Felstead Database - Towers in Lincolnshire

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
33Addlethorpe, S Nicholas130
66Alford, S Wilfrid402
70Algarkirk, SS Peter & Paul440
111Ancaster, S Martin120
123Appleby, S Bartholomew50
166Ashby de la Launde, S Hibald91
284Bardney, S Lawrence70
294Barkston, S Nicholas350
6099Barnoldby-le-Beck, S Helen40
320Barrow upon Humber, Holy Trinity1751
322Barrowby, All Saints890
335Barton upon Humber, S Mary420
336Barton upon Humber, S Peter1060
346Bassingham, S Michael & All Angels760
347Baston, S John the Baptist170
374Beckingham, All Saints30
408Belton in Isle of Axholme, All Saints430
407Belton, SS Peter & Paul50
417Benington, All Saints210
456Bicker, S Swithin1431
472Bigby, All Saints1000
477Billingborough, S Andrew1430
547Blankney, S Oswald2600
570Blyton, S Martin40
6264Boothby Pagnell, S Andrew40
599Boston, S Botolph822
6727Bottesford, S Peter100
607Bourne, SS Peter & Paul550
626Braceborough, S Margaret90
671Branston, All Saints850
672Brant Broughton, S Helen900
721Brigg, S John the Evangelist210
798Broughton, S Mary340
851Burgh le Marsh, SS Peter & Paul410
880Burton on Stather, S Andrew1520
897Butterwick, S Andrew302
908Caistor, SS Peter & Paul220
932Candlesby, S Benedict60
989Caythorpe, S Vincent1800
1178Claxby, S Mary20
1182Claypole, S Peter60
1266Colsterworth, S John the Baptist250
1292Coningsby, S Michael & All Angels130
1306Corby Glen, S John the Evangelist70
1314Corringham, S Lawrence140
1383Croft, All Saints60
1400Crowland, SS Mary, Bartholomew & Guthlac180
1471Deeping St James, S James671
1472Deeping St Nicholas, S Nicholas2280
1486Denton, S Andrew100
1534Donington, S Mary & The Holy Rood420
1586Dunholme, S Chad640
1595Dunston, S Peter200
1610Eagle, All Saints340
1651East Keal, S Helen40
1715Edenham, S Michael4961
1755Elsham, All Saints1780
1787Epworth, S Andrew591
1813Ewerby, S Andrew1331
1901Fishtoft, S Guthlac250
1909Fleet, S Mary Magdalene230
1920Folkingham, S Andrew611
1948Frampton, S Mary790
1955Freiston, S James410
1965Friskney, All Saints90
1974Fulbeck, S Nicholas540
1978Fulney, Spalding, S Paul580
1985Gainsborough, All Saints1010
2005Gedney Hill, Holy Trinity110
2004Gedney, S Mary Magdalene330
2059Gosberton, SS Peter & Paul630
2065Goxhill, All Saints340
2075Grantham, S Wulfram2410
2077Grasby, All Saints120
2102Great Carlton, S John the Baptist50
2126Great Hale, S John the Baptist250
2151Great Ponton, Holy Cross70
2178Greatford, S Thomas a Becket520
7084Grimsby, S Andrew450
2125Grimsby, S James860
6157Gunby, S Peter60
7506Hackthorn, S Michael & All Angels70
7085Hagworthingham, Holy Trinity20
2241Halton Holgate, S Andrew80
2286Harlaxton, SS Mary & Peter300
2292Harmston, All Saints1180
2359Haxey, S Nicholas130
2369Healing, SS Peter & Paul20
2379Heckington, S Andrew880
2392Helpringham, S Andrew80
2442Heydour, S Michael & All Angels1000
2505Holbeach, All Saints470
2534Honington, S Wilfred90
2546Horbling, S Andrew950
2554Horncastle, S Mary the Virgin210
2575Hough on the Hill, All Saints750
2576Hougham, All Saints10
2651Immingham, S Andrew70
2655Ingoldmells, SS Peter & Paul270
2674Irnham, S Andrew330
6285Kirkby Underwood, S Mary & All Saints30
2829Kirton in Holland, SS Peter & Paul340
