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512 valid peals for North Stoneham, S Nicolas, Hampshire, England.

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101 to 200 out of 512 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
101376-5486OKSat, 14 Apr 1923Double Norwich Court Bob Major
102376-5493OKSat, 2 Jun 1923Superlative Surprise Major
103376-5503OKSat, 1 Sep 1923Kent Treble Bob Major
104376-5516OKSat, 13 Oct 1923Plain Bob Major
105376-5527OKThu, 17 Jan 1924Double Norwich Court Bob Major
106376-5534OKSat, 8 Mar 1924Double Norwich Court Bob Major
107376-5542OKThu, 10 Apr 1924Cambridge Surprise Major
108376-5550OKMon, 11 Aug 1924Double Norwich Court Bob Major
109376-5569OKSat, 6 Sep 1924Superlative Surprise Major
110376-5575OKTue, 23 Sep 1924Cambridge Surprise Major
111376-5588OKThu, 9 Oct 1924Cambridge Surprise Major
112376-5591OKSat, 8 Nov 1924Cambridge Surprise Major
113376-5606OKSat, 22 Nov 1924London Surprise Major
114376-5611OKThu, 27 Nov 1924Stedman Triples
115376-5622OKSat, 31 Jan 1925London Surprise Major
RW 0725.0084
116376-5633OKThu, 5 Feb 1925Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 0726.0099
117376-5640OKSat, 4 Apr 1925London Surprise Major
RW 0734.0227
118376-5654OKThu, 7 May 1925Superlative Surprise Major
RW 0739.0307
119376-5665OKSat, 23 May 1925Stedman Triples
RW 0741.0340
120376-5679OKThu, 2 Jul 1925Cambridge Surprise Major
RW 0747.0436
121376-5687OKSat, 1 Aug 1925Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0751.0499
122376-5698OKTue, 15 Sep 1925Kent Treble Bob Major
RW 0758.0611
123376-5709OKThu, 26 Nov 1925Double Norwich Court Bob Major
RW 0768.0772
124376-5714OKSat, 6 Mar 1926London Surprise Major
125376-5723OKMon, 5 Apr 1926London Surprise Major
126376-5738OKThu, 13 May 1926Cambridge Surprise Major
127376-5746OKSat, 26 Jun 1926Superlative Surprise Major
128376-5751OKThu, 15 Jul 1926Cambridge Surprise Major
129376-5767OKFri, 27 Aug 1926Kent Treble Bob Major
130376-5772OKSat, 9 Oct 1926Cambridge Surprise Major
131376-5780OKThu, 11 Nov 1926Superlative Surprise Major
132376-5795OKSat, 4 Dec 1926London Surprise Major
133376-5805OKThu, 30 Dec 1926Cambridge Surprise Major
134376-5818OKThu, 31 Mar 1927Double Norwich Court Bob Major
135376-5826OKSat, 14 May 1927Superlative Surprise Major
136376-5839OKSat, 13 Aug 1927Superlative Surprise Major
137376-5847OKSat, 29 Oct 1927Superlative Surprise Major
138376-5852OKThu, 17 Nov 1927Cambridge Surprise Major
139376-5860OKThu, 8 Dec 1927Double Norwich Court Bob Major
140376-5871OKThu, 5 Jan 1928Double Norwich Court Bob Major
141376-5883OKThu, 12 Jan 1928Stedman Triples
142376-5894OKSat, 24 Mar 1928Cambridge Surprise Major
143376-5901OKSat, 5 May 1928Stedman Triples
144376-5917OKThu, 21 Jun 1928Kent Treble Bob Major
145376-5925OKSat, 11 Aug 1928Double Norwich Court Bob Major
146376-5930OKSat, 22 Sep 1928Cambridge Surprise Major
147376-5949OKMon, 8 Oct 1928Double Norwich Court Bob Major
148376-5958OKSat, 29 Dec 1928London Surprise Major
149376-5963OKSat, 5 Jan 1929London Surprise Major
150376-5974OKSat, 23 Mar 1929Cambridge Surprise Major
151376-5982OKMon, 13 May 1929Double Norwich Court Bob Major
152376-5996OKWed, 24 Jul 1929Grandsire Triples
153376-6009OKSat, 17 Aug 1929Superlative Surprise Major
154376-6014OKTue, 15 Oct 1929Kent Treble Bob Major
155376-6023OKThu, 24 Oct 1929Double Norwich Court Bob Major
156376-6038OKThu, 5 Dec 1929Plain Bob Major
157376-6046OKTue, 24 Dec 1929Grandsire Triples
158376-6051OKSat, 4 Jan 1930London Surprise Major
159376-6067OKSat, 8 Mar 1930Cambridge Surprise Major
160376-6072OKSat, 24 May 1930Grandsire Triples
161376-6080OKWed, 28 May 1930Plain Bob Major
162376-6095OKSun, 22 Jun 1930Kent Treble Bob Major
163376-6102OKSat, 16 Aug 1930Superlative Surprise Major
164376-6115OKThu, 4 Sep 1930Superlative Surprise Major
165376-6128OKSat, 3 Jan 1931London Surprise Major
166376-6131OKSat, 31 Jan 1931Cambridge Surprise Major
167376-6144OKWed, 18 Feb 1931Kent Treble Bob Major
168376-6153OKSat, 21 Mar 1931Kent Treble Bob Major
169376-6166OKThu, 7 May 1931Stedman Triples
170376-6177OKSat, 15 Aug 1931Cambridge Surprise Major
171376-6189OKSat, 12 Sep 1931London Surprise Major
172376-6190OKSat, 10 Oct 1931Superlative Surprise Major
173376-6206OKThu, 15 Oct 1931Plain Bob Major
174376-6211OKSat, 9 Jan 1932Double Norwich Court Bob Major
175376-6222OKSat, 27 Feb 1932Grandsire Caters
1st ten bell peal
176376-6233OKSat, 30 Jul 1932Stedman Caters
177376-6240OKSat, 20 Aug 1932Stedman Triples
178376-6254OKSat, 24 Sep 1932Stedman Caters
179376-6265OKSat, 15 Oct 1932Plain Bob Royal
180376-6279OKSat, 10 Dec 1932Kent Treble Bob Royal
181376-6287OKThu, 16 Feb 1933Plain Bob Major
182376-6298OKSat, 25 Feb 1933Bristol Surprise Major
183376-6303OKWed, 17 May 1933Grandsire Triples
184376-6316OKSat, 15 Jul 1933Superlative Surprise Major
185376-6327OKSat, 16 Sep 1933Cambridge Surprise Royal
186376-6334OKSat, 11 Nov 1933Grandsire Caters
187376-6342OKSat, 30 Dec 1933Kent Treble Bob Royal
188376-6350OKSat, 17 Feb 1934Plain Bob Royal
189376-6369OKWed, 21 Mar 1934Grandsire Triples
190376-6375OKSat, 28 Apr 1934Kent Treble Bob Royal
191376-6388OKFri, 27 Jul 1934Grandsire Triples
192376-6391OKFri, 21 Sep 1934Plain Bob Major
193376-6401OKThu, 29 Nov 1934Plain Bob Major
194376-6417OKSat, 16 Feb 1935Stedman Caters
195376-6425OKSat, 6 Apr 1935Plain Bob Royal
196376-6430OKMon, 6 May 1935Plain Bob Major
197376-6449OKSat, 24 Aug 1935Grandsire Triples
198376-6458OKSat, 7 Sep 1935Plain Bob Major
199376-6463OKSat, 19 Oct 1935Stedman Triples
200376-6474OKTue, 5 Nov 1935Plain Bob Minor

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