal, place where the peal was rung and the method(s) rung.

Ancient Society of College Youths

BellBoard is The Ringing World's own website for inputting peal, quarter peal and other information for publication in The Ringing World.

PealBase contains full details of all peals rung since 1st January 1913. Earlier years' data is being added to PealBase. You can obtain details of your peals from PealBase in a variety of formats although a small charge is levied to help cover the costs of importing data into and maintaining PealBase. In particular you can obtain a file of your peals suitable for importing into WinRK, Peal Records or Philip Saddleton's free PealBook software.

www.peals.co.uk is a database set up by the late William J Hall. It contains brief details of all peals rung since 1st January 1985. The site is being maintained by The Ringing World and the site now contains full details of peals rung since late 2004.

Ranmoor Peals Index contains details of peals rung at St John the Evangelist, Ranmoor, Sheffield

North Staffordshire Association Peal Database contains details of all peals that have been rung for the North Staffordshire Association

Staffordshire Peals provides details of all peals rung at towers which have ever been classified as in the county of Staffordshire.