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Simple Search

There are two kinds of search available. Simple and Advanced.

The Simple Search will find those records that exactly match the text you enter. Thus a simple search for Cambridge Surprise Major will only find those records with a method of exactly Cambridge Surprise Major. Unfortunately, the Felstead database is not always consistent and sometimes this method might be recorded as Cambridge Major.

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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search gives you more control and scope. You can use the + and - characters to specify which words must or must not appear in your results. A + means that the following word must exist in the method name. A - means that the following word must not exist in the method name.

For example, the word Surprise is occasionally omitted. A search for 'Cambridge Surprise Major' might be better entered as +Cambridge +Major -Delight -Treble -Bob as this should display a list of methods that contains the words Cambridge and Major but does not contain the words Delight, Treble or Bob.

You may specify the method name in double quotes e.g. "Bob Minor". This should display all the peals that have Bob Minor in that order as part of the method name.

You can specify a trailing * to indicate a wild card. For example "Cam*' will list Camel Delight Major as well as Cambridge Surprise Maximus.

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