Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

295 valid peals for Pershore, S Andrew's Parish Centre, Worcestershire, England.

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201 to 295 out of 295 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
201038-94AOK19 Dec 2009Grandsire Triples
RW 5152.0069
202038-AD3OK19 Jan 2010Septuagenarian Delight Major
RW 5154.0119
203038-C54OK16 Feb 2010Bevan's Delight Major
RW 5158.0221
204038-DD5OK16 Mar 2010Queen Eleanor Surprise Major
RW 5162.0320
205038-FBAOK20 Apr 2010Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5167.0475
206039-F11OK17 Aug 2010Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5184.0890
20703A-F49OK19 Oct 2010Belgrave Surprise Major
RW 5194.1136
20803B-61COK16 Nov 2010Ashtead Surprise Major
RW 5197.1207
20903C-A44OK15 Feb 2011Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5210.0208
21003D-52COK19 Apr 2011Superlative Surprise Major
RW 5219.0466
21103D-82BOK17 May 2011Clayhanger Delight Major
RW 5223.0562
21203D-AF6OK21 Jun 2011Tremille Surprise Major
RW 5228.0702
21303F-DB8OK20 Sep 2011Rutland Surprise Major
RW 5241.1018
214040-A86OK18 Oct 2011Sandringham Surprise Major
RW 5245.1117
215041-AE1OK20 Dec 2011Mortlake Surprise Major
RW 5256.0066
216041-E03OK17 Jan 2012Falinge Surprise Major
RW 5259.0139
217042-59FOK20 Mar 2012Evesham Surprise Major
RW 5268.0372
218042-C54OK17 Apr 2012Aldenham Surprise Major
RW 5271.0447
219042-DA0OK29 Apr 2012Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5273.0527
220042-F0EOK15 May 2012Yarkhill Surprise Major
RW 5276.0599
221043-82AOK19 Jun 2012Pershore Surprise Major
RW 5280.0695
222044-385OK28 Aug 2012Horncastle Surprise Major
RW 5291.0998
223045-120OK13 Nov 2012Wye Surprise Major
RW 5302.1263
224045-002OK17 Nov 2012Cambridge Surprise Minor
RW 5310.0112
225045-309OK11 Dec 2012Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 5306.0011
226045-3D7OK18 Dec 2012Christmas Delight Major
RW 5308.0062
227045-6E7OK8 Jan 2013Nutter Delight Major
RW 5309.0089
228045-912OK16 Feb 2013Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods)
RW 5315.0230
229045-AB0OK19 Mar 2013Lambourn Surprise Major
RW 5326.0536
230045-F5COK18 Jun 2013Ytterbium Surprise Major
RW 5333.0704
231046-0A7OK16 Jul 2013Superlative Surprise Major
RW 5336.0773
232046-262OK20 Aug 2013Quedgeley Surprise Major
RW 5342.0930
233046-3A7OK17 Sep 2013Zebbug Delight Major
RW 5347.1054
234046-6EAOK19 Nov 2013Somerset Surprise Major
RW 5355.1247
235046-85EOK17 Dec 2013Pershore Alliance Major
RW 5359.0036
236046-A0FOK21 Jan 2014Wembley Surprise Major
RW 5363.0140
237046-DF4OK12 Apr 2014Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5375.0470
238047-373OK19 Aug 2014Wimbledon Common Surprise Major
RW 5393.0922
239047-4AAOK16 Sep 2014Bristol Surprise Major
RW 5397.1018
240047-663OK21 Oct 2014Clayworth Delight Major
RW 5402.1139
241047-AFEOK18 Nov 2014Munxar Delight Major
RW 5406.1238
242047-C5DOK16 Dec 2014Fiskerton Delight Major
RW 5411.0036
243047-DF0OK20 Jan 2015Phoenix Delight Major
RW 5415.0139
244047-FFCOK17 Feb 2015Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 5423.0331
245047-FFDOK17 Mar 2015Nettleham Surprise Major
RW 5423.0331
