Felstead Database - Peal List for Tower

485 valid peals for Debenham, S Mary Magdalene, Suffolk, England.

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1 to 100 out of 485 peals

PealPB-IDStatusDate RungMethod
1294-3336OKFri, 6 Dec 1765Plain Bob Major
IJ 14.xii.65; CR 209
2459-0946OKFri, 5 Dec 1766Plain Bob Major
IJ 10.i.67
3294-3348OKWed, 11 Mar 1767Plain Bob Major
(10,080) IJ 21.iii.67; BN ii.159 (16th); CB iii.607 (16th)
4459-0951OKFri, 4 Mar 1768Oxford Treble Bob Major
IJ 12.iii.68
5294-3357OKSat, 29 May 1880Oxford Treble Bob Major
CB x.451
6294-3361OKSat, 26 Jun 1880Kent Treble Bob Major
(7,296) CB x.499
7294-3373OKSat, 16 Oct 1880Kent Treble Bob Major
(10,272) CB x.767; BN ii.160
8294-3385OKSat, 12 May 1883Kent Treble Bob Major
9294-3399OKSat, 15 Aug 1885Grandsire Triples
10294-3407OKSat, 10 Oct 1885Double Norwich Court Bob Major
11294-3410OKSat, 31 Oct 1885Grandsire Triples
12294-3429OKSat, 8 May 1886Stedman Triples
13294-3432OKSat, 22 May 1886Oxford Treble Bob Major
14294-3441OKThu, 13 Jan 1887Plain Bob Major
15294-3455OKFri, 9 Sep 1887Grandsire Triples
16294-3464OKThu, 15 Sep 1887Grandsire Triples
17294-3478OKMon, 17 Oct 1887Grandsire Triples
18294-3486OKMon, 6 Aug 1888Grandsire Triples
19294-3493OKWed, 24 Oct 1888Plain Bob Triples
20294-3503OKSat, 16 Feb 1889Kent Treble Bob Major
21294-3516OKThu, 26 Dec 1889Plain Bob Major
22294-3527OKMon, 26 May 1890Grandsire Triples
23294-3534OKSat, 18 Oct 1890Plain Bob Triples
24294-3542OKSat, 31 Jan 1891Plain Bob Triples
25294-3550OKSat, 14 Mar 1891Plain Bob Major
26294-3569OKSat, 21 Nov 1891Oxford Treble Bob Major
27294-3575OKWed, 25 Nov 1891Plain Bob Triples
28294-3588OKSat, 27 Feb 1892Oxford Treble Bob Major
29294-3591OKSat, 19 Mar 1892Grandsire Triples
30294-3606OKMon, 18 Apr 1892Kent Treble Bob Major
31294-3611OKMon, 18 Apr 1892Plain Bob Major
32294-3622OKSat, 30 Apr 1892Oxford Treble Bob Major
33294-3633OKMon, 6 Jun 1892Oxford Treble Bob Major
34294-3640OKSat, 25 Jun 1892Plain Bob Triples
35294-3654OKTue, 6 Dec 1892Plain Bob Major
36294-3665OKTue, 27 Dec 1892Oxford Treble Bob Major
37294-3679OKSat, 28 Jan 1893Oxford Treble Bob Major
38294-3687OKThu, 9 Feb 1893Plain Bob Triples
39294-3698OKSat, 18 Mar 1893Kent Treble Bob Major
40294-3709OKMon, 2 Oct 1893Plain Bob Triples
41294-3714OKSat, 6 Jan 1894Plain Bob Major
42294-3723OKMon, 2 Apr 1894Plain Bob Triples
43294-3738OKSat, 7 Apr 1894Kent Treble Bob Major
44294-3746OKTue, 21 Aug 1894Plain Bob Major
45294-3751OKSat, 29 Sep 1894Oxford Treble Bob Major
46294-3767OKThu, 21 Mar 1895Plain Bob Major
47294-3772OKThu, 14 Nov 1895Plain Bob Major
48294-3780OKSat, 23 Nov 1895Oxford Treble Bob Major
49294-3795OKSat, 21 Mar 1896Kent Treble Bob Major
