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7 invalid peals for Aston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire, England.

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PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
14EB-AECBAD_DATE23 Mar 1788Plain Bob Major
Bla; almost certainly duplicate of 6/4/1788
24EA-97AFALSE17 Oct 1814Grandsire Royal
ABG 24.x.14; BCG 26.x.14; WA 29.x.14; CVM 31.x.14; CR 264 - False - BN ii.495; EJO
34EA-96FFALSE1 Jul 1909Grandsire Caters
44EA-964FALSE2 May 1914Grandsire Caters
54EA-959FALSE15 Dec 1917Stedman Caters
64EA-DDCFALSE16 Mar 1968Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
RW 2972.0268 - False - RW 2977.0362
74EA-C5BFALSE23 Mar 1974Plain Bob Maximus
RW 3286.0330 - False (Richard Grimmett)

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