246048-1FAOK21 Apr 2015Easingwold Surprise Major
RW 5429.0507
247048-2A0OK19 May 2015Heffalump Surprise Major
RW 5432.0578
248048-401OK16 Jun 2015Aldenham Surprise Major
RW 5438.0724
249048-5E7OK21 Jul 2015Virginstow Surprise Major
RW 5441.0795
250048-6CDOK18 Aug 2015Widecombe-in-the-Moor Delight Major
RW 5445.0890
251049-81FOK15 Sep 2015Magna Carta Delight Major
RW 5449.0986
252049-CB7OK20 Oct 2015Elmesthorpe Delight Major
RW 5454.1107
253049-E24OK17 Nov 2015Lincolnshire Surprise Major
RW 5458.1203
254049-FDFOK15 Dec 2015Downton Abbey Surprise Major
RW 5463.0035
25504A-012OK19 Dec 2015Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5463.0035
25604A-417OK15 Mar 2016Isle Of Ely Delight Major
RW 5476.0343
25704A-59DOK19 Apr 2016Xiri Delight Major
RW 5480.0442
25804A-6F3OK17 May 2016Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5484.0570
25904A-87DOK21 Jun 2016Turramurra Surprise Major
RW 5492.0779
26004A-992OK19 Jul 2016Lye Delight Major
RW 5493.0802
26104A-AB6OK16 Aug 2016Kiwi Surprise Major
RW 5497.0898
26204A-C2BOK20 Sep 2016Carmarthen Surprise Major
RW 5502.1021
26304A-EB7OK15 Nov 2016Pershore Alliance Major
RW 5522.0188
26404A-F9EOK3 Dec 2016Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5513.1306
26504B-044OK20 Dec 2016Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5518.0081
26604B-195OK17 Jan 2017Ashworth Surprise Major
RW 5519.0106
26704B-444OK21 Mar 2017Pershore Surprise Major
RW 5528.0323
26804B-7E3OK20 Jun 2017Westhoughton Delight Major
RW 5542.0698
26904B-BA5OK19 Sep 2017Yelling Delight Major
RW 5554.0989
27004B-E95OK21 Nov 2017Oswaldtwistle Surprise Major
RW 5563.1209
27104B-FE9OK19 Dec 2017Christmas Steps Treble Bob Major
RW 5570.0083
27204C-127OK16 Jan 2018Birthday Delight Major
RW 5576.0231
27312D-7EDOK20 Feb 2018Wychwood Surprise Major
RW 5576.0231
27412D-906OK20 Mar 2018Misterton Surprise Major
RW 5580.0330
27512D-A27OK17 Apr 2018Pinetrees Surprise Major
RW 5585.0451
27612D-B59OK15 May 2018Malham Delight Major
RW 5588.0522
27712D-CC8OK19 Jun 2018Gateacre Surprise Major
RW 5593.0650
27812D-D98OK13 Jul 2018Uxbridge Surprise Major
RW 5598.0768
27912D-DB9OK17 Jul 2018Fluorine Surprise Major
RW 5599.0792
28012D-F0EOK21 Aug 2018Aplinskiy Delight Major
RW 5603.0886
28112E-043OK18 Sep 2018Theddingworth Surprise Major
RW 5606.0960
28212E-156OK16 Oct 2018Ecuador Surprise Major
RW 5612.1109
28312E-332OK20 Nov 2018Penkridge Surprise Major
RW 5616.1254
28412E-47FOK18 Dec 2018Evesham Surprise Major
RW 5620.0036
28512E-599OK15 Jan 2019Brocklesby Delight Major
RW 5624.0136
28612E-706OK19 Feb 2019Zebrina Delight Major
RW 5629.0260
28712E-95COK16 Apr 2019Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods)
RW 5635.0394
28812E-9A2OK23 Apr 2019Leysland Delight Major
RW 5637.0467
28912E-ABDOK21 May 2019Yorkshire Surprise Major
RW 5641.0559
29012E-BDFOK18 Jun 2019Uranium Surprise Major
RW 5645.0658
29112E-E57OK20 Aug 2019Pinvin Alliance Major
RW 5654.0872
29212E-F6BOK17 Sep 2019Benfieldside Surprise Major
RW 5659.0970
29312F-222OK19 Nov 2019Falmouth Surprise Major
RW 5668.1212
29412F-4A6OK21 Jan 2020Desborough Surprise Major
RW 5676.0144
29512F-6C9OK14 Mar 2020Rutland Surprise Major
RW 5683.0315

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