50294-3805OKSat, 6 Jun 1896Oxford Treble Bob Major
51294-3818OKSat, 27 Feb 1897Grandsire Triples
52294-3826OKSat, 27 Mar 1897Plain Bob Major
53294-3839OKSat, 10 Apr 1897Plain Bob Major
54294-3847OKMon, 19 Apr 1897Oxford Treble Bob Major
55294-3852OKSat, 5 Jun 1897Oxford Treble Bob Major
56294-3860OKMon, 7 Jun 1897Plain Bob Major
57294-3871OKTue, 3 Aug 1897Oxford Treble Bob Major
58294-3883OKSat, 2 Oct 1897Plain Bob Major
59294-3894OKSat, 6 Nov 1897Plain Bob Major
60294-3901OKWed, 1 Dec 1897Double Norwich Court Bob Major
61294-3917OKMon, 27 Dec 1897Kent Treble Bob Major
62294-3925OKMon, 31 Jan 1898Plain Bob Major
63294-3930OKSat, 12 Feb 1898Oxford Treble Bob Major
64294-3949OKSat, 26 Feb 1898Kent Treble Bob Major
65294-3958OKWed, 16 Mar 1898Plain Bob Major
66294-3963OKSat, 7 May 1898Oxford Treble Bob Major
67294-3974OKMon, 30 May 1898Oxford Treble Bob Major
68294-3982OKTue, 12 Jul 1898Plain Bob Major
69294-3996OKTue, 6 Sep 1898Oxford Treble Bob Major
70294-4005OKSat, 24 Sep 1898Kent Treble Bob Major
71294-4018OKSat, 14 Jan 1899Plain Bob Major
72294-4026OKSat, 11 Feb 1899Oxford Treble Bob Major
73294-4039OKThu, 16 Mar 1899Plain Bob Major
74294-4047OKSat, 6 May 1899Double Norwich Court Bob Major
75294-4052OKSat, 10 Jun 1899Kent Treble Bob Major
76294-4060OKSat, 21 Oct 1899Double Norwich Court Bob Major
77294-4071OKSat, 3 Feb 1900Oxford Treble Bob Major
78294-4083OKSat, 17 Mar 1900Double Norwich Court Bob Major
79294-4094OKSat, 19 May 1900Plain Bob Major
80294-4107OKMon, 6 Aug 1900New Cambridge Surprise Major
81294-4110OKFri, 12 Oct 1900Double Norwich Court Bob Major
82294-4129OKSat, 8 Dec 1900Plain Bob Major
83294-4132OKSun, 30 Dec 1900Oxford Treble Bob Major
84294-4141OKSat, 2 Mar 1901Oxford Treble Bob Major
85294-4155OKSun, 1 Dec 1901Double Norwich Court Bob Major
86294-4164OKSat, 28 Dec 1901Double Norwich Court Bob Major
87294-4178OKWed, 22 Jan 1902Oxford Treble Bob Major
88294-4186OKSun, 16 Mar 1902Double Norwich Court Bob Major
89294-4193OKSat, 10 May 1902Double Norwich Court Bob Major
90294-4204OKMon, 4 Aug 1902Double Norwich Court Bob Major
91294-4212OKSun, 10 Aug 1902Double Norwich Court Bob Major
92294-4220OKSat, 21 Feb 1903Double Norwich Court Bob Major
93294-4236OKSat, 16 May 1903Grandsire Triples
94294-4248OKSat, 20 Jun 1903Superlative Surprise Major
95294-4257OKSun, 30 Aug 1903Double Norwich Court Bob Major
96294-4261OKSun, 13 Sep 1903Grandsire Triples
97294-4273OKSat, 3 Oct 1903Plain Bob Major
98294-4285OKSun, 20 Dec 1903Stedman Triples
99294-4299OKMon, 18 Jan 1904Plain Bob Major
100294-4301OKMon, 4 Apr 1904Double Norwich Court Bob Major

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