Felstead Database - Towers in mobile ring

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
7813Carter Campanile10
7628Die Glockli, Mobile Ring90
7464Dublin, Christ Church Dublin Mini Ring10
7806John David Ring30
7690Moats Tye, S John the Baptist10
7792mobile ring, Alphabet Ring10
7403mobile ring, Bishopstoke Campanile300
7438mobile ring, Charmborough Ring30
6003mobile ring, Expo Belfry120
6723mobile ring, Graham Wright's Mini Ring60
6709mobile ring, Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry40
6724mobile ring, Matthew Higby's Original Six10
6720mobile ring, Rector's Ring90
6141mobile ring, Roger Barber's Octave10
7758mobile ring, Royal Jubilee Bells10
7735mobile ring, Vestey20
7618mobile ringer, Frank Mack's Bells60
7627Southampton University, Campanile30

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