Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

19 valid peals for Horsleydown, Southwark, S John, Surrey, England.

Lost Ring 1940: Ring destroyed

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
12AA-108OK19 Jan 1784Grandsire Caters
RCY; CB vi.259; RW 1942 p.456 & 1943 p.123
22AA-113OK19 Jan 1784Treble Bob Royal
CY; RW 1942 p.456 & 1943 p.123
32AA-0FDOK14 Feb 1785Plain Bob Royal
42AA-0F2OK27 Feb 1785Grandsire Caters
5500-402OK16 Jan 1786Oxford Treble Bob Royal
(6,000) MorC 19.i.86 (John Eisel)
62AA-0E7OK28 May 1787Stedman Caters
CY; DUR 31.v.87 (27th); GNDA 1.vi.87; CR 333; CR 630 The first peal of Stedman Caters
72AA-0DCOK23 Sep 1787Grandsire Royal
RCY; CR 631 The first peal of Grandsire Royal
82AA-0D1OK12 Feb 1792Grandsire Caters
92AA-0C6OK16 Feb 1794Oxford Treble Bob Royal
RCY; CB vi.259
102AA-0BBOK4 Nov 1798Grandsire Caters
112AA-0B0OK15 Dec 1800Grandsire Caters
Surrey Youths; EJO
122AA-0A5OK13 Jun 1820Treble Bob Royal
RCY; CB vi.319
132AA-09AOK14 Oct 1823Grandsire Caters
JCY; MA 16.x.23; MP 17.x.23; MJ 28.x.23
142AA-08FOK17 Nov 1851Stedman Caters
152AA-084OK8 Nov 1856Stedman Caters
BL 16.xi.56
162AA-079OK19 Jan 1857Grandsire Caters
CY; BL 25.i.57
172AA-06EOK23 Jan 1875Grandsire Caters
RCY; CB v.115; BL 30.i.75
182AA-063OK16 Feb 1884Grandsire Triples
BN ii.558
192AA-058OK13 Jun 1885Grandsire Triples
BN iv.92

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