Felstead Database - Towers in Huntingdonshire

TB IdPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
47Alconbury, SS Peter & Paul10
99Alwalton, S Andrew140
7383Bluntisham, S Mary140
7762Brampton, 8 Bell Sim01
662Brampton, S Mary Magdalene240
7613Brington, All Saints10
796Broughton, All Saints10
813Buckden, S Mary200
1293Conington, Near Peterborough, All Saints20
1763Elton, All Saints50
1835Eynesbury, S Mary190
1883Fenstanton, SS Peter & Paul80
2025Glatton, S Nicholas10
2038Godmanchester, S Mary802
2121Great Gidding, S Michael70
2124Great Gransden, S Bartholomew240
2150Great Paxton, Holy Trinity150
2161Great Staughton, S Andrew220
2250Hamerton, All Saints190
2309Hartford, All Saints20
2396Hemingford Abbots, S Margaret of Antioch390
2397Hemingford Grey, S James700
2478Hilton, S Mary Magdalene200
2531Holywell, S John the Baptist1200
2577Houghton, S Mary230
2600Huntingdon, All Saints970
2601Huntingdon, S Mary320
2736Keyston, S John the Baptist30
2751Kimbolton, S Andrew90
2945Leighton Bromswold, S Mary90
6915Little Paxton, S James40
3728Old Fletton, S Margaret80
6051Orton Waterville, S Mary10
4046Ramsey, S Thomas a Becket110
4453Somersham, S John the Baptist220
4522Spaldwick, S James420
4591St Ives, All Saints700
6167St Neots, Parkway Campanile20
4615St Neots, S Mary2970
4661Stanground, S John the Baptist120
5251Warboys, S Mary Magdalene80
6882Waresley, S James10
5573Winwick, All Saints240
5644Woodston, S Augustine of Canterbury240
5738Yaxley, S Peter190

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