Felstead Database - Found an error?

The Felstead Database contains brief details of over 300,000 towerbell peals. Inevitably there will be errors in the data and also in the software that drives the system. If you find an error then it would be helpful if you can send details to either Alan Baldock who is responsible for the actual peal data or to Andrew Craddock who is responsible for the website and back office software. Use this email address for reporting errors: errors@felstead.org.uk.

We're both busy people and looking after the Felstead database is labour of love. Please make our life a little easier by being as precise as possible when describing any errors. In particular, please use the PealBase Id when referring to any peal. It is not a lot of help to say something like peal number 50 on the Loughborough Bellfoundry page should have be recorded against Loughborough, All Saints because the peal might have been moved already and there would be a risk of moving a second unrelated peal.

It would also be helpful to use TowerBase identifiers as well as the tower name when referring to towers. TowerBase identifiers are used in many applications including Dove On-Line, John Ketteringham's library of bell recordings as well as TowerBase itself.