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7 valid peals for Norwich, S Andrew, Norfolk, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1378-5236OKFri, 5 Dec 1823Oxford Treble Bob Major
PB; NC 13.xii.23; NM 13.xii.23; CP; PSN; CR 187; BN xv.332; EJO; RW 28.iii.1924
2378-5248OKMon, 23 Feb 1824Grandsire Triples
PB; NM 28.ii.24; NC 28.ii.24; CP; PSN; CR 187; BN xv.332; EJO; RW 28.iii.1924
3378-5257OKTue, 17 Nov 1835London Surprise Major
PB at St Giles; NM 21.xi.35; NC 28.xi.35; CP; PSN; CR 188; BN Nov 1881.73; EJO; RW 28.iii.1924
4378-5261OKThu, 16 Nov 1837Oxford Treble Bob Major
(7,360) PB; NM 25.xi.37; NC 25.xi.37; CP; PSN; CR 188; BN xvi.247; EJO; RW 28.iii.1924
5378-5273OKWed, 17 Feb 1841Kent Treble Bob Major
NC 20.ii.41; NM 20.ii.41; CP; PSN; BN xv.332; EJO
6378-5301OKThu, 8 Dec 1842Kent Treble Bob Royal
PB; NC 17.xii.42; PSN; BN xv.332; EJO
7378-5317OKFri, 24 Nov 1843Stedman Caters
NC 2.xii.43; NM 2.xii.43; E 3.xii.43; CR 188

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