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5101 to 5200 out of 6129 towers

RankPlaceValid PealsInvalid Peals
1Thrussington, Holy Trinity, Leicestershire60
2Tor Mohun, Torquay, Apostle Andrew, Devon60
3Tydd St Giles, S Giles, Cambridgeshire60
4Up Ottery, S Mary the Virgin, Devon60
5Wagga Wagga, S John, New South Wales60
6Walgrave, S Peter, Northamptonshire60
7Walsgrave on Sowe, Coventry, S Mary, Warwickshire61
8Washford Pyne, S Peter, Devon60
9Weare Giffard, Holy Trinity, Devon60
10West Bagborough, S Pancras, Somerset60
11Westbury, S Mary, Shropshire60
12Westleigh, S Peter, Devon60
13Westonzoyland, S Mary the Virgin, Somerset60
14Whitestaunton, S Andrew, Somerset60
15Whorlton in Cleveland, Holy Cross, Yorkshire60
16Wilden, S Nicholas, Bedfordshire60
17Winstone, S Bartholomew, Gloucestershire60
18Winterslow, All Saints, Wiltshire60
19Witherley, S Peter, Leicestershire60
20Worlingham, All Saints, Suffolk60
21Wykeham, S Helen, Yorkshire60
22Yapton, S Mary, Sussex60
23York, All Saints, Yorkshire60
24Zeal Monachorum, S Peter, Devon60
25Ab Kettleby, S James, Leicestershire50
26Addington, S Margaret, Kent52
27Allestree, Green Ring, Derbyshire50
28Alveston, S James, Warwickshire50
29Alwington, S Andrew, Devon50
30Angersleigh, S Michael, Somerset50
31Ansdell, Lytham, S Joseph, Lancashire50
32Antony, S James the Great, Cornwall50
33Appleby, S Bartholomew, Lincolnshire50
34Ashbury, S Mary the Virgin, Berkshire50
35Ashford, S Matthew, Middlesex50
36Astley, S Peter, Worcestershire50
37Avening, Holy Cross, Gloucestershire50
38Barham, S John the Baptist, Kent50
39Barlaston, S John the Baptist (Old Church), Staffordshire50
40Barrington, Blessed Virgin Mary, Somerset50
41Batley Carr, Holy Trinity, Yorkshire50
42Beer Crocombe, S James, Somerset50
43Belton, SS Peter & Paul, Lincolnshire50
44Blackbourton, S Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire50
45Blackpool, Sacred Heart, Lancashire50
46Bourton on the Hill, S Lawrence, Gloucestershire50
47Bourton, S George, Dorset50
48Brampton, S Peter, Suffolk50
49Bratton Fleming, S Peter, Devon50
50Braywood, All Saints, Berkshire50
51Broadwood Widger, S Nicholas, Devon50
52Brooke, S Peter, Rutland50
53Brown Candover, S Peter, Hampshire50
54Buckhorn Weston, S John the Baptist, Dorset50
55Buckland Brewer, SS Mary & Benedict, Devon50
56Calverhall, Holy Trinity, Shropshire50
57Chardstock, S Andrew, Devon50
58Charlbury, S Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire50
59Charlton, S John the Baptist, Wiltshire50
60Cheddon Fitzpaine, Blessed Virgin Mary, Somerset50
61Church Lench, All Saints, Worcestershire50
62Clapham, S James, Yorkshire50
63Clifton, Corpus Christi , Nottinghamshire50
64Clungunford, S Cuthbert, Shropshire50
65Colebrooke, S Andrew, Devon50
66Corton Denham, S Andrew, Somerset50
67Cowesby, S Michael, Yorkshire50
68Cratfield, S Mary, Suffolk50
69Cuddesdon, All Saints, Oxfordshire50
70Culham, S Paul, Oxfordshire50
71Dartington, S Mary, Devon50
72Dedham, S Mary the Virgin, Essex50
73Dinton, S Mary, Wiltshire50
74Doveridge, S Cuthbert, Derbyshire50
75Drayton St Leonard, SS Leonard & Catherine, Oxfordshire50
76Droxford, S Mary & All Saints, Hampshire50
77Duns Tew, S Mary Magdalene, Oxfordshire50
78Durrington, All Saints, Wiltshire50
79East Knoyle, S Mary the Virgin, Wiltshire50
80Eastwood, S Laurence & All Saints, Essex50
81Ebrington, S Eadburgha, Gloucestershire50
82Edgeworth, S Mary, Gloucestershire50
83Elton, All Saints, Huntingdonshire50
84Evenley, S George, Northamptonshire50
85Eynsham, S Leonard, Oxfordshire50
86Farnborough, All Saints, Berkshire50
87Fornham All Saints, All Saints, Suffolk50
88Freeland, S Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire50
89Furneux Pelham, S Mary the Virgin, Hertfordshire50
90Great Carlton, S John the Baptist, Lincolnshire50
91Great Durnford, S Andrew, Wiltshire50
92Great Kimble, S Nicholas, Buckinghamshire50
93Great Wishford, S Giles, Wiltshire50
94Griffith, S Alban the Martyr, New South Wales50
95Gringley on the Hill, SS Peter & Paul, Nottinghamshire50
96Grittleton, S Mary the Virgin, Wiltshire50
97Gussage All Saints, All Saints, Dorset50
98Hackney, S John (Old Church), Middlesex50
99Halkyn, S Mary the Virgin, Flintshire50
100Halstock, S Mary, Dorset50

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