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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungPlace
1269-0103FALSE12 Apr 1910Bristol, S Stephen the Martyr, Gloucestershire
BN xxix.164 False (BN xxix.262) - Richard Allton
2269-0127FALSE26 Aug 1919Bristol, S Stephen the Martyr, Gloucestershire
False (Mick Hobbs)
3285-9280FALSE13 May 1933Coalbrookdale, Telford, Holy Trinity, Shropshire
4395-6854FALSE19 May 1934Ripon, SS Peter & Wilfrid, Yorkshire
RW 1210.0338 False - Yorks Ass'n records
5358-2074FALSE16 Mar 1963Loughborough, All Saints, Leicestershire
RW 2710.0217 - False - RW 2715.0292
6345-1688FALSE13 Jun 1970Kings Norton, S Nicolas, Warwickshire
RW 3090.0560 - False - RW 4287.0621
7342-2425FALSE22 Nov 1975Isleworth, All Saints, Middlesex
RW 3373/3374.1060 - False - RW 4282.0508
8299-2896FALSE25 Jan 1986Duffield, S Alkmund, Derbyshire
RW 3904.0158 - Published as rung 26th January - False - RW 4280.0441
9379-9099FALSE9 Jun 1987Nottingham, S Peter with S James, Nottinghamshire
RW 3978.0668 - False - RW 4280.0441
10237-0062FALSE30 Jul 2011Daventry, Holy Cross, Northamptonshire
RW 9011
11463-5775FALSE11 Jun 2016Beeston, S John the Baptist, Nottinghamshire
Not published in The Ringing World

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