Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

322 valid peals for Shepton Beauchamp, S Michael, Somerset, England.

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1 to 100 out of 322 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
133B-CFDOK8 Feb 1908Grandsire Triples
233B-CF2OK1 Aug 1927Grandsire Triples
333B-CE7OK16 Dec 1933Kent Treble Bob Major
433B-CDCOK11 Aug 1934Spliced Treble Bob Major (2 methods)
533B-CD1OK21 Dec 1935Double Norwich Court Bob Major
633B-CC6OK28 Mar 1948Grandsire Triples
733B-CBBOK23 Oct 1948Plain Bob Major
833B-CB0OK28 Oct 1950Double Norwich Court Bob Major
933B-CA5OK27 Oct 1951Plain Bob Major
1033B-C9AOK28 Dec 1959Plain Bob Major
1133B-C8FOK3 Oct 1964Grandsire Triples
1233B-C84OK4 Dec 1965Rutland Surprise Major
1333B-C79OK13 Aug 1966Stedman Triples
1433B-C6EOK14 Jan 1967St Clement's College Bob Triples
Method auto corrected from St Clement's Bob Triples.
1533B-C63OK27 Jan 1968Aldenham Surprise Major
1633B-C58OK21 Dec 1968Doubles (76 methods)
1733B-C4DOK24 May 1969Plain Bob Major
1833B-C42OK28 Aug 1969Double Norwich Court Bob Major
1933B-C37OK31 Jul 1972Rutland Surprise Major
2033B-C2COK8 Sep 1973Lincolnshire Surprise Major
2133B-C21OK12 Apr 1975Grandsire Triples
2233B-C16OK21 Jul 1976Yorkshire Surprise Major
2333B-C0BOK11 Jun 1977Pudsey Surprise Major
2433B-C00OK21 Oct 1978Grandsire Triples
2533B-BF5OK18 Oct 1980Plain Bob Major
2633B-BEAOK27 Oct 1982Cambridge Surprise Major
2700E-26BOK22 Jun 1991Grandsire Triples
RW 4185.0670
2800F-CA2OK12 Sep 1992Stedman Triples
RW 4252.1035
29011-F5BOK16 Apr 1994London Surprise Major
RW 4336.0557
30015-0A0OK22 Jul 1996Superlative Surprise Major
RW 4454.0908
31017-D2COK22 Aug 1998Grandsire Triples
RW 4564
3201A-83EOK10 Sep 2000Grandsire Caters
RW 4668
3301B-206OK25 Feb 2001Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4691.0295
3401B-DDFOK29 Sep 2001Rutland Surprise Major
RW 4721
3501B-FCFOK3 Nov 2001Stedman Triples
RW 4729
3601C-21FOK8 Dec 2001Primethorpe Surprise Royal
RW 4733
3701C-4F2OK22 Jan 2002Plain Bob Royal
RW 4737
3801C-AAEOK27 Apr 2002Imperial Surprise Royal
RW 4752
3901C-D8DOK4 Jun 2002Grandsire Doubles
RW 4757
4001C-FE5OK13 Jul 2002Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4763
4101D-346OK14 Sep 2002Stedman Caters
RW 4771
4201D-378OK17 Sep 2002Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4771
4301D-4A3OK5 Oct 2002Mercia Delight Royal
RW 4777
4401D-78BOK23 Nov 2002Rutland Surprise Royal
RW 4781
4501D-AA9OK4 Jan 2003Stedman Caters
RW 4787.0081
4601D-C73OK6 Feb 2003Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
RW 4792.0199
4701E-2A5OK24 May 2003Grandsire Triples
RW 4809.0607
4801E-5A4OK19 Jul 2003Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4815.0757
4901E-621OK26 Jul 2003Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4819.0851
5001E-901OK20 Sep 2003Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4824.0971
5101E-DD7OK6 Dec 2003Stedman Caters
RW 4836.0008
5201F-0CBOK22 Jan 2004Spliced Surprise Royal (2 methods)
RW 4843.0177
5301F-40BOK18 Mar 2004Yorkshire Surprise Royal
RW 4849.0321
5401F-52DOK8 Apr 2004Stedman Caters
RW 4853.0420
5501F-680OK29 Apr 2004Stedman Triples
RW 4856.0493
5601F-824OK27 May 2004Pudsey Surprise Major
RW 4860.0588
5701F-8C2OK8 Jun 2004Cambridge Surprise Royal
RW 4861.0612
5801F-D91OK7 Sep 2004Stedman Caters
RW 4882.1116
59020-077OK30 Oct 2004Stedman Cinques
RW 4882.1116
60020-1A7OK16 Nov 2004Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4884.1166
61020-36DOK14 Dec 2004Kent Treble Bob Maximus
RW 4891.0056
62020-42BOK28 Dec 2004Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4892.0080
63020-49COK1 Jan 2005Grandsire Cinques
RW 4894.0128
64020-5F2OK25 Jan 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4895.0156
65020-6B9OK8 Feb 2005Stedman Caters
RW 4896.0182
66020-822OK4 Mar 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4900.0283
67020-867OK8 Mar 2005Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4900.0283
68020-AA5OK16 Apr 2005Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4906.0428
69020-B3COK24 Apr 2005Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4907.0454
70020-D0BOK28 May 2005Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4912.0572
71020-D31OK30 May 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4912.0572
72020-D6AOK4 Jun 2005Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4913.0597
73020-E91OK28 Jun 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4916.0669
74020-EF0OK5 Jul 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4920.0773
75020-F52OK12 Jul 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4918.0718
76021-0DDOK13 Aug 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4923.0849
77021-37BOK4 Oct 2005Stedman Cinques
RW 4930.1014
78021-488OK22 Oct 2005Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4933.1085
79021-554OK5 Nov 2005Avon Delight Maximus
RW 4935.1130
80021-694OK26 Nov 2005Superlative Surprise Maximus
RW 4938.1220
81021-7FBOK18 Dec 2005Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4942.0033
82021-98AOK10 Jan 2006Stedman Cinques
RW 4945.0107
83021-AEDOK4 Feb 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4949.0205
84021-DEFOK1 Apr 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4962.0525
85021-E46OK8 Apr 2006Spliced Maximus (4 methods)
RW 4957.0401
86024-634OK13 Apr 2006Stedman Triples
RW 4963.0549
87021-EBFOK20 Apr 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4961.0503
88024-25FOK25 May 2006Stedman Cinques
RW 4964.0573
89024-788OK15 Jul 2006Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 4971.0741
90025-B8COK24 Aug 2006Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 4982.1008
91026-D96OK26 Sep 2006Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 4982.1005
92026-EF0OK4 Nov 2006Spliced Maximus (4 methods)
RW 4987.1125
93026-F3FOK11 Nov 2006Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4988.1149
94027-3CFOK27 Jan 2007Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 4999.0166
95028-9A4OK31 Mar 2007Stedman Cinques
RW 5008.0395
96028-BDAOK21 Apr 2007Stedman Cinques
RW 5011.0494
97028-D76OK28 May 2007Bristol Surprise Maximus
RW 5020.0713
98028-EC9OK26 Jun 2007Pudsey Surprise Royal
RW 5020.0713
99028-FA8OK5 Jul 2007Cambridge Surprise Maximus
RW 5025.0835
100028-FECOK14 Jul 2007Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 5023.0785

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