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501 to 600 out of 6066 towers

RankPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
1Marston, Oxford, S Nicholas, Oxfordshire1600
2Ranmoor, Sheffield, S John the Evangelist, Yorkshire1600
3Watford, S Mary, Hertfordshire1600
4Church Lawford, Plantagenet Ring, Warwickshire1591
5Epsom, S Martin, Surrey1591
6Gosforth, All Saints, Northumberland1591
7North Shields, Christ Church, Northumberland1590
8Preston, S John the Evangelist, Lancashire1591
9Ringwood, SS Peter & Paul, Hampshire1591
10Ripon, SS Peter & Wilfrid, Yorkshire1592
11Tipton, S Martin, Staffordshire1591
12Alburgh, All Saints, Norfolk1582
13Barnsley, S Mary, Yorkshire1580
14Bitterne Park, Southampton, Ascension, Hampshire1580
15Carshalton, All Saints, Surrey1582
16Coseley, Christ Church, Staffordshire1584
17Erdington, S Barnabas, Warwickshire1580
18Handsworth, S Mary, Warwickshire1580
19Mitcham, SS Peter & Paul, Surrey1582
20Stoke Prior, S Michael, Worcestershire1580
21Welbourn, S Chad, Lincolnshire1582
22Clifton, All Saints, Bedfordshire1570
23Leatherhead, SS Mary & Nicholas, Surrey1573
24Pinchbeck, S Mary, Lincolnshire1570
25Wareham, Lady S Mary, Dorset1571
26Worcester, S John in Bedwardine, Worcestershire1570
27Aston Clinton, S Michael & All Angels, Buckinghamshire1560
28Market Drayton, S Mary, Shropshire1560
29Chiddingstone, S Mary, Kent1550
30Hook Norton, S Peter, Oxfordshire1551
31Sawley, All Saints, Derbyshire1550
32Benington, S Peter, Hertfordshire1541
33Haslemere, S Bartholomew, Surrey1540
34Ormskirk, SS Peter & Paul, Lancashire1540
35Uxbridge, S Andrew, Middlesex1541
36Warfield, S Michael, Berkshire1541
37Chislehurst, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kent1531
38Coggeshall, S Peter ad Vincula, Essex1530
39Poplar, All Saints, Middlesex1530
40Sunningwell, S Leonard, Berkshire1531
41Campton, All Saints, Bedfordshire1520
42Halesowen, S John the Baptist, Worcestershire1520
43North Muskham, S Wilfrid, Nottinghamshire1520
44Rainham, S Margaret, Kent1520
45Burton on Stather, S Andrew, Lincolnshire1510
46Darlington, Holy Trinity, Durham1510
47Eccleston, S Mary the Virgin, Cheshire1510
48Inworth, All Saints, Essex1510
49Staverton, S Mary the Virgin, Northamptonshire1510
50Ufford, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Suffolk1510
51Eastbourne, Christ Church, Sussex1501
52Bromham, S Owen, Bedfordshire1490
53Chester, Christ & the Blessed Virgin Mary, Cheshire1490
54Clent, S Leonard, Worcestershire1490
55Earl Shilton, SS Simon & Jude, Leicestershire1491
56East Dereham, S Nicholas, Norfolk1490
57North Lopham, S Nicholas, Norfolk1490
58Soberton, S Peter, Hampshire1490
59Southport, Christ Church, Lancashire1491
60Doncaster, S George, Yorkshire1481
61Dursley, S James the Great, Gloucestershire1481
62Queensbury, Holy Trinity, Yorkshire1480
63Wormingford, S Andrew, Essex1480
64Colchester, S Peter, Essex1470
65Milnrow, S James, Lancashire1470
66Newhey, S Thomas, Lancashire1470
67Speldhurst, S Mary the Virgin, Kent1470
68Wells, S Andrew, Somerset1470
69Wilby, S Mary, Suffolk1471
70Framlingham, S Michael, Suffolk1460
71Harlow Common, S Mary Magdalene, Essex1460
72Lambeth, S Mary, Surrey1460
73Minehead, SS Michael & Andrew, Somerset1460
74Saddleworth, S Chad, Yorkshire1461
75Stepney, S George in the East, Middlesex1460
76Warnham, Bell Meadow Peal, Sussex1460
77Babworth, All Saints, Nottinghamshire1450
78Finedon, S Mary the Virgin, Northamptonshire1451
79Harston, All Saints, Cambridgeshire1450
80Rochester, Christ & the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kent1451
81Romsey, SS Mary & Ethelflaeda, Hampshire1450
82Salehurst, S Mary the Virgin, Sussex1450
83Upham, Blessed Mary of Upham, Hampshire1450
84Badsey, S James, Worcestershire1440
85Coleman's Hatch, Holy Trinity, Sussex1441
86Oxford, Magdalen College, Oxfordshire1443
87Penistone, S John, Yorkshire1440
88Southwark, S George the Martyr, Surrey1442
89Stanton by Dale, S Michael & All Angels, Derbyshire1441
90Wellesbourne, S Peter, Warwickshire1440
91Acton, S Mary, Middlesex1430
92Balcombe, S Mary, Sussex1432
93Bicker, S Swithin, Lincolnshire1431
94Bolsterstone, S Mary, Yorkshire1430
95Great Holland, All Saints, Essex1430
96Hornchurch, S Andrew, Essex1430
97Husborne Crawley, S James, Bedfordshire1431
98Langleybury, S Paul, Hertfordshire1430
99Lydney, S Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire1432
100Billingborough, S Andrew, Lincolnshire1420

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