2830Kirton in Lindsey, S Andrew840
2842Laceby, S Margaret10
2878Langtoft, S Michael130
2879Langton by Partney, S Peter90
2910Lea, S Helen350
2911Leadenham, S Swithin501
2932Legbourne, All Saints40
2960Leverton, S Helena80
2988Lincoln, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Hugh4184
2989Lincoln, S Botolph by Bargate450
2990Lincoln, S Giles1863
2991Lincoln, S Mary le Wigford230
7144Lincoln, S Peter at Arches570
2992Lincoln, S Peter at Gowts200
3122Long Bennington, S Swithun70
3134Long Sutton, S Mary910
3155Louth, S James361
3182Lutton, S Nicholas490
3216Mablethorpe, S Mary180
3274Market Deeping, S Guthlac911
3279Market Rasen, S Thomas the Apostle41
3307Martin by Timberland, Holy Trinity520
3363Messingham, Holy Trinity750
3364Metheringham, S Wilfrid470
6119Middle Rasen, SS Peter & Paul80
3463Morton, S John the Baptist340
3474Moulton, All Saints422
3507Navenby, S Peter660
3530Nettleham, All Saints400
3573Newton, S Botolph100
3590Nocton, All Saints480
2745North Killingholme, S Denys10
3626North Rauceby, S Peter70
6378North Scarle, All Saints20
3663Norton Disney, S Peter220
3723Old Bolingbroke, SS Peter & Paul120
3730Old Leake, S Mary120
3790Owston Ferry, S Martin390
3916Pinchbeck, S Mary1580
6328Potterhanworth, S Andrew610
4015Quadring, S Margaret560
4040Raithby, Holy Trinity120
4107Rippingale, S Andrew840
4183Ruskington, All Saints190
4242Saxilby, S Botolph110
4254Scothern, S Germain320
4255Scotter, S Peter100
4259Scunthorpe, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre1000
4289Sempringham, S Andrew1120
4402Sibsey, S Margaret360
4412Silk Willoughby, S Denys2250
4430Skillington, S James740
4432Skirbeck, S Nicholas130
4437Sleaford, S Denys570
4521Spalding, SS Mary & Nicolas2441
4531Spilsby, S James170
4538Springthorpe, SS George & Laurence20
4641Stallingborough, SS Peter & Paul20
4644Stamford, All Saints431
4716Stickney, S Luke70
4756Stoke Rochford, SS Mary & Andrew130
4795Stow, S Mary770
4850Surfleet, S Laurence3043
4853Sutterton, S Mary the Blessed Virgin1800
6127Sutton St James, S James100
4892Swinderby, All Saints280
4898Swineshead, S Mary330
4900Swinstead, S Mary20
6342Syston, S Mary10
4932Tattershall, Holy Trinity220
4941Tealby, All Saints90
4993Thornton Curtis, S Lawrence140
6156Thorpe on the Hill, S Michael80
5014Thurlby, near Bourne, S Firmin310
5041Timberland, S Andrew320
5128Tydd St Mary, S Mary190
5137Uffington, S Michael & All Angels260
5143Ulceby, S Nicholas600
5170Upton, All Saints360
5192Waddington, S Michael350
5196Wainfleet St Mary, S Mary the Blessed Virgin90
5203Walesby, All Saints682
5222Waltham, All Saints221
5272Washingborough, S John671
5297Welbourn, S Chad1612
5298Welby, S Bartholomew40
5307Wellingore, All Saints460
5316Welton, S Mary310
5340West Deeping, S Andrew830
5355West Keal, S Helen50
5378Westborough, All Saints10
5425Whaplode, S Mary430
5502Wigtoft, SS Peter & Paul440
5518Willingham by Stow, S Helen430
5521Willoughby, S Helen280
5569Winterton, All Saints530
5571Winthorpe, S Mary10
5586Witham on the Hill, S Andrew320
5658Wootton, S Andrew10
5693Wragby, All Saints180
5695Wrangle, SS Mary the Virgin & Nicholas180

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