Felstead Database - List peals of Middlesex Surprise Royal

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1455-1592OK20 Nov 1922London, Lower Thames Street, S Magnus the Martyr, Middlesex
RW 0611.0754
2437-8465OK2 Dec 1922West Ham, All Saints, Essex
3439-2135OK3 Mar 1923Westminster, S Clement Danes, Middlesex
RW 0625.0147
4439-2203OK25 Oct 1924Westminster, S Clement Danes, Middlesex
RW 0711.0691
5439-5043OK12 Nov 1926Westminster, S Margaret, Middlesex
RW 0817.0722
6333-8943OK22 Feb 1969Hillingdon, S John the Baptist, Middlesex
RW 3023.0249
7238-1692OK20 Jul 1975Accrington, S James, Lancashire
8355-5342OK16 Sep 1980Lockington, S Nicholas, Leicestershire
9320-3393OK4 Feb 1984Greenwich, S Alfege, Kent
RW 3802.0214
10406-2365OK27 Mar 1984Shoreditch, S Leonard, Middlesex
(12,000) RW 3812.0430
11373-7037OK1 Feb 1986Newbury, S Nicolas, Berkshire
12244-0807OK14 Feb 1988Ashton under Lyne, S Michael & All Angels, Lancashire
13437-9646OK20 Jul 1989West Ham, All Saints, Essex
14141-0242OK21 Nov 1993Accrington, S James, Lancashire
RW 4312.1239
15145-6994OK12 Nov 1994Blackburn, S Mary the Virgin, Lancashire
RW 4364.1242
16151-0512OK20 Dec 1995Accrington, S James, Lancashire
RW 4421
17156-5830OK5 Feb 1997Edenham, S Michael, Lincolnshire
RW 4480
18158-4941OK13 Jul 1997Bathwick, Bath, Blessed Virgin Mary, Somerset
RW 4502
19160-4361OK29 Nov 1997Westminster, S Margaret, Middlesex
RW 4524
20161-8486OK21 Mar 1998Bury St Edmunds, S James, Suffolk
RW 4538
21164-2380OK17 Oct 1998Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth, S John the Evangelist, Devon
RW 4568
22165-7065OK16 Jan 1999Hillingdon, S John the Baptist, Middlesex
RW 4585
23177-9241OK7 Nov 2001Blackburn, S Mary the Virgin, Lancashire
RW 4726
24222-8045OK7 Jan 2012Banbury, S Mary, Oxfordshire
RW 5258.0114
25224-6194OK30 Jun 2012Exeter, S Mark, Devon
RW 5282.0741
26226-1154OK20 Oct 2012Warnham, S Margaret, Sussex
RW 5298.1166
27227-6891OK25 Feb 2013London, Fleet Street, S Dunstan in the West, Middlesex
RW 5316.0255
28473-5039OK3 Dec 2018Birmingham, S Paul, Warwickshire
RW 5619.0011
29476-1734OK10 Aug 2019Basingstoke, All Saints, Hampshire
RW 5654.0